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GCSE DT Options Slideshow January 2013

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Slideshow of options in DT at SIS.

2. WHY I SHOULD CONSIDER A DESIGN RELATED COURSE? 3. The courses are creative and enjoyable. You areinvolve in developing, modelling and making ideasfollowing the design process. There are a wide range of career pathways anduniversity courses linked to these subjects. Theskills that you will develop are transferableand very benecial for a student who wants todevelop essential 21st Century skills:independence, critical thinking, inquiry,research, analytical, innovation, problem-solving and much more. 4. COURSE STRUCTURES 5. Youwill design and make. Time on the course is spent being experimental, creative and developing practical skills and specialist subject knowledge. Excellent resources support you on the vle. Courseworkconsists of a 20 page A3/A4 portfolio or an e-portfolio worth 60%. The written exam is worth 40%.is assessed internally. Continuous internal Portfolio assessment, support and guidance throughout the course. 6. SPECIALISMSFoodNutrition or Catering students - will work withfood.Textile Technology students- will work predominantly withfabrics and fashion trimmings. Product Design students - will work predominantly withwood, metals and plastics. 7. All practical work is completed at school in lesson time. Food particularly compliments students taking GCSE GCSE Science, IT, Media and PE. GCSETextiles and GCSE Product Design particularly compliments students taking GCSE Art, Drama, Media, Science and IT. 8. GCSE FOODNUTRITION GCSE CATERINGGCSE TEXTILE TECHNOLOGYGCSE PRODUCT DESIGN Are not more difcult than other GCSE s 9. Some COMMON MISCONCEPTIONS 10. A GCSE in any of the DT courses is more difcult than other GCSE courses. FALSE: The effort and work involved is equal to other courses. You are assessed internally by your teachers so you can improve your grade during the course. GCSE Food and GCSE Textiles are just for girls to study. FALSE: Both courses are for boys and girls. Look at how many successful male designers, technologists and master chefs there are. Youneed to be good at drawing and illustrating to do Textiles? FALSE: You will develop these skills on the course and can use computers to assist you with gure templates. 11. Ineed specialist equipment at home to do Textiles, Food or Product Design FALSE: You will complete all your practical work in school so you do not need any specialist equipment at home. Ican decide what I want to make for my portfolio project. TRUE: You decide on the nal product you will design and make. Itis not worth doing Textiles or Food if you have no interest in being a chef or designer. FALSE: This course will provide you with a wide range of valuable and transferable 21st Century skills that can be applied and used throughout life while studying at university and entering a career in any pathway. 12. I can take both GCSE Art and GCSE Textiles. TRUE: They compliment each other very well and taking both will prepare you excellently for an art and fashion design based route later on. Itis not worth doing GCSE Textiles if I am doing GCSE Art. FALSE: Textiles enables students to work with 3D with fabrics. Students learn about the characteristics of different fabrics creating garments and accessories. Ican work with Textiles or Food if I do the DT Product Design course. FALSE: You may use the materials in small quantities but you won t specialise in Food or Textiles. To specialise you need to do GCSE Textiles or GCSE Food. 13. Following GCSE, you can study DT through two pathways in Year 1213: - an International Baccalaureate route with Group 4Experimental Sciences and take IB DT: working through the lensof Textiles, Human Factors, CADCAM or Food at Standard or Higher levelor- an Advanced Diploma route with BTEC Level 3 Art Design: the course incorporates FashionClothing, 3D Product Design and Fine Art at Subsidiary Diploma or Diploma level. 14. LOOK AT SOME EXAMPLES OF GCSE portfolio WORK 15. GCSE TEXTILESMS BENSON TEACHES THIS COURSE. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION SEE MS BENSON IN C26 OR EMAIL 16. STUDENTS SELECT THE FINAL PRODUCT THAT THEY WISH TO DESIGN AND MAKE FOR THEIR EXAMGCSE TEXTILE DESIGN SHEETS FOR APROM DRESS INSPIRED BY NATURAL FORMS 17. GCSE TEXTILE DESIGN SHEETS INSPIRED BY BRITISH MILITARY CLOTHINGFINAL OUTCOME - JACKET 18. GCSE TEXTILEDESIGN SHEETS INSPIRED BYSTELLA MC CARTNEY FINAL OUTCOMEHIGH WAISTED SKIRT 19. GCSE TEXTILE DESIGN SHEETS INSPIRED BYCONTEMPORARY KOREAN CLOTHINGTHIS STUDENTS USES SKETCHING AND COMPUTERS TO DESIGN FINAL GARMENT 20. ! GCSE TEXTILE DESIGN SHEETS INSPIRED BY BRITISH PATRONAGE AND IDENTITY. THIS STUDENTS USES SIMPLE SKETCHING, FIGURE TEMPLATES AND INKS TO COMMUNICATE HER DESIGN IDEASFINAL OUTCOME- BEADED HALTER NECK TOP!! For Further information about Textiles seeMs Benson in C26 or email 21. GCSE FOODNUTRITION OR GCSECATERING? FoodNutrition concentrates on food preparation at home for yourself, family and other individuals.Visual examples Catering concentrates on the food preparation and service area of the hospitality and cateringMS WILLIAMSMS SMITH TEACH THESE industry e.g. restaurants, chefs, menus, COURSEScustomersFOR FURTHER INFORMATION SEE MS WILLIAMS IN S22/S23 22. CREATIVE DESSERTS.THESE STUDENTS USE A RANGE OF TECHNIQUES THROUGH EXPERIMENTATION TO PRODUCE A FINAL DESIGN AND OUTCOME FOR A DESSERT.PRESENTATION OF THE FINAL PRODUCT IS VERYIMPORTANT. 23. SENSORY ANALYSIS.STUDENTS ANALYSE PROCESSES, INGREDIENTSAND DEVELOP IDEAS THROUGH EXPERIMENTATION IN FOOD.STUDENTS VISIT WORKING CHEFS FOR RESEARCH PURPOSES 24. EXAMPLES OF PORTFOLIO DESIGNIDEAS. FINAL DESSERT OUTCOME 25. MORE CREATIVE OUTCOMES.SELECTING AND USING SPECIALIST FOOD EQUIPMENT AT SCHOOL.FOR FURTHER INFORMATION SEE MS WILLIAMS OR MS SMITH IN S22/S23. 26. GCSE PRODUCT DESIGN FOR FURTHER INFORMATION ABOUT GCSE PRODUCT DESIGN SEE MR WEAVER, MR SANDFORD, MS SMITH AND MR OLIVER IN S12/13 27. WHAT IF I DON T WANT TO DO AGCSE IN DT BUT I LIKE THE SUBJECT?You can choose to do a minor in any of the 3 choices below: TEXTILE DESIGNor FOOD/CATERINGor PRODUCT DESIGNThere will be no exam so you can enjoy all the designand make activities without the stress of an exam.2 hours per fortnight are dedicated to the MINOR COURSE.4 hours per fortnight are dedicated to the GCSE COURSE 28. The end

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