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  • GCC Standardization Organization (GSO)

  • GCC Standard Specification GSO /2007


    Draft: Final

    (GSO Update 1374/2002)

    GSO 1374/2008

  • GCC Standard Specification GSO /2007


    Edible Casein and Caseinates

    Prepared by:

  • GCC Standard Specification GSO /2007


    The Gulf Technical Committee for Specifications Relating to Food & Products

    from the Agricultural Sector


  • GCC Standard Specification GSO /2007


    This document is a draft of a specific GCC Standard Specification that was

    distributed. This draft aims to respond to the opinions and notes contained in

    the original specification and alleviate any concerns. As such, it is liable to

    change and may not be considered a GCC Standard Specification until it has

    been accredited by the GSO Board.

  • GCC Standard Specification GSO /2007



    The GCC Standardization Organization (GSO) is a regional organisation that

    consists of the GCC Member States’ National Standards Bodies. One of its main

  • GCC Standard Specification GSO /2007


    functions is to issue Gulf regulations relating to standards through specialised

    technical committees (TCs).

    The GSO has updated all the GCC Standardization Specifications under No GSO

    1374/2002, "Edible Casein and Caseinates", as part of the technical committee

    working programme No (TC 5), "The Gulf Technical Committee for

    Specifications Relating to Food & Products from the Agricultural Sector". The

    State of Kuwait has drafted this Specification.

  • GCC Standard Specification GSO /2007


    This Specification has been accredited as a GCC (Standard

    Specification/Technical List) at the Organization board meeting No (

    ) held on / / hijri, the equivalent of / / , and

    shall replace and supersede GSO Standard No ( / )

  • GCC Standard Specification GSO /2007


  • GCC Standard Specification GSO /2007


  • GCC Standard Specification GSO /2007


    Edible Casein and Caseinates

    1) Scope and Field of Application

    This Specification relates to edible acid casein, edible rennet casein and edible

    caseinates prepared for direct consumption or other uses as set out in sub-

    paragraph (3) herein.

  • GCC Standard Specification GSO /2007


    2) Complementary References

    2.1 GCC Specification No GSO 9, "Packed Food Item Cards".

    2.2 GCC Specification No GSO 569, "Sampling Procedures for Milk and

    Dairy Products".

    2.3 GCC Specification No GSO 570, "Chemical & Physical Procedures for

    Testing Milk".

  • GCC Standard Specification GSO /2007


    2.4 GCC Specification No GSO 571, "Microbiological Testing of Liquid


    2.5 GCC Specification No GSO 21, "Hygiene Conditions for Food Plants

    and Staff".

    2.6 GCC Specification No GSO 20 "Assessment Methods for Mineral

    Pollutants in Food Goods".

  • GCC Standard Specification GSO /2007


    2.7 GCC Specification No GSO 839, "Food Product Containers – Part 1:

    General Conditions".

    2.8 GCC Specification accredited by the relevant organisation, relating to

    "Hygiene Conditions for Producing Milk".

    2.9 GCC Specification No GSO 1016, "Microbiological Limits for Food Goods

    – Part 1".

  • GCC Standard Specification GSO /2007


    2.10 GCC Specification No GSO 988, "Permitted Levels of Radioactivity in

    Food Goods".

    2.11 GCC Specification No GSO 382, "Maximum Permitted Levels of

    Pesticides in Foods and Agricultural Products – Part 1".

    2.12 GCC Specification No GSO 383, "Maximum Permitted Levels of

    Pesticides in Foods and Agricultural Products – Part 2".

  • GCC Standard Specification GSO /2007


    2.13 GCC Specification No GSO 841, "Maximum Permitted Levels of Micro-

    toxins in Foods and Fodder – Aflatoxins".

    3) Definitions

    3.1 Edible Acid Casein: This is a milk product obtained from cross-linking,

    centrifuging and dehydrating rennet with acidic precipitation that

    exists in fat-free milk and/or other dairy products.

  • GCC Standard Specification GSO /2007


    3.2 Edible Rennet Casein: The milk produced from cross-linking,

    centrifuging and dehydrating fat-free milk and/or other dairy products.

    Thrombus is attained through the interaction of rennet or other cheese

    processing enzymes.

    3.3 Edible Caseinates: The milk produced from the interaction of edible

    acid caseinates or thrombus of the edible caseinates cheese with

    neutralising agents, followed by dehydration.

  • GCC Standard Specification GSO /2007


    4. Basic Structure and Quality Factors:

    4.1 Raw Materials: Fat-free milk and/or other dairy products.

    4.2 Permitted Additives:

    • Non-spoilage lactic acid bacteria.

  • GCC Standard Specification GSO /2007


    • Cheese processing or other enzymes.

    • Drinking water.

  • GCC Standard Specification GSO /2007


  • GCC Standard Specification GSO /2007


    4.3 Components:

    Components of Caseinates and Edible Caseinates

    Components Nutrient

    Acidic Casein


    Abomasums Casein

    Edible Caseinates

    Humidity (Max)%Mass/Mass 12 12 12

    Protein on basis of dry

    weight (Min)%

    90 84 88

    Fat on basis of dry

    weight (Max)%Mass/Mass

    2 2 2

  • GCC Standard Specification GSO /2007


    Lactose on basis of dry

    weight (Max) %Mass/Mass

    1 1 1

    Ash (Pentagonal

    Phosphoric Acid) %Mass/Mass

    2.5 (Max) 7.5 (Max)

    Hydrogen Exponent PH (Max) - - 8

    Casein in Protein %Mass/

    Mass (Min)

    95 95 95

    Precipitates 22.5 mlg/25g 15 mlg/25g 22.5 mg/25 g (sprinkler-


    81.5 mg/25 g

  • GCC Standard Specification GSO /2007



    a) Water percentage does not include the volume of water produced from

    lactose crystallisation.

    b) Protein percentage is 6.38×specified kjeldahl nitrogen.

    c) Despite the fact that products may consist of hydrant lactose and

    monohydric lactose, non-hydrant lactose is present which accounts for

    95% of the 100 monohydric lactose particles.

  • GCC Standard Specification GSO /2007


    5. Requirements:

    The product must comply with the following:

    5.1 Must be completely free from pork products and derivatives.

    5.2 Raw materials used in its production must comply with the relevant

    GCC standard specifications.

  • GCC Standard Specification GSO /2007


    5.3 Must comply with all the hygiene rules and conditions stipulated in the

    GCC standard specifications set out in sub-paragraphs 2.3 + 2.8.

    5.4 Must possess an acceptable odour and be free of any alien flavours and


    5.5 The colour must range between white and off-white.

  • GCC Standard Specification GSO /2007


    5.6 Must not consist of any lumps which cannot be broken under minimal


    5.7 25 kg of the product must be free from any alien substances.

    5.8 The maximum level of precipitates (burnt particles) is 22.5 mg/25 g of

    the product for sprinkler-dried, and 32.5 mg/10 g for cylinder-dried.