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Gartner Top Technology Trends

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  • 1. GartnerTop Technology Trends [Focus on Big Data] [2013]

2. Top Trends: Big Data Everywhere?# TrendQuote1 Big Data The most important aspects of big data are the benefits that can be realized by an organization.4 The Logical Data These new warehouses force a complete rethink of how data is manipulated, and where in the architecture each type of processing occurs that supportsWarehousetransformation and integration.5 NoSQL DBMSsNoSQL DBMSs key-value stores, document-style stores, and table-style and graph databases are designed to support new transaction, interaction and observation use cases involving Web scale, mobile, cloud and clustered environments.6 In-MemoryOpens unprecedented and partially unexplored opportunities for business innovation (for example, via real-time analysis of big data in motion) andComputingcost reduction (for example, through database or mainframe off-loading).7 Chief Data Officer Goal: to structure and manage information throughout its life cycle, and to better exploit it for risk reduction, efficiency and competitive advantage.WWW.SISENSE.COM 3. Big Data: New Normal When the market starts to reach 15-20% adoption, then bigdata will have reached the Plateau, thats the end of hypeand the beginning productivity. WWW.SISENSE.COM 4. 2013: The Year of Big Data 2013: Year of larger scale adoption of big data. 42% state they have invested in big data, or areplanning to do so within a year. By 2015, 20% of Global 1000 organizations will haveestablished a strategic focus on "informationinfrastructure. WWW.SISENSE.COM 5. Even CEOs are Bullish 68% of CEOs expect to plan ahead and invest to driverevenue growth, representing a "huge uptick fromlast year Business Analytics will be the most important areaof investment, with 71% of CEOs expressing interestin increasing spending. The second most important area of investment willbe enhanced business reporting, at 56%. WWW.SISENSE.COM 6. Try An Exampleof Big Data Analytics Click Next WWW.SISENSE.COM 7. 10 Years of VC Startup Data Available for free @www.crunchbase.sisense.com Study venture capital and startup trendsbased on CrunchBase, Wikibon, NASDAQ, andother data sources Gives entrepreneurs, investors, and limitedpartners visibility into investment speed,round size, and market dynamicsWWW.SISENSE.COM 8. WWW.SISENSE.COMCRUNCHBASE.SISENSE.COM 9. WWW.SISENSE.COMCRUNCHBASE.SISENSE.COM 10. WWW.SISENSE.COMCRUNCHBASE.SISENSE.COM 11. WWW.SISENSE.COMCRUNCHBASE.SISENSE.COM 12. WWW.SISENSE.COMCRUNCHBASE.SISENSE.COM 13. WWW.SISENSE.COMCRUNCHBASE.SISENSE.COM 14. WWW.SISENSE.COMCRUNCHBASE.SISENSE.COM 15. WWW.SISENSE.COMCRUNCHBASE.SISENSE.COM 16. WWW.SISENSE.COMCRUNCHBASE.SISENSE.COM 17. WWW.SISENSE.COMCRUNCHBASE.SISENSE.COM 18. WWW.SISENSE.COMCRUNCHBASE.SISENSE.COM 19. WWW.SISENSE.COM WWW.SISENSE.COM 20. More @www.sisense.com WWW.SISENSE.COM

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