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  1. 1. DataViewer Martin Schiegl Geoinformation Section Geological Survey of Austria 2015 an application to analyze geological units
  2. 2. Thesaurus project started in 2011 as LinkedOpenData project a knowledge representation for geosciences compensate the temporary discontinuation of the Austrian Stratigraphic Commission using semantic web capabilities (RDF/SKOS, URIs) provide codes for attributing data (e.g. for missing INSPIRE codelists) Wien, 2015
  3. 3. DataViewer module A modul/extension of GBA Thesaurus Live access to harmonized data sets One query for all geological datasets at all scales To improve the quality and process of harmonizing datasets live feedback on impacts of modelling the vocabularies and applying The practical definition of lithostratigraphic units, to look for lithological information Wien, 2015
  4. 4. Screen shot Wien, 2015
  5. 5. Data model for Geology Wien, 2015 features in red are used for navigating the DataViewer
  6. 6. Coding with URIs from.. (unique resource identifier web address) GBA Thesaurus data linked to INSPIRE and GeoSciML 250 lithological concepts 3 different time scales (ICS2013, ice ages, Paratethys) 800 geologic Units (e.g. geol. formations) 300 tectonic units (e.g. Austro alpine nappes) GeoSciML vocabulary (Event process, environment) INSPIRE codelists mapped to GBA Thesaurus Wien, 2015
  7. 7. Data Sets - 2015 Wien, 2015 Geological maps 1:50.000 1GE-surface geol. 1:500.000
  8. 8. Data Sets - 2016 Wien, 2015 Geological maps 1:50.000 Geofast 1:50.000 1GE-surface geol. 1:500.000
  9. 9. Data Sets - 2018 Wien, 2015 Geological maps 1:50.000 Geofast 1:50.000 Geological maps 1:200.000 1GE-surface geol. 1:500.000 Rocky Austria 1:1Mio
  10. 10. Technical overview Wien, 2015 HTML-Web page Javascript, CSS 3 jQuery . Ajax Leaflet RequireJS, AMD Module Map display ArcGIS-REST-Service JSON-Queries (points) PNG-Export (polygons) Base map WMTS ArcGIS-Imageservices Facetted filter MS-SQL-Server ASP.NET ASHX Handler Entity Framework 6.1 MVVM Concept (Knockout) Thesaurus data SESAME triplestore SKOS/RDF JSON PoolParty 5.0 Server, Tomcat webserver (Apache), Ubuntu Sparql-Endpoints MapMap geodatageodata SelectionSelection graph datagraph data FilterFilter SQL dataSQL data
  11. 11. Demo Wien, 2015
  12. 12. Wien, 2015 thank you for your attention questions? mailto: Martin Schiegl coordinator, design Arno Kaimbacher - programmer Christine Hrfarter geologist, editor Miroslav Janata programmer, prototype
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