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Geometry BINGO

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Geometry BINGO. Chapter 6 Test Review. Make yourself a BINGO Card…. Fill Card With Possible Square Choices…. Rhombus Right Angle Diagonal Square 35 Trapezoid Concave 180 Triangle Complementary 46 Rectangle Kite 68 Vertex 22 Alternate Interior Angles Polygon 115 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Geometry BINGOChapter 6 Test ReviewMake yourself a BINGO Card

Fill Card With Possible Square ChoicesRhombusRight AngleDiagonalSquare35TrapezoidConcave180TriangleComplementary46RectangleKite68Vertex22Alternate Interior AnglesPolygon115Regular PolygonMidsegmentPentagonHendecagonQuadrilateralParallelogram3084Decagon132Isosceles TrapezoidConsecutive Interior Angles25Hexagon48SupplementaryConvex360 Octagon90

BINGOA polygon with 10 sides.

BINGOAngles that add to 180 are calledangles. BINGOIf HIJK is a parallelogram and m

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