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General Overview H2020 - Bottom -up SSH -Embedded SSH - Dedicated SSH - Reflective Societies

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New Horizons in the Humanities. THE EU FRAMEWORK PROGRAMME FOR RESEARCH AND INNOVATION. General Overview H2020 - Bottom -up SSH -Embedded SSH - Dedicated SSH - Reflective Societies. Marc GOFFART European Commission DG Research & Innovation Unit B.6 " Reflective Societies ". - PowerPoint PPT Presentation
  • Horizon 2020 - Three prioritiesExcellent scienceIndustrial leadershipSocietal challenges

    Policy Research and Innovation

    Excellent science (22,27 bn. euro)

    European Research CouncilFrontier research by the best individual teams11,93

    Future and Emerging TechnologiesCollaborative research to open new fields of innovation3,46Marie Skodowska-Curie actionsOpportunities for training and career development5,62

    Research Infrastructures (including e-infrastructure)Ensuring access to world-class facilities2,27

    Policy Research and Innovation

    Industrial leadership (15,51 bn. euro)

    LEIT: Leadership in enabling and industrial technologies (ICT, nanotechnologies, materials, biotechnology, manufacturing, space)12,36

    Access to risk financeLeveraging private finance and venture capital for research and innovation2,59

    Innovation in SMEsFostering all forms of innovation in all types of SMEs0,56

    Policy Research and Innovation

    Societal challenges (27,05 bn. euro)

    1Health, demographic change and wellbeing6,812Food security, sustainable agriculture and forestry, marine and maritime and inland water research and the bio-economy3,513Secure, clean and efficient energy5,414Smart, green and integrated transport5,785Climate action, environment, resource efficiency and raw materials2,816Europe in a changing world Inclusive, innovative and reflective societies1,197Secure societies Protecting freedom and security of Europe and its citizens1,54

    Policy Research and Innovation

    SSH as a cross-cutting issue*

    Policy Research and Innovation

    Integration of SSH in Horizon 2020Supported through the 'Excellent Science' part of H2020 (ERC, Marie Skodowska-Curie & Infrastructures)Integrated in Leadership in Enabling and Industrial Technologies (LEIT) where relevantIntegrated in each of the 7 Societal ChallengesSSH play a major role in the Societal Challenge 6: "Europe in a changing world inclusive, innovative and reflective societies"

    Policy Research and Innovation

    The role of SSH in excellent science

    The European Research Council (ERC) is already a major funding source for curiosity driven frontier research. About 17 % of the ERC-budget will be allocated to SSH Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions (MCA) give opportunities for greater mobility and network building. SSH share of 11-12 % Several major research infrastructures in the SSH are supported by FP7/H2020 : CESSDA, DARIAH, CLARIN, ESS, SHARE

    Policy Research and Innovation

    Embedded SSH: All Societal Challenges, LEIT and activities under Excellent Science are generally open to SSH contributions in all their lines of activity and thus favour 'embedding SSH' as genuine interdisciplinarityDedicated to SSH: In some Societal Challenges and parts of LEIT it is delineated a specific SSH line of activity called 'the socio-economic dimension of'

    Integrating SSH: two approaches

    Policy Research and Innovation

    The role of SSH in industrial leadershipStrengthening the cultural and social aspects of innovation SSH as a source of creativity in development of services and productsSocietal aspectsBusiness and management models

    Policy Research and Innovation

    The role of SSH in the Societal ChallengesThe Societal Challenges will bring together different technologies, sectors, scientific disciplines, social sciences and humanities, and innovation actors to find new solutions.

    Policy Research and Innovation

    Integrating SSH - FeaturesEconomic feasibility of the implementation, especially for the close-to-the market R&I actionsSocial acceptability of the new technology/ product/ service (cf. ICT, nanotechnologies, nuclear)Human behaviours (cf. obesity in Health, savings in Energy, alternative mobility in Transport)Values (cf. cultural differences, ethnic issues, religious backgrounds)Governance, policy and institutional aspectsForward-looking dimension (cf. modelling, scenarios)*

    Policy Research and Innovation

    Integrating SSH ChallengesIn technology-driven topics there is a tendency to refer to SSH aspects in only a marginal way ( SSH as add-on not as integral or driving part);The aim to make the call texts more general and less prescriptive might be in conflict with the need to draft texts with the necessary level of detail and reference to relevant SSH research;Cultural and practical barriers/academic incentive system: mono-disciplinarity of training, curricula, journals, faculty structures;

    Policy Research and Innovation

    Methods of implementation Horizon 2020 Groups (collegiality, policy & SSH interests) Guidance notes on the composition of:External Advisory Groups Peer review / evaluation panelsStructure of the Calls and Work Programmes with "Scope" and "Expected impact" directly linked to socio-economic concernsIn WPs: topics with strong SSH-relevance are "flagged"SSH mapping - http://www.net4society.eu/public/ssh-opportunities.phpreview of the implementation of interdisciplinarity in H2020


    Policy Research and Innovation

    SSH Mapping: None, Minor, Major, Dedicated & Flagging*

    Call for an Innovative, Sustainable and Inclusive Bioeconomy

    TopicNoneMinorMajorDedicatedFlaggingSSH relevant elementsISB 111Challenge: Provision of public goods by agriculture and forestry, societal and non-market benefits, incentives and policy options. Scope: "Projects should develop a systematic and operational framework to map and characterize the variety of public goods provided by agricultural and forestry activities throughout Europe", "work should consider ways in which to valorise and establish effective support measures (policies, incentives) for the delivery of public goods in response to societal expectations"ISB 210Scope: Methods for generation of innovation-driven reserach, mapping and development of innovation borkering activities, methods and networksISB 311Challenge: Balanced development of rural areas, facilitate social innovation. Scope: Analysis of social innovation in agriculture and rural development, methods for evaluation of social innovation, analyze the role of policy instruments and incentivesISB 410ISB 511Scope: The overall economic, social and environmental sustainability issues as well as its Life Cycle Assessment should also be critical elements.ISB 610ISB 710Scope: identification of procurement needs, legal workISB 811Challenge: Socio-economic implications of the bioeconomy. Ensuring a responsible and participative governance. Scope: Engaging society, participative governance of the bioeconomy, briding reserach and innovation efforts for a sustainable bioeconomy. Expected impact: Facilitate the development of regional and national bioeconomy strategies. ISB 910ISB 1010ISB 1110Scope: Enable evidence -based policy making and effective cross-policy actions.ISB 1210Scope: B. "to ensure cohesion of rural areas and prevent economic and social marginalisation, foster diversification of economic activities (including the service sector), ensure appropriate relations between rural and urban areas.". C. "economic potential of CH4 and N2O mitigation", "economic and policy measures, including trade"Total45304

    Policy Research and Innovation

    Share of SSH-flagged topics in H2020



    Share of SSH-flagged topics


    Role of SSH in Horizon 2020 topics - WP drafts August/September

    Sub-partTotal number of topicsNumber of SSH-flagged topicsShare of SSH-flagged topicsTotal budget for calls 2014/15Budget dedi-cated topicsBudget major topics (10 %)Total allocated to SSH-flagged topicsBudget share of SSH

    SC1471634%1064. %

    SC2512039%553.516.017.733.76.1 %

    SC3491837%1171.469.021.590.57.7 %

    SC4491020%796.90.019.919.92.5 %

    SC5341544%659.00.028.628.64.3 %


    SC7591729% %

    LEIT ICT4449%1448.57.06.513.50.9 %

    LEIT NMP7945%1085.603.63.60.3 %

    LEIT SPACE00%2430000.0 %

    Widening44100%158.8030.530.519.2 %

    SWFS21419%91.400.750.80.8 %

    Total43711226%7555.8106.5170.1276.63.7 %

    All numbers in million euro.


    Role of SSH in Horizon 2020 topics - WP drafts August/September

    Sub-partTotal number of topicsNumber of SSH-flagged topicsShare of SSH-flagged topics








    LEIT ICT4449%

    LEIT NMP7945%






    Share of SSH-flagged topics

    Policy Research and Innovation

    Provisional screening of SSH relevant topics in the WP 2014-15112 of 437 topics in Societal Challenges[*] can be flagged as SSH-relevant, representing a share of 26 % of all topics and an estimated share of the budget of 3.7% (277 Mio. euro) SSH parts of the Societal Challenge 6: around 120 Mio. euroTotal available budget for SSH under the first two years of Horizon 2020 (incl. ERC, MCA, RI) can be estimated to 1.100 Mio. Euro[*][except SC6, "Science with and for Society", "Spreading excellence and widening participation" and LEIT]

    Policy Research and Innovation

    SSH as a dedicated issue*

    Policy Research and Innovation

    Societal Challenge 6 objective"To foster a greater understanding of Europe, provide solutions and support inclusive, innovative and reflective European societies in a context of unprecedented transformations and growing global interdependencies"

    H2020 regulation*

    Policy Research and Innovation

    The research is problem oriented and policy relevant: structured along issues & challenges, not along disciplinesbut promoting interdisciplinarity: fair balance between economic, social, cultural and political issues and aspectsalways in a comparative European perspective.

    What socio-economic re

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