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Date post: 23-Jul-2016
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The online supplement to Gastronome Magazine.
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an earlier era of refined elegance. This assemblage marked the pass- ing of the torch from longtime Bailli Provincial Thomas Ruff to new Bailli Provincial Tony Hirsh. The excellent planning and execution of the event was evidence of seamless cooperation between the two leaders. Asheville Bailli Beth Poslusny acted as the per- fect host, while Bailli Délégué National Harold Small presided with grace. Welcoming the Chaîne’s Newest Leaders PAGE 3 ••••••••• Mid-Atlantic Young Chefs Rôtisseurs Competition: Triumph in Jersey City PAGE 4 ••••••••• The Summertime Blues (Cheeses, That Is) PAGE 7 ••••••••• Catching Up with a Chaîne Superstar: Sarasota Bailli Honoraire Stanley Demos PAGE 8 ••••••••• Culinary Colloquy PAGE 9 ••••••••• National Calendar Foundation Friends Honor Roll Corps des Ambassadors Program Bailliage Events By Dawn H. Grohs, South Central Chargée de Presse Provincial For three glorious days in March, the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina, hosted the South Central Regional Assemblage, attended by more than sixty confrères representing seven of the region’s bailliages. The iconic “Lady on the Hill” spared nothing in making the occa- sion special. From our arrival at the Vanderbilt estate to our first glimpse of the Olmsted- designed gardens to the warm welcome from the staff, we felt as if we had been transported to WELCOMED BY THE VANDERBILTS Continued on page 5 SOUTH CENTRAL REGIONAL ASSEMBLAGE By Judith Kellogg, Hawaii/Pacific Islands Chargée de Presse Provincial Two competitors managed to pass the ini- tial written test to qualify for the Hawaii/Pacific Islands Regional Young Sommeliers Competition finals. On March 29, Kauai/Oahu Professionnel du Vin Christopher Ramelb of Southern Wine & Spirits and Jeremiah Allen, wine director for HAWAII/PACIFIC ISLANDS REGIONAL YOUNG SOMMELIERS COMPETITION Celebrating with Aloha Continued on page 6 Bailli Provincial Bruce Liebert, winner Professionnel du Vin Christopher Ramelb, contestant Sommelier Jeremiah Allen, Echanson Provincial Patrick Okubo and Kauai/Oahu Bailli Kathryn Nicholson. 1 EXTRA! IN THIS ISSUE: SUMMER 2015
  • an earlier era of refined elegance.

    This assemblage marked the pass-

    ing of the torch from longtime Bailli

    Provincial Thomas Ruff to new Bailli

    Provincial Tony Hirsh. The excellent

    planning and execution of the event

    was evidence of seamless cooperation

    between the two leaders. Asheville

    Bailli Beth Poslusny acted as the per-

    fect host, while Bailli Dlgu National

    Harold Small presided with grace.

    Welcoming the Chanes

    Newest Leaders

    PAGE 3

    Mid-Atlantic Young Chefs Rtisseurs

    Competition:Triumph in Jersey City

    PAGE 4

    The Summertime

    Blues(Cheeses, That Is)

    PAGE 7

    Catching Up with a Chane

    Superstar:Sarasota Bailli Honoraire

    Stanley Demos

    PAGE 8

    Culinary Colloquy

    PAGE 9

    National Calendar

    Foundation Friends Honor Roll

    Corps des Ambassadors Program

    Bailliage Events

    By Dawn H. Grohs, South Central Charge de Presse Provincial

    For three glorious days

    in March, the Biltmore Estate

    in Asheville, North Carolina,

    hosted the South Central

    Regional Assemblage, attended

    by more than sixty confrres

    representing seven of the

    regions bailliages. The iconic

    Lady on the Hill spared

    nothing in making the occa-

    sion special. From our arrival

    at the Vanderbilt estate to our

    first glimpse of the Olmsted-

    designed gardens to the warm

    welcome from the staff, we felt

    as if we had been transported to


    Continued on page 5


    By Judith Kellogg, Hawaii/Pacific Islands Charge de Presse Provincial

    Two competitors managed to pass the ini-

    tial written test to qualify for the Hawaii/Pacific

    Islands Regional Young Sommeliers Competition

    finals. On March 29, Kauai/Oahu Professionnel

    du Vin Christopher Ramelb of Southern Wine

    & Spirits and Jeremiah Allen, wine director for


    Celebrating with Aloha

    Continued on page 6

    Bailli Provincial Bruce Liebert, winner Professionnel du Vin Christopher Ramelb, contestant Sommelier Jeremiah Allen, Echanson Provincial Patrick Okubo and Kauai/Oahu Bailli Kathryn Nicholson.


    E X T R A !



    SUMMER 2015


    Marie Addario


    Michelle Metter




    Carolyn March

    Published by the U.S. Confrrie de la Chane des Rtisseurs. Copyright 2015 Chane des

    Rtisseurs, Ltd., a New York not-for-profit corporation. All rights

    reserved. No part of this periodical may be reproduced without the

    permission of the publisher.

    A Message from the Editor-in-Chief

    Id like to welcome to our regional Gastronome team Chef Jennifer M. Denlinger, M.Ed., CCC, CHE, our

    new Southeast charge de presse provincial. This very motivated professional was recently appointed by Bailli

    Dlgu National Harold Small.

    Another enthusiastic newcomer to the Chane, and GE!, is Buffalo Ecuyer Jake Cappuccino, who was

    recently inducted by his mother, Northeast Charge de Presse Provincial/Buffalo Bailli Helen Cappuccino.

    Jake is writing our book and movie reviews. The newly graduated journalist has all the verve and motivation

    needed for this undertaking, and we are proud to have him aboard.

    This GE! marks the end of an era. Gastronome and GE! will be redesigned beginning with Gastronome

    Volume 2 2015, which will be mailed in October. All articles are now required to be accompanied by

    usable photographs. More information can be found on our website (www.chaineus.org) under Gastronome


    We are excited about the redesign and hope you will enjoy the outcome as much as I and our editorial

    and design staff have enjoyed the process of upgrading and refreshing our publications.

    We look forward to your feedback.

    Marie C. AddarioEditor-in-Chief, Gastronome and Gastronome Extra!Vice Charge de Presse National

    Moving from his native Spain two decades ago, Chef Jos Andrs introduced tapas to American palates. He has since founded a humanitarian organization called World Central Kitchen to feed the hungry.


    Dominick Addario

    Marie Addario


    Barbara Axel

    Barbara Burson

    John Burson

    Keith Chappell

    Rufus Cressend

    Bert Cutino

    Betrand de Boutray

    Ira Falk

    Lois Ferrero Gogol

    Burton H. Hobson

    Hospitality Culinaire, Inc.

    Robin Jill Jacobs

    Michael Kalkstein

    Cheryl Kenny

    Jill Kummer*

    Bruce Liebert

    Shelly Margolis

    Jane Ann Mathis

    Sandi Moran

    Tom Moran

    Joshua Daniel Mungavin

    Marcelo Obn

    Michael Parmet

    William Salomon

    M. Ann Sanford

    Harold S. Small

    Mont Stern

    Michael Ty

    Irwin Weinberg

    Renee Wilmeth

    William Wortman

    *In memory of Peter Hanowich

    NOTE: Foundation Friends renewing after June 30, 2015 who are not listed above will be included in the next issue of Gastronome.

    G A S T R O N O M E E X T R A ! 2S U M M E R 2 0 1 5

  • Letter from the PresidentCher Confrres et Consurs,

    Our Puerto Rico Grand Chapitre team has been working tirelessly to cre-

    ate an amazing experience for participants. If you have not yet registered, please

    do so! (Registration materials are available online.) Our National Council and

    National Board of Directors meetings are held during the Chapitre, and our com-

    mittees meet as well. Attend and be part of the decision-making process while

    learning what your officers have been doing to make your Chane experience all

    that it can be.

    Take advantage of other travel opportunities available to Chane members.

    When visiting other communities, seek out local Chane events and visit mem-

    ber establishments. Further, if you have an idea for a Chane travel program,

    particularly one that you are interested in leading, contact Travel Committee

    Chairperson Charles Radlauer for guidance.

    In other news, Charge de Presse National Michelle Metter and her team

    have created a trade show booth to educate people about the Chane. It was first

    used, to great acclaim, at the American Culinary Federations annual meeting in

    Orlando. Thousands of chefs and other professionals who did not know about

    the Chane beforehand are now acquainted with it! If you are aware of an event at

    which the booth may be displayed, contact the National Office. Note as well that

    our wonderful new membership brochure is available on our website. Show it to

    friends and family who are interested in the Chane and invite them to an event.

    Continue to share the Chane. We are constantly working on bettering our

    organization and your membership experience. Those who bring in new mem-

    bers will be recognized with Share the Chane pins for their first, fifth, tenth,

    and twenty-fifth new members.

    I look forward to seeing many of you at the Grand Chapitre in Puerto Rico

    in October.

    Vive la Chane!

    HalHarold S. SmallBailli Dlgu National

    CHANE STARS of EXCELLENCEBRONZE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    Raymond Marty, Seattle bailli honoraire

    Walter JL Royal, Triangle vice conseiller culinaire

    Hendrik Schuitemaker, Triangle vice echanson

    Congratulations to Our Newest Regional Officers and Baillis

    Warren M. Barnett, Chattanooga bailli

    Alex R. Darvishi, Southwest conseiller culinaire provincial

    James A. Gallivan, South Central conseiller culinaire provincial

    Raimund Hofmeister, Mid-Atlantic conseiller culinaire provincial

    Matthew N. Karstetter, Delaware Valley bailli

    James King, Hawaii Island bailli

    Philip I. Kress, Far West chambellan provincial

    Kimi J. Matar, Honolulu bailli

    Dennis G. Shay, Austin bailli

    Joseph Sheehan, Sacramento bailli

    Chr istopher J. Speere, Hawaii/Pacific Islands

    chambellan provincial

    Become a Chane Ambassador!Foster Chane fellowship and experience more

    benefits of membership during your global travels

    through the Chanes Corps des Ambassadors

    Program. For more information, contact Program

    Chair/Lake Shore Vice Charge de Missions Kaye

    Rahn at [email protected] or (773) 860-1664.

    You can dine with the fishes in Tianjin Haichang Polar Ocean Worlds glass observation tunnel.

    G A S T R O N O M E E X T R A ! 3S U M M E R 2 0 1 5

  • SEPTEMBER11 International Young Chefs Rtisseurs

    Competition Budapest, Hungary Contact: Canada Bailli Dlgu David Ttrault at [email protected]

    15-20 Hawaii/Pacific Islands Regional Assemblage Honolulu, Hawaii Contact: Bailli Provincial Bruce Liebert at (808) 956-0807 or [email protected]

    24-26 International Young Sommeliers Competition/Australia Grand Chapitre Adelaide, Australia Contact: Grand Argentier Joseph Girard at [email protected]

    OCTOBER29- NOV 1 U.S. Grand Chapitre

    San Juan, Puerto Rico Contact: National Office at (973) 360-9200

    MARCH4-6 Southwest Regional Assemblage

    Houston, Texas Contact: Bailli Provincial Bill Salomon at (210) 867-4855 or [email protected]

    18-19 Mid-Atlantic Regional Assemblage Atlantic City, New Jersey Contact: Bailli Provincial Robin Jacobs at (908) 522-0741 or [email protected]

    18-20 South Central Regional Assemblage Nashville, Tennessee Contact: Bailli Provincial Tony Hirsh at (917) 612-6714 or [email protected]

    2015-2016 UPCOMING EVENTS:


    Culinary Triumph in Jersey CityBy Percy Nikora, Mid-Atlantic Charg de Presse Provincial

    Chefs are the foundation of our beloved Chane; it is therefore

    critical that we support and nurture the next generation whose cui-

    sine we will enjoy in the coming years. On March 8, Mid-Atlantic

    confrres did just that by attending the regions Young Chefs

    Rtisseurs Competition in Jersey City, New Jersey.

    The contestants were required to produce a three-course meal

    using mystery basket ingredients that included Taylor Bay scal-

    lops, lamb saddle, burdock root, Calabasas squash, bone marrow,

    Asian pear, and salsify. They were judged on their kitchen skills

    as well as on the appearance, taste, and creativity of their dishes.

    While all of the young chefs delivered impressive performances, in

    the end, Delaware Valley Chef Rtisseur Geno Betz, who works at

    Philadelphias Paradiso Restaurant, was declared the winner.

    We were inspired by these up-and-coming chefs and left feel-

    ing confident that our taste buds will be in good hands for years to

    come. Further confirmation of this perception came in June, when

    Chef Betz placed second in the National Young Chefs Rtisseurs


    (Above) Bailli Provincial Robin Jacobs, Garden State Chef Rtisseur Rickford Foo, Hudson County Community College Chef/Instructor Sami Khouzam, winner/Delaware Valley Chef Rtisseur Geno Betz, Garden State Chef Rtisseur Donald MacMath and Garden State Chef Rtisseur Richard Bishop.

    (Left) Winner/Delaware Valley Chef Rtisseur Geno Betz.



    BY R



    R. F


    G A S T R O N O M E E X T R A ! 4S U M M E R 2 0 1 5

  • 1 Bailli Dlgu National Harold Small, Bailli Provincial Tony Hirsh and Bailli Provincial Hon. Thomas Ruff with SC officers.

    2 Vice Echanson National Hon. William Wortman and Bailli Dlgu National Harold Small.

    3 SC officers.

    4 Myrtle Beach Bailli Allyson Hirsh, Dame Suzanne Cure, Anna Kirby, Dame Sharon Fallon and San Diego Officier Susan Small.

    5 Chevalier George Morosani, Judy Morosani, Dame Ginny Weiler and Asheville Vice Charg de Missions Robert Weiler.

    Friday evenings dress code was

    cowboy casual as attendees dined at the

    estates Antler Hill Barn. Multiple food sta-

    tions offered tempting treats, wine flowed

    freely, and a red-hot bluegrass band kept

    things lively.

    Saturday opened with a Southern

    breakfast buffet at the Inn on Biltmore

    Estate, followed by work sessions focus-

    ing on the Young Chefs Rtisseurs and

    Young Sommeliers competitions, the Socit

    Mondiale du Vin, Gastronome submission

    guidelines, and Bailli Boot Camp. The after-

    noon offered a private tour of the Biltmore

    mansion, with a stop at the Biltmore Winery

    for a special tour and tasting.

    The formal dinner on Saturday night

    was a celebration of all things Chane. New

    members were welcomed; awards were

    granted; and several in attendance received

    special recognition from Chane dignitaries.

    Particularly moving was a special trib-

    ute to Vice Echanson National Honoraire

    William Wortman, who has contributed so

    much to the Chane over the years. Through

    his work on behalf of the Chane Foundation

    and the Socit Mondiale du Vin, includ-

    ing as editor of that section in Gastronome,

    and as the longtime editor of the magazines

    Turning Spit section, Vice Echanson

    National Honoraire Wortman exemplifies

    what any organization needs to prosper and

    grow. The entire assemblage was united in

    thanking him for his invaluable service.

    Departing delegates were sorry to leave

    the magical world that is the Biltmore but

    eager to create their own magic through their

    respective Chane chapters.

    Continued from page 1






    G A S T R O N O M E E X T R A ! 5S U M M E R 2 0 1 5

  • Star chef Thomas Keller brought in dancer-choreographer Catherine Turocy to teach French baroque dancing to his waiters at his New York restaurant Per Se.

    1 Pete Boolukus, Robin Boolukus, Dame Kim Yoshino and Byron Yoshino.

    2 Kauai/Oahu Ecuyer Madalyn Burr, Maile Miller, Kauai/Oahu Bailli Kathryn Nicholson, Qi Marie Gao and Kauai/Oahu Vice Conseiller Gastronomique Hon. Diana Wehrly.

    3 Chevalier Richard Turbin, Charge de Presse Provincial Judith Kellogg, Rai Saint Chu and Kauai/Oahu Matre de Table Restaurateur John Smiley.

    Merrimans Kapalua spent a grueling day tasting

    wines and confronting difficult service challenges

    put before them by the judges. The panel was

    comprised of Echanson Provincial Patrick Okubo,

    MS, CWE, David Gochros, CWE, and Sean Isono,

    sommelier at the Halekulani Resorts La Mer res-

    taurant and a previous regional Young Sommeliers

    Competition winner.

    The young men were able to relax at that

    evenings awards dinner organized by Kauai/Oahu

    Bailli Kathryn Nicholson. Livestock Tavern is one of

    downtown Honolulus newest hot venues, appro-

    priate for celebrating the hot new generation of

    wine experts.

    Owners/Chefs Dusty Grable and Jesse Cruz pre-

    pared a delicious menu featuring tasty down-home

    comfort food, reconfigured with upscale touches.

    Echanson Provincial Okubo spoiled us with some

    superb wines, all French and all with some nice age.

    Of course, the highlight of the evening was the

    announcement of the winner. Echanson Provincial

    Okubo, himself a three-time regional Young

    Sommeliers Competition winner, told us how closely

    matched the two competitors were coming into the

    competition, since they had earned identical scores

    on the written exam. However, only one could win,

    and that was Professionnel du Vin Ramelb, who also

    won last year. We know that he and Mr. Allen both

    have bright futures ahead of them.



    BY M


    LA M



    ALCOContinued from page 1


    2 3

    G A S T R O N O M E E X T R A ! 6S U M M E R 2 0 1 5

  • (Above) SE Charge de Presse Provincial Jennifer Denlinger and Le Cordon Bleu College Chef/Instructor Kate Restifo.

    (Right) Clockwise from top left: Blueberry Stilton, Shropshire Cheddar Blue, Point Reyes Blue and Cambozola Blue Brie.

    By Jennifer M. Denlinger, Southeast Charge de Presse Provincial

    In summer, nothing could be finer than indulging in some of the

    finest blue cheese. Getting to know these precisely aged works of art is

    very rewarding. Pairing them with a good wine is even better.

    The same DOC laws used for wines apply to blue cheese produc-

    tion. Every area that produces blue cheese uses a different mold. To

    begin the process, mold is added to milk, and when it has coagulated, it

    is cut into cubes. After being drained, it is packed into frames until set.

    Most of the time, long skewers are used to penetrate the cheese at inter-

    vals, which allows oxygen to cultivate the mold. However, if the cheese

    is loosely packed, it is not skewered.

    Blue cheese may appear yellow or light green, which are indica-

    tions that the mold has not fully oxidized. Crumble the cheese and

    let it sit at room temperature for a while; as the mold is oxygenated, it

    will turn blue. When a blue cheese turns bad, it becomes pink, gray, or

    brown, and will have an off, strong, odor.

    It is best stored in the refrigerator, wrapped in foil, plastic wrap,

    or wax paper so that it can breathe. Usually served from a whole round

    with a long-handled cheese scoop to remove the best cheese from the

    center, blue cheese is often used in cooking as it melds nicely with

    other flavors.

    While there are many great blues to choose from, the following are

    a few top-notch blue cheese/wine duos:

    POINT REYES BLUE Crafted in Point Reyes, California, from raw cows milk, this blue

    cheese uses vegetarian rennet. Its tangy sweetness is perfect for salads,

    dressings, dips, steak, honey, figs, stone fruit, and berries. About $18/lb.

    Domaine la Tour Vieille Banyuls Reserva N.V.

    Grapes: Grenache, Grenache Gris, and Carignan

    Flavors: Fortified and rich; prunes, coffee, dark cooked fruits

    CAMBOZOLA A blue Brie from the Allgu region of Germany, Cambozola is a triple-

    cream cheese made from pasteurized cows milk. The mold is the same

    that is used for Roquefort cheeses from France. Another characteristic

    is the slightly crunchy rind bloom. Cambozola is smooth, creamy, salty,

    and rich. Pair it with fruit and honey. About $24/lb.

    Maison Bertrand Ambroise Bourgogne 2011

    Grape: Pinot Noir

    Flavors: Ripe red fruits and zesty acidity with a light body

    What to Do with the Summertime Blues?

    Continued on page 8

    G A S T R O N O M E E X T R A ! 7S U M M E R 2 0 1 5

  • By Jennifer M. Denlinger, Southeast Charge de Presse Provincial

    At the young age of ninety-five, Stanley Demos is as

    dynamic as ever. He is among a rare group of confrres with

    fifty or more years of Chane membership. The former long-

    time Sarasota bailli has many accolades to commemorate

    his time in the organization. He was honored with the 1995

    Presidents medal. In 2000, he became a grand officier com-

    mandeur. He also holds a Bronze Star of Excellence and was

    the first-ever recipient of the Mdaille Prsidentielle.

    Throughout his career, he has worked at several

    upscale venues, including La Maisonette in Cincinnati. For

    more than twenty years, he owned the elegant Coach House

    in Lexington, Kentucky. After selling the restaurant, he and

    his second wife, Patricia, moved to Sarasota.

    For his Chane induction in 1962, he had to travel

    from Cincinnati to New York. The St. Regis Hotel was

    abuzz with excitement; Mr. Demos was inducted by Grand

    Chancelier Jean Valby.

    To this day, his favorite meal is Florida stone crabs,

    beef filet with barnaise sauce or lamb chops, salad,

    and wedges of cheese followed by cherries jubilee or

    crpe suzette.

    Today, his life is simple. He cooks dinner every night,

    except on Saturdays, when he and Patricia go out on the

    town. His favorite drink is non-alcoholic German beer.

    Mr. Demos is proud to have been a member since

    soon after the U.S. Chane was founded. He not only loves

    good meals but the wonderful people he has met in the


    1 Induction at St. Regis Hotel, New York, 1962: Matre Rtisseur Stanley Demos, Bailli Dlgu National Edward Benenson, Grand Matre George Portmann and Grand Chancelier Jean Valby.

    2 Stanley Demos and Patricia Demos.

    3 Recipient of the Mdaille Prsidentielle, 2005.


    Catching Up with a Chane Superstar: Sarasota Bailli Honoraire Stanley Demos


    Shropshire cheese, which is produced using the Stilton method, is a

    blue cheddar from Nottinghamshire, in Englands Leicestershire region.

    It uses pasteurized cows milk, vegetarian rennet, annatto for color,

    and the same mold that is used in Roquefort cheese. It needs to age for

    at least twelve weeks and is characterized by a salty, musty taste, with

    mold crystals on the rind. About $20/lb.

    Chteau Barbe Blanche 2010

    Grapes: Merlot, Cabernet Franc

    Flavors: Red and black currant, velvety tannins, hints of vanilla

    BLUEBERRY STILTON Fruit-bearing Stilton cheese, such as Blueberry Stilton, is also known as

    white Stilton, or immature blue cheese. It uses full-cream cows milk,

    is not inoculated with mold, and is only about four weeks old, making

    it dense and crumbly. White Stiltons can only be produced in Englands

    Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, or Leicestershire regions. It is considered

    a dessert cheese, although it is quite tasty on salad with blueberry dress-

    ing. Use it for cheesecake or pair with cookies, fresh blueberries, or field

    greens. About $20/lb.

    Osborne Pedro Ximnez Sherry

    Grape: Pedro Ximnez

    Flavors: Sherry with raisins, toffee, and chocolate; long, lingering finish

    Continued from page 7

    2 3


    G A S T R O N O M E E X T R A ! 8S U M M E R 2 0 1 5

  • By Jake Cappuccino, Buffalo Ecuyer


    Chef Jiro Ono literally dreams about creating sushi, his passion reaching a point that few ever attain. Jiro Dreams of Sushi documents his life and the lives of his sons at his three-star Michelin restaurant Sukiyabashi Jiro. His is a lifelong love affair with sushi.

    This documentary put David Gelb on the map with good reason. Not only does Gelb show Jiros story, but he also documents the elaborate work that goes into producing the best sushi in the world. We meet tuna dealers, rice sellers, and the restaurants apprentices, all of whom strive for Jiros approval in his pursuit of perfection.

    For Jiro, simplicity and minimalism are perfection. Of the hundreds of shots of sushi seen throughout the movie, few feature more than one type of seafood, rice, and a glaze of soy sauce. And yet, insists Japanese food writer Yamamoto, who is featured heavily in the documentary, the sushi is consistently the best that he has ever eaten.

    This film is not only for foodies (though the story of the sushi is reason enough for foodies); its for anybody curious about a mans journey toward unattainable perfection and the incredible results that emerge from that journey. Find Jiro Dreams of Sushi on Netflix.


    Netflixs documentary series is more than food television. Chefs Table not only showcases innovative, elegant food but also shares the humanity, humor, and challenges that are part of the journey for some of the worlds most renowned culinarians. Whether its postmodern cuisine or farm-to-table cooking, director David Gelb uses the same style as in Jiro Dreams of Sushi, managing to capture the sheer beauty, creativity, thoughtfulness, and extravagance of the food on film. Each episode highlights some of the chefs most famous dishes.

    As one writer said in an interview about one of the featured chefs, the restaurants and chefs are not just about the food. Neither is Chefs Table. The series is about the art and the story behind the food, and the experience, memory, and change that exceptional food and a gifted chef can create. Catch Chefs Table at your leisure on Netflix for compelling stories and beautiful food.


    G A S T R O N O M E E X T R A ! 9S U M M E R 2 0 1 5


    For information, visit www.chaineus.org. This Chane cruise aboard the SeaDream (which Forbes rated the Best Small Luxury Cruise Ship of 2015) will include, exclusively for Chane members, fabulous pre- and post-cruise activities in Athens and Rome, as well as a delectable

    special dining experience on the isle of Capri or the Amalfi Coast.

    The amazing July 2-9, 2016 Chane des Rtisseurs

    Athens to Rome SeaDream Luxury Mediterranean Yacht Cruise

    is filling up, with only a limited number of cabins remaining.


    Albany Hits the High SeasBy William Harris, Bailli

    What could enhance the inherently delightful experience of a

    cruise? Sharing it with fellow fun-loving Chane members, which is pre-

    cisely what fourteen Albany Bailliage members did from October 5-12.

    A private bus supplied with snacks and libations took us to the

    Boston pier, where we boarded the Royal Caribbeans Brilliance of

    the Seas. Our ports of call included Halifax, Nova Scotia; Saint John,

    New Brunswick; and Bar Harbor and Portland, Maine. During the

    day, attendees engaged in individual activities, reconvening for dinner

    proudly wearing their Chane decorations. These were a source of inter-

    est to fellow passengers, and we cheerfully fielded questions about the

    Chane. We believe that several will be contacting local bailliages with

    requests to be put on their guest lists.

    Our group dined in three of the ships specialty restaurants: Izumi,

    Chops Grille, and the elegant Chefs Table. On other evenings, after a

    meal in the main dining room, we adjourned to one of the many bars

    to enjoy live entertainment. Our lively group sang along with the piano

    player and stayed until closing.

    On the bus trip back to Albany, we unanimously agreed to plan

    another cruise, this time heading south. Destination: the Caribbean!


    Gran Selezione Wine EventBy Jacqueline Cappuccino, Vice Charge de Presse

    The 31 Club was the perfect

    venue for the Buffalo Mondiales Gran

    Selezione wine event on October

    15. The first flight was poured soon

    after attendees arrived. Tenuta di

    Nozzole Chianti Classico la Forra

    Gran Selezione 2011, with its fruit and

    floral notes, paired well with an array

    of cheeses. Fattoria Viticcio Beatrice

    Chianti Classico Gran Selezione 2011

    possessed fruit and mineral notes, while

    the fuller Luiano Ottantuno Chianti

    Classico Gran Selezione offered oaky

    and vanilla flavors.

    The next flight was San Felice

    Chianti Classico Riserva Il Grigio Gran

    Selezione 2010 and Felsina Chianti

    Classico Rancia Riserva 2010. The San

    Felice is comprised of 80% Sangiovese,

    with the remaining 20% reflecting

    a combination of some of the two

    hundred-plus forgotten varietals in the

    estates vitiarium. These forgotten vari-

    etals add intrigue to this complex, albeit

    well-balanced, wine.

    The last flight was Castello di Ama

    Chianti Classico San Lorenzo Gran

    Selezione 2010 and Castello di Ama

    Haiku 2010. The Haiku, comprised of

    50% Sangiovese, 25% Merlot, and 25%

    Cabernet Franc, seemed to be the favor-

    ite of this flight. Both wines had intense

    red fruit flavors that hit our noses and

    taste buds immediately.

    The wonderful 31 Club team

    created a culinary frame for the art

    winesof the evening. The wines

    inspired great conversation among

    attendees, including talk of a pos-

    sible Mondiale trip to Italy to explore

    this region.

    (Above) Charge de Presse Provincial/Bailli Helen Cappuccino and Chambellan Provincial Mont Stern.

    (Below) Chevalier Wyatt Arthurs and Vice Echanson Eric Genau.

    G A S T R O N O M E E X T R A ! 1 1S U M M E R 2 0 1 5


    Penguins and Dinner and Art, Oh My! By Graig Smith, Vice Charg de Presse

    On the beautiful evening of September 14,

    Cincinnati Bailliage members gathered at the 21c

    Museum Hotel for their fall dinner. The first 21c

    Museum Hotel opened in Louisville in 2006. There

    are now four 21c Museum Hotel locations, includ-

    ing Cincinnati; the unique concept combines a contemporary art museum, boutique hotel, and fabulous restaurant in

    one space. The penguin mascot, a different color for each city, adds a fun dimension. Our event was the culmination

    of many months of planning by newly appointed Vice Conseiller Gastronomique Barbara Lancor, Vice Echanson Mike

    Monnin, and Chef Michael Paley of the hotels Metropole restaurant.

    The receptionand our introduction to the 21c concept was held in a gallery filled with stunning contemporary

    artwork. This first event that Vice Conseiller Gastronomique Lancor organized was a huge success, and we are excited

    to see what else she has in store for us.

    The 21c Museum Hotel is just one example of the vibrant makeover occurring in downtown Cincinnati. Our

    bailliage is fortunate to be caught up in this revolution of food, wine, and the arts. We have many exciting new ven-

    ues to experience, and they are right in our own backyard! We are finding there really is no place like home here

    in Cincinnati.


    Dner des Joyeuses Ftes By Allison Reams, Bailli

    At the Connecticut Bailliages holiday celebration on December 7,

    the twenty-nine attendees included several confrres from the Hartford

    Bailliage led by Bailli Gary Dunn. When the plans were being made for

    this delightful event, we couldnt think of a more fitting venue for a

    Chane holiday dinner than a French restaurant.

    Yet, we didnt want to go to just any French restaurant. We chose

    the one recently voted the best French restaurant in Connecticut by

    Connecticut magazine. Even more impressive, it was also voted the best

    overall restaurant in Connecticut by readers of the magazine.

    The restaurant, of course, is Bernards, located in historic

    Ridgefield and housed in a circa-1875 inn that was lovingly trans-

    formed into an award-winning dining destination. Owner/Chef Bernard

    Bouissou runs the restaurant with his wife/business partner, Sarah Bouissou.

    The couple has worked wonderfully with our chapter on many previous occa-

    sions, but for this celebration, they really pulled out all the stops. Happy

    holidays, indeed!

    Vice Chancelier-Argentier Susan Verschoor, Carol Monnin, Kathryn Bender, Matre Htelier Russell Menkes and Vice Conseiller Gastronomique Barbara Lancor.

    Professionnel du Vin Sharon Rychlik and Bailli Allison Reams.


    TO B

    Y VI

    CKI A



    G A S T R O N O M E E X T R A ! 1 2S U M M E R 2 0 1 5


    Culinary Explosion By Sandy Cutter, Vice Charge de Presse

    In recent years, as the Des Moines dining scene has

    exploded, the Des Moines Bailliage has been making

    a concerted effort to support local establishments and

    spread the word about the citys finest culinary hot spots.

    Brothers Steve and Joe Logsdon hosted a wonderful

    event for the Des Moines Chapter on November 9. While

    Joe Logsdon, owner/chef of La Mie restaurant, prepared

    the menu, his brother lent the upscale, minimalist space

    of his East Village restaurant, Lucca. Chef Joe brought

    along Chef de Cuisine Mike Kalhorn to help prepare the

    feast, which began with gougres with wild mushroom

    mousse and foie gras terrine. They continued to tantalize

    with lobster salad and Parisian gnocchi before present-

    ing espelette-spiced chicken. (Espelette is a chili pepper

    grown in the Basque region of France and is considered

    mildly hot.) Finally, we were treated to raspberry-orange

    vol-au-vent with hazelnuts and chocolate ganache. Each

    course was served with a remarkable wine, making for

    delightful pairings.


    Kistler Wine DinnerBy Ellen Rosenberg, Vice Charge de Presse

    The name Kistler is synonymous with world-class Chardonnay. In fact, Robert Parker

    is quoted as saying, If the Kistler Winery could be magically transported to the middle of

    Burgundys Cte dOr, it would quickly gain a reputation as glorious as any producer of

    Burgundy grand crus.

    On October 19, the Delaware Valley Mondiale gathered at Co-Owner/Chef Jason

    Cichonskis restaurant Ela in Philadelphia to sample Kistler wines with Master of Wine

    Geoff Labitzke. Mr. Labitzke is director of sales and marketing for Kistler and has served as

    a judge for the National Young Sommeliers Competition.

    The first dinner course featured a rare Kistler Hyde Vineyard Chardonnay 2010,

    which sparkled with cobia crudo. Kistler Vine Hill Vineyard Chardonnay 2011 paired per-

    fectly with black-pepper fusilli with coddled egg.

    For the reds, we savored Kistler Vineyard Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir 2013 with crispy

    pork belly and scallop sptzle, finishing with Kistler Vineyard Pinot Noir 2012 paired with

    pulled short rib, pecan pudding, and red cabbage.

    Kistler wines are indeed glorious, and it was very special to share them and the spirit

    of Chane camaraderie with fellow members.

    Chevalier William Goldman and Ellie Goldman.


    Feasting at 15th Street Fisheries By Jana Soeldner Danger, Southeast Charge de Presse Provincial Honoraire

    On January 20, Fort Lauderdale Bailliage members headed to the Fort

    Lauderdale Marina for dinner at a local landmark known for its fresh seafood

    and homemade breads. The setting of the two-story 15th Street Fisheries restau-

    rant, with its beautiful Intercoastal Waterway views, is as much a draw as the

    great food.

    In South Florida, restaurants come and go like mayflies, but 15th Street

    Fisheries has been attracting locals and tourists since 1978. We headed upstairs,

    where a warren of small dining rooms creates a cozy ambiance. During the

    reception, Owner Ted Drum mingled with our group and later sat down to dine

    with us.

    Executive Chef Lenny Judice, who is experienced in classic French, Asian

    fusion, New World, and other cuisines, created an outstanding menu. His love

    for food began in childhood, when he helped out in the kitchen of his mothers

    restaurant in Santurce, Puerto Rico.

    The five-course feast, featuring flavorful meats as well as the seafood for

    which Fisheries is famous, showcased Chef Judices skill and creativity. At eve-

    nings end, the kitchen brigade came out to take a bow, and Bailli Jack Kane

    presented Chef Judice with a plaque to commemorate the occasion.

    G A S T R O N O M E E X T R A ! 1 3S U M M E R 2 0 1 5


    The Grapes of New Jersey By Wendy Merkin Piller, Vice Charge de Presse

    La Grande Cave du New Jersey Chapter members are interested in both growing their

    wine cellar and learning about all aspects of wine. Robert Wilson, one of the owners of

    Unionville Vineyards located in Hunterdon Countys beautiful farm country, invited confrres

    to a tasting at the winery on September 28.

    Despite being the most densely populated state in the country, New Jersey is commit-

    ted to preserving its farmlands. Unionville Vineyards is part of its Farmland Preservation

    Program, which enables continued investment in maintaining viable agricultural enterprises

    in the Garden State. Attendees were enthralled by Mr. Wilsons account of the winerys his-

    tory and awed by the character and quality of the wines sampled.

    Dinner took place down the road in Flemington, at acclaimed Owner/Chef Matthew

    McPhersons Matts Red Rooster Grill. With the delicious meal, we continued to sip

    Unionville wines. In a standout pairing, Unionville Pheasant Hill Vineyard Chardonnay 2012

    accompanied the scallops. Although this wine had received raves when tasted earlier in the

    evening, it earned additional accolades when enjoyed with the seafood.

    Although the evening was packed with information, the take-home message seemed to

    be the impressive potential of New Jersey grapes. In addition to magnificent farm-to-plate

    food, the Garden State is capable of producing the highest-caliber farm-to-glass wines as well.


    Welcoming Autumn at the Canoe Club By Jennifer Dunn, Vice Chancelier-Argentier

    Located on the banks of the Connecticut River, the exclusive

    Hartford Canoe Club, with its handsome hunting-lodge dcor, ushered

    in autumn for the Hartford Bailliage on November 15 with floor-to-

    ceiling stone fireplaces laid with roaring fires, log beams, an enclosed

    terrace for the reception, and plenty of antlers on the walls. The mag-

    nificently decorated dining table spanned the room, providing a vista of

    colorful fall foliage, pomegranates, candles, glassware, and a hunting-

    themed service. On one side of the room, the Chane flag hung above

    the blazing fire; on the other, a jazz duo played tuneful strains.

    The Canoe Club began as a private mens dining club in 1879

    and has remained faithful to this tradition ever since, thus affording

    members the unique opportunity to taste Chef Ana Robainas inven-

    tive cuisine for the first time, thanks to club member Vice Charg de

    Missions Frank Szilagyi, who hosted the event. Attendees stayed late

    into the evening to enjoy drinks and cigars by the fire, departing with

    gifts of chocolate turkeys and a sense of convivial joy.Vice Chancelier-Argentier Jennifer Dunn and Bailli Gary Dunn.

    A West African chimp studys leading researcher, Kimberley Hockings, reported that a female consorted more often with a male who gave her stolen papayas. Dames, beware of chevaliers bearing gifts.

    G A S T R O N O M E E X T R A ! 1 4S U M M E R 2 0 1 5


    A New FavoriteBy Jerome Siller, Bailli

    The newly named Ristorante Da Claudio occupies the space that previously housed

    La Pace restaurant, host to numerous past Chane events. Owner Claudio Zustovich and

    his son, Fabrizio Zustovich, along with Chef Guiseppe Capobianco, ensure that the venue

    maintains the laudable traditions of its predecessor by using the finest products to create

    excellent cuisine.

    The Long Island Bailliage dined there on November 2. At the reception, attendees

    enjoyed five delicious hors doeuvres, paired with Roederer Estate champagne. Dinner offered

    many culinary highlights, including mushroom soup, branzino filet with truffled risotto, and

    the superb entre of veal rack with brandied mushrooms, cream sauce, mashed potatoes, and

    cheese-glazed asparagus. Dessert was puff pastry with strawberries and cream coupled with a

    fabulous chocolate mousse cake.

    Port was served as a final treat. The evenings wines included a Hess Cabernet

    Sauvignon, a Simi Sauvignon Blanc, and a Ruffino Pinot Grigio Lumina.


    Year of the Sheep Celebration By Wendy Merkin Piller, Vice Charge de Presse

    The Chinese New Year, or Spring Festival, is an important celebra-

    tion in China. On February 22, the La Grande Cave du New Jersey

    Bailliage rang in the Year of the Sheep with a Chinese New Year celebra-

    tion at Cathay 22, located in Springfield, New Jersey. The dining room

    was decorated in redthe Chinese symbol for good luck.

    At the reception, attendees were served Domaine Chadon toile

    Brut N.V. to enjoy with honey spare ribs, seafood shumai, and fried

    Chinese eggplant stuffed with pork.

    After the first seated course of savory wonton soup, dinner was

    served family style, with cold preparations followed by hot dishes.

    Matched with an exquisite Domaine Lafarge Auxey-Duresses les Hauts-

    Ctes 2010, the cold dishes included beef tenderloin, sesame jelly fish,

    Buddhas delight, ban-ban chicken, and spinach seaweed.

    For the hot dishes, we savored mu-shu pork, shrimp with Grand

    Marnier sauce, garlic-sauted cabbage, fish with ginger-scallion sauce,

    and ya-call fried rice. Domaine Thibault Liger-Belair Bourgogne Rouge

    les Grands Chaillots 2011, with concentrated raspberry fruit, accompa-

    nied the array of flavorful dishes.

    We ended the celebration with wishes for a prosperous new year,

    golden sesame bananas, a sampling of different Sauternes from our

    chapters cellar, and hearty applause for Owner/Chef Philip Wang.


    Another Gem at Pearl East By Jerome Siller, Bailli

    Despite having postponed the original event for two weeks

    due to snow, the Long Island Bailliage managed to fill the beauti-

    fully decorated private room of Pearl East, in Manhasset, New

    York, on March 15. The dynamic force behind this eagerly antici-

    pated annual event is Owner Cathy Huang, who ensures execution

    of the highest levels of food and service possible.

    The champagne reception featuring nine delicious appetiz-

    ers was followed by an eight-course dinner enhanced by amazing

    food sculptures. Of special note was the service and culinary staffs

    effectiveness in maintaining the flow of dishes and fostering a party

    atmosphere. Of course, none of this would have been possible

    without the indefatigable leadership of Owner Huang.

    It is gratifying that our chapter often hosts confrres from

    other bailliages. From Bergen County we welcomed Bailli Oleh

    Bachynsky, Bailli Honoraire Sarah Bachynsky, Vice Conseiller

    Gastronomique Gail Taenzler, and Paul Taenzler. Chevalier Sal

    Fazzi and Marysue Robbins made the trip from Albany, while

    Officier Richard Maidman and Vice Charg de Missions Grant Ripp

    visited from the New York Chapter. High praise was offered from

    these guests, who professed that it was one of the best Chane din-

    ners they had ever attended.

    G A S T R O N O M E E X T R A ! 1 5S U M M E R 2 0 1 5


    The Reason They Built the Brooklyn Bridge By Omar Khan, Vice Conseiller Gastronomique

    According to one Zagat reviewer,

    Owner/Chef Mark Lahms Brooklyn eatery

    Henrys Endstill flourishing forty-plus

    years after its inceptionis the reason

    they built the Brooklyn Bridge. On

    November 5, the New York Bailliage made

    the crossing for a game feast paired with an

    array of lively wines.

    The restaurants charming, rustic

    interior was aglow with warmth and cama-

    raderie. Diners especially enjoyed spiced

    kangaroo loin with sweet potato. Gustatory

    excitement mounted with the presentation

    of elk chop in Madeira saucesucculent,

    tender, with rich texture and great appeal.

    The meal concluded with twenty-

    one-layer crpe, served with a Rare Wine

    Company New York Malmsey from the

    historic Thomas Jefferson Series. The suc-

    cession of flavors reinforced and enhanced

    each other: gossamer-light crpes with

    vibrant raspberry and rich custard married

    with a wine exhibiting grace, balance, an

    undercurrent of sweetness, and an exqui-

    site, lingering finish.

    It was a game night indeed, com-

    plete with exceptional cuisine, wonderful

    hospitality from Chef Lahm and his team,

    and that signature Chane spirit that takes

    everything to a new level.


    Culinary Adventure at the Gander By Emily Klein, Vice Charge de Presse

    On the rainy night of October 15, the New York Bailliage faced the

    elements in anticipation of a culinary reward. And rewarded we were as

    Owner/Chef Jesse Schenker left it all on the field, as they say, at his latest

    venture, the Gander.

    Attendees were escorted to a private dining room, where their sig-

    nature pink bubbly awaited them, complemented by three delicious hors

    doeuvres. The meal highlights included crisp, spicy chorizo and the fish,

    which was meaty and simply seasoned to work in harmony with a deli-

    cate, paper-thin slice of terrine and earthy mushroom pure.

    For dessert, we enjoyed La Tur cheesecake with apple crisp, sesame

    seeds, and Tellicherry pepper. The cheesecake was creamy and tangy

    with a hint of pepper, sitting atop the crisp, while the apple was found

    alongside compote emboldened by dark caramel painted underneath. This

    sweet treat was the perfect end to a magnificent meal.

    Before departing, we thanked Chef Schenker and Wine Director Rick

    Pitcher for treating us to an extraordinary dining experience.

    Bailli Jim Wallick.

    Albany Officier Commandeur/Matre Rtisseur Louis Bruno, Jr.



    BY T


    S KE



    TO B

    Y TR




    G A S T R O N O M E E X T R A ! 1 6S U M M E R 2 0 1 5

  • Vice Charge de Presse Hon. Judy Salomon, Dame Pam Wise, Dame Patricia Parker Weber and Dame Fran Chudnow.


    Tribute Dinner at Frenchmans Creek By Susan Esson, Vice Charge de Presse

    On April 20,West Palm Beach

    Bailliage members gathered for

    a black-tie affair at the ever-chic

    Frenchmans Creek, a residential

    country club located in Jupiter,

    Florida, and home to Matre de Table

    Restaurateur Achal Goswami.

    At the reception, we toasted the

    memory of Grand Officier Matre

    Henry Warren, who passed away

    earlier this year. A co-founder of the

    West Palm Beach Chapter, Grand

    Officier Matre Warren was the only

    person in the history of the Chane

    to receive a haut commandeur pin,

    which was presented to him at the

    Grand Chapitre in New Orleans

    in 2014.

    Executive Chef Bernd

    Linsenmayers creative flavor profiles

    and stunning presentations made

    for an unparalleled dining experi-

    ence. The scrumptious courses were

    perfectly paired with wines through

    collaboration by Beverage Manager

    Stephen Fisher, Bailli Honoraire

    Douglas Martin, Vice Chancelier-

    Argentier Jeffrey Blitz, and Bailli

    Leila Warren. The waitstaff per-

    formed beautifully, delivering their

    finest five-star service.

    It was the perfect way to wrap

    up the 2014-2015 season and left us

    eager to start the 2015-2016 season!


    Cooking with the Dames at Central Market By Amy White, Dame de la Chane

    The Central Market Cooking School was the setting

    for the San Antonio Bailliages La Chane des Fleurs

    event on the lovely fall day of November 1.Three of

    the schools talented chefs guided the sixteen attendees

    through a Gulf Coast Seafood 101 course in which four delicious recipes were prepared and later enjoyed.

    To start, attendees were divided into four groups and assigned food preparation stations. A chef guided them

    through the first recipe of jalapeo-corn crab cakes. The second preparation, wilted spinach with warm bacon vin-

    aigrette, was the perfect complement to the crab cakes. Blue cheese and walnuts finished the salad beautifully.

    The third preparation, chicken-fried oysters, was a real treat. The oysters, which had come from Washington

    State, were also added to the salad. Wonderful! The final recipe was pecan-crusted fish filets.

    An extension of the San Antonio Chapter, La Chane des Fleurs has been enjoying activities such as fashion

    shows, cooking classes, and visits to art galleries and wineries quarterly for the past four years. Its members are

    from diverse backgrounds but all are bright, inquisitive women who share a love of food and wine!

    New York and Chicago will be the first to take advantage of UberEATS, a food delivery service by the transportation giant Uber, who tested the markets in Barcelona and Los Angeles. It is ready to roll.

    G A S T R O N O M E E X T R A ! 1 7S U M M E R 2 0 1 5


    New Year, New Members By Susan Esson, Vice Charge de Presse

    On February 19, West Palm Beach Bailliage members cele-

    brated the Chinese New Year, heralding the Year of the Sheep, with

    an induction dinner at Echo Palm Beach. Bailli Provincial Charles

    Radlauer and Bailli Leila Warren inducted Dame de la Chane Jean

    Dolan and Chevalier Steven Rayburn before elevating Vice Charge

    de Presse Susan Esson.

    Asian culinary delights were showcased through a resplendent

    menu executed under the guidance of Food and Beverage Director/

    Officier Matre de Table Htelier Nick Velardo. Among the many

    delicacies were shark fin-crab soup, Peking duck lotus buns, chow

    fun noodles with Kurobuta pork, banana leaf-wrapped sea bass,

    and chocolate-dipped fortune cookies.

    Attendees departed not only with their yin and yang intact but

    also with little red envelopes filled with lucky money! What a great

    way to start off the new year!


    Evening to Remember By Susan Esson, Vice Charge de Presse

    Upon learning that Bailli Honoraire Douglas Martin had

    contributed Siberian osetra caviar, Platinum Russian Vodka, and Piper-

    Heidseick Rare Millsime Brut 2002 to the West Palm Beach Bailliages

    dinner at Trevini Ristorante on March 23, attendees knew they were in

    for a memorable evening.

    The reception was held in the Palm Beach venues intimate court-

    yard. We mixed and mingled while savoring delectable appetizers of

    jumbo lump crabmeat cocktail, mojito-cured salmon tartare, and goat

    cheese-filled bresaola della Valtellina.

    A private dining room was the setting for the six-course dinner,

    which was a flavorful tour of Italy paired with well-chosen wines. The

    lovely meal concluded with Chteau dYquem 1994 served from mag-

    nums. Capping an evening of many treats, Bailli Honoraire Martin had

    graciously donated this sumptuous Sauternes from his private cellar.

    This evening, as is every evening under the leadership of Bailli

    Leila Warren, was truly one to remember.

    Competition WinnersYOUNG CHEFS RTISSEURS FAR WEST Mateo Cancio La Posada Lodge and Casitas, Tucson, AZ

    HAWAII/PACIFIC ISLANDS Melanie Tancino Sheraton Waikiki, Honolulu, HI

    MID-ATLANTIC Geno Betz Paradiso, Philadelphia, PA

    MIDWEST Matthew Phillips Blue Hills Country Club, Kansas City, MO

    NORTHEAST Spyridon Giannakoulopolous Three Village Inn, Stony Brook, NY

    PACIFIC NORTHWEST Oleg Vetkov Canlis, Seattle, WA

    SOUTH CENTRAL Matthew Pate Biltmore Forest Country Club, Asheville, NC

    SOUTHEAST Devin Davis Tampa, FL

    SOUTHWEST Jernimo Espiritu JW Marriott, San Antonio, TX

    YOUNG SOMMELIERS FAR WEST Micah Clark Steak & Whisky, Hermosa Beach, CA

    HAWAII/PACIFIC ISLANDS Christopher Ramelb Southern Wine & Spirits, Honolulu, HI

    MID-ATLANTIC John Filkins Potomac Selections, Inc., Hyattsville, MD

    MIDWEST Andrey Ivanov Reeds American Table, St. Louis, MO

    NORTHEAST Mia Van de Water North End Grill, New York, NY

    PACIFIC NORTHWEST Jackson Rohrbaugh Canlis, Seattle, WA

    SOUTH CENTRAL Femi Oyediran Charleston Place Hotel, Charleston, SC

    SOUTHEAST Jill Davis Four Seasons at Walt Disney World, Orlando, FL

    SOUTHWEST Kelly Wooldridge Mizuna Restaurant/Bonanno, Denver, CO

    G A S T R O N O M E E X T R A ! 1 8S U M M E R 2 0 1 5