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Date post:03-Jul-2018
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  • G4-News, 24.04.17, GNS mbH Page 1

    Generator 4

    Carsten ThunertGNS mbH

    Email: [email protected]

    Changes in revision 1.3.0

  • G4-News, 24.04.17, GNS mbH Page 2

    Changes 1.3.0

    Release 1.3.0- Available May 2017

    - Main Focus: Usability

    - Better support of Pamcrash and LS_Dyna input decks

    - Improved id conflicts handling during data import

    - Model handling with databrowser

    - Easier to use Presimulation module

    - Improved geometry functionality

  • G4-News, 24.04.17, GNS mbH Page 3

    Changes 1.3.0

    User Interface


    Command history

    Command groups

    Visibility Toolbar

  • G4-News, 24.04.17, GNS mbH Page 4

    Changes 1.3.0


    - Bi-directional highlightning Select in 3D view and selection is done in databrowser

    - New categories: Material and Geometry

    - Double click opens keyword editor

    - Two single clicks start edit mode

    - Activity only changeable by context menu

    - Posibility to move items from one file to another

  • G4-News, 24.04.17, GNS mbH Page 5

    Changes 1.3.0

    Toolbars- Modified Visibility Toolbar

    Show and Hide all: dropdown with constant active button

    Show , Show only and Hide with active button = the last usage


    After usage

    Where to set the behaviour in the Toolbar settings

  • G4-News, 24.04.17, GNS mbH Page 6

    Changes 1.3.0

    Command Groups

    - More compact layout

    - Reworked command groups:

    Checks are moved to a new command group

    Solver specific command groups

    - Changed button colors

  • G4-News, 24.04.17, GNS mbH Page 7

    Changes 1.3.0

    Command line history

    Command history with list of entered commands

    Deactivating leads to showing the history commands as drop down

  • G4-News, 24.04.17, GNS mbH Page 8

    Changes 1.3.0

    Supported data types- Generator2 Nodes, Elements, Part name, id and thickness

    - Generator3 ( additional)Complete Part, Material and Contact Carts

    Geometry items: point, curve, surface, hotpoints, cons and face

    - Generator4 1.2 ( additional )Reading and writing all additional keywords without understanding orpossibility to modify for PamCrash and LS_Dyna ( unknown keywords )

    - Generator4 1.3 (additional) New mechanism to parse, modify and connect the keywords of

    PamCrash and LS_Dyna

  • G4-News, 24.04.17, GNS mbH Page 9

    Changes 1.3.0

    Keyword support

    - Problem: Each FE solver has a large amount of keywords. Large effort to write and

    maintain the file parser.

    - Solution: Define an XML file for each FE-solver which describes the syntax of each input card.

    - Data type ( integer, float, text )

    - Data usage ( ID, ID reference, switch )

    - Connections to other keywords

    - Format changes due to version or simulation type

  • G4-News, 24.04.17, GNS mbH Page 10

    Changes 1.3.0

    Keyword XML file example, PamCrash FRAME /

    - Keyword

    - Parameter

    - Parameter typeoptiontextrealinteger

    - Condition

    - Link to other keywords

  • G4-News, 24.04.17, GNS mbH Page 11

    Changes 1.3.0

    Keywords in databrowser- Available formats:

    PamCrash (2014) and LS-Dyna (R9) XML file

    - PAM-CRASH-Keywords or LS-Dyna-Keywords of the model are shown in databrowser

    - List of keywords in the model

    - Double clicking opens the keyword dialog

    - Context menu for PAM-CRASH-Keywords or LS-Dyna-Keywords let you create new keywords

  • G4-News, 24.04.17, GNS mbH Page 12

    Changes 1.3.0

    Keyword dialog

    - Keyword

    - Parameter

    - Parameter typeoptiontextrealinteger

    - Condition

    - Link to other keywords

    - Switching IAXIS to 0 changes the parameters of card 3 and adds a fourth card

  • G4-News, 24.04.17, GNS mbH Page 13

    Changes 1.3.0

    Keyword dialog / input mask

    List with all keywords of a kind

    Input mask

    Context Menu

    Accept changes and close dialog

    Accept changes

    Revert changes and close dialog

    Revert changes

  • G4-News, 24.04.17, GNS mbH Page 14

    Changes 1.3.0

    Keyword dialog / editor

    - The raw cards tab provides an editor which can be used to modify keywords

    - If only the Raw Cards tab is available an XML definition for the keyword is missing

  • G4-News, 24.04.17, GNS mbH Page 15

    Changes 1.3.0

    Keyword dialog / Simplified

    - For some keywords a third tab is available to simplify the creation of a keyword

    - These data types are: load curves, contacts, parts.

  • G4-News, 24.04.17, GNS mbH Page 16

    Changes 1.3.0

    Keywords next steps

    - Support of variables in input Pamcrash: PYVAR / and PYFUNC / LS-Dyna: *Parameter

    - Use the xml keyword definition mechanism for other solver input formats like Abaqus and Nastran

    - User can define a new interface by adding a new keyword xml file.

  • G4-News, 24.04.17, GNS mbH Page 17

    Changes 1.3.0

    Interfaces- IGES Support of more data types (Type 186,194,198, 308, 408 and 514) Improved import speed

    - PamCrash Added support for Spring-Beam (SPRGBM / ) element Added support for Multiple Nodes to One Node (MTOJNT / ) element

    - LS-Dyna Added support for initial transformation by *INCLUDE_TRANSFORM

    - JT Support of version 10

  • G4-News, 24.04.17, GNS mbH Page 18

    Changes 1.3.0

    Pedestrian- Implemented UN-ECE-127 head impact testzone calculation

    WAD 2100

    Bonnet Rear Reference Line

    Euro Law Phase 2


  • G4-News, 24.04.17, GNS mbH Page 19

    Changes 1.3.0

    FMVSS201- Implemented options for daylight opening treatment in P8 calculation for RPR

    - Line M-P7-P8 ends when the line can be seen from the 'side' or 'rear' daylight opening. RPR

  • G4-News, 24.04.17, GNS mbH Page 20

    Changes 1.3.0


    - (De)activate the highlightning of the selected body part

    - Allow each joint to be rotated around all axes 0-360 degree

    - Support of LSPP dummy definition in include (%occupant)

  • G4-News, 24.04.17, GNS mbH Page 21

    Changes 1.3.0

    Seat- Implemented basic support for Primer extension *MECHANISM_START to define seat mechanic

    Definition of seat travel range border points required

    - Checks for internal seat penetrations checks 'real' penetrations

    gapshell middle plane

    Not found before Generator 1.3.0

  • G4-News, 24.04.17, GNS mbH Page 22

    Changes 1.3.0

    Presimulation Module- Motivation

    Getting a seat to a different position needs the steps:

    - Adjust the seat position

    - Change the dummy and/or adjust the limb positions

    - Modify the seatbelt

    - Do a presimulation to adjust the seat foam due to the dummy sitting in the seat

    - That has to be done for different seats on different sitting positions ( driver and occupants )

  • G4-News, 24.04.17, GNS mbH Page 23

    Changes 1.3.0

    Presimulation Module- Old solution

    Write a complex session file and stop to let the user do some interaction like setting the seat position.

    Limitations: Due to a limited keyword support in Generator4 user has to edit input deck.

    With more keywords: User has to search for the parameters which affects the presimulation

    No solution how to start the presimulation or get the results to the 'real' simulation

  • G4-News, 24.04.17, GNS mbH Page 24

    Changes 1.3.0

    - New solution

    - Basic idea is from a metal sheet forming process Divide a presimulation in Steps ( when is it happening ) and Actions ( what is happening )

    - Present the Steps for the user in an step by step order

    - Define once what parameters can be set for each Action and show them In the GUI. The user does not need to now what input keywords are affected.

    - Start the Presimulation from Generator4 and see the results after it is finished.

    - Mechanism can be used for all kinds of (Pre)simulations

    - Detailed presentation from Paskal Kauer in the afternoon

    Presimulation Module

  • G4-News, 24.04.17, GNS mbH Page 25

    Changes 1.3.0

    Tetra mesh generation

    - select closed triangle volume

    - specify property

    - activate for 10 node Tetra elements

    - Minimum and Maximum Length can be defined to get a different element size on the surface and in the interiour.

  • G4-News, 24.04.17, GNS mbH Page 26

    Changes 1.3.0

    Tetra mesh grading ( Grading 0 ...1 )

    Small grading:- Minimum: 1.0 Maximum: 5.0 Grading: 0.1 45400 Tetras

    Large grading- Minimum: 1.0 Maximum: 5.0 Grading: 0.9 12700 Tetras



  • G4-News, 24.04.17, GNS mbH Page 27

    Changes 1.3.0

    Duplicate ID/Name check

    - Generator4 1.2.1 different behaviour for duplicate identifier forGenerator4 Database: Conflicts dialog

    Input reading: automatically renumbered ( similar to Generator2 )

    - Generator4 1.3Conficts dialog is always usedConficts dialog can handle name conflicts Conflicts dialog can show conflicting id/namesConflicts dialog can handle more data types

  • G4-News, 24.04.17, GNS mbH Page 28

    Changes 1.3.0

    ID conflicts dialog

    - Only existing item types are shown- Item types with confli

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