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Vista Ridge PanelTexas alliance of groundwater districts

2015 Groundwater Summit

August 25, 2015

Gary Westbrook POSGCD General ManagerOffice: 512-455-9900Cell: 979-571-5761Email: [email protected]: www.posgcd.org


history2000- Estimated that 35,000 + Acres leased (Rockdale Reporter)2001 POSGCD Created2004 POSGCD Adopts Management Plan and Rules2004- Layne Water Development of Texas Production & Transport Permits approved for 15,488 Acre Feet/Year2005- LWDT amends permits to 30,993 AF2007- Blue Water Systems purchases rights to permits and leases2009- BWS amends permits to 70,993 AF2014- BWS splits permits into 20,000 AF to serve I-130 area, 50,993 AF to BWS-Vista Ridge regional project2015- BWS-VR permit transferred to Abengoa-Vista Ridge

Permit specificsProduction permitted from Simsboro and Carrizo aquifers in Burleson County (GMA 12) based on correlative rights approach (currently 2 AF/Acre/Year Max Production)Multiple GAM runs and POSGCD Management Strategies evaluated at each application30 Yr. Transport permit, 40 Yr. production permitEffective date of September 14, 2004Contingent on water availability based on aquifer conditions5 Year ReviewsPermits adjustableAdditional Restrictions and RequirementsRisks of availability born by permitteeAdvanced POSGCD Monitoring Network

Carrizo-Wilcox Aquifer


Central Carrizo-Wilcox Area


Established tools in place to achieve management goalsWell SpacingContiguous Acreage requirementsManagement ZonesProduction per acre limits (currently 2 Acre Feet/Acre/Yr)Total permitted Permit requirementsFive year reviewsDFC Process (GMA and District)Thresholds (Section 16 of Rules) and MonitoringImprovement of Groundwater Modeling Tools

Shallow DeepHooper80Simsboro1320Calvert Bluff50Carrizo44Queen City56Sparta010Yegua-JacksonN/A3Brazos River Alluvium7N/AManagement ZoneAquifer



POSGCD Monitoring Locations for Wilcox Aquifer

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Vista Ridge Panel Texas alliance of groundwater districts 2015 Groundwater Summit August 25, 2015 Gary Westbrook POSGCD General Manager Office: 512-455-9900 Cell: 979-571-5761 Email: [email protected] Website: www.posgcd.org
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