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Get Healthy Philly Farmers Market and Philly Food Bucks ... ... 2014, $534,94 n. Philly Foo directly...

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  • Executive

    Philly Fo






    Get Heal









    T Authored B

    e Summary

    od Bucks

    Distribution, R

    igure 1: 2014

    igure 2: Total

    Table 1: SNAP

    igure 3: Total

    thy Philly

    Philly Food B

    igure 4: Get H

    igure 5: Get H

    r Survey



    Table A1: Profi

    Table A2: Farm

    Table A3: Cust By: Meghan Filo


    Food Buck D

    SNAP Sales a

    P Sales and Fo

    l Sales at Food

    ucks Use at

    Healthy Philly

    Healthy Philly

    file of 2014 Ge

    mers’ Market P

    tomer Respon oromo, Yi-Ming

    and SNAP S

    Distribution Ch

    at Food Trust

    ood Bucks Red

    d Trust Farme

    Get Healthy

    Food Bucks R

    EBT Sales Co

    et Healthy Phi


    nses by Group g Law, Nicky Uy



    t Farmers’ Mar

    demptions at

    ers’ Markets in

    Philly Farme

    Redemption C

    omparison, 20

    illy Farmers’ M

    ing Factor y, Candace R. Y

    rkets in Philad

    Food Trust M

    n Philadelphia

    ers’ Markets

    Comparison, 2

    012 – 2014


    Young, MS., Ste

    delphia 2005-2

    Markets, 2010-

    a, 2010 - 2014

    2012 – 2014

    ephanie Weiss,










    Jennifer Weissb



  • Key Find 1) P

    pr fr T

    2) P lo F ve co

    3) P to cu cu m in

    4) C F lo pa re di P

    Key Chall 1) R

    P F m SN

    Goals for 1) Im

    m di th in

    2) C cu su

    1 Pennsylva

    dings: Philly Food B

    rogram contin ruits and vege

    Trust farmers’ Philly Food B ow-income m ood Bucks u egetables” (60 oming to mark

    Programming o reach shop ustomers (54 ustomers repo

    markets. Partic ncome areas an Cooking dem Food Bucks. ocations. App articipant was edemption rat istribution me hilly Food Bu lenge in 2014

    Reduction of hiladelphians unding for SN

    million. These m NAP sales at T 2015:

    mplement str marked 29% in

    istribution and he farmers’ m ntroduced duri Conduct farm ustomers to th uch as cookin

    ania Departmen

    Bucks increas nued to reach tables. The pr markets, $67,9

    Bucks use is markets. Com users at low-i 0% vs. 50%) a ket.

    g at market su ppers at low %) reported

    orted observin cipation in m nd among Phi onstrations a In June 2014

    proximately 2 s given a pack te for these ethods. Cooki ucks. These co 4: SNAP benefi receiving SNA

    NAP benefits macro-level ch The Food Tru

    reamlined te ncrease in rede d redemption

    market staff i ing the 2015 s

    mers’ market he farmers’ m g demonstrati

    nt of Human Se

    sed reach to h low-income rogram saw a 998 Philly Foo associated

    mpared to no income mark

    and “trying new

    uccessfully re w-income ma

    receiving he ng or participa

    market program illy Food Buck at Get Health , The Food T 2,200 people ket of Philly F Philly Food ng demonstra

    ooking lessons

    fits on the sta AP benefits dr rose in 2014 a hanges in the ust’s farmers’

    echnology to emptions sinc of the Philly

    s shifting tow season.

    tours to inc markets, explai ions, nutrition

    ervices, Medical

    low-income e customers a

    29% increase od Bucks were with improv n-Philly Food

    kets were mo w or unfamili

    eached farme arkets and P ealthy eating ating in a cook mming was h k users. hy Philly ma

    Trust launched e participated Food Bucks w

    Bucks (72%) ations are an e s successfully c

    ate and federa ropped from $ and by late fall SNAP progra markets in 20

    manage grow ce 2013, more Food Bucks p

    ward new tec

    crease traffic in the various

    n lessons, and

    l Assistance, Food

    e customers i and to increas e in redemptio e redeemed in

    ved eating be d Bucks user ore likely to iar fruits and v

    ers’ market c Philly Food

    information king demonstr higher among

    arkets fuel inc d cooking dem d in these c worth $6 to sp ) was the hig excellent and combine food

    al levels. In N $66.5 million l, the total ben am likely cont 013 and 2014.

    wth of Philly dedicated sta

    program. To h chnology. A n

    c to markets s benefits acc

    d scavenger hu

    d Stamps and Cas

    in 2014. The se access to a ons from 2013 n 2014. ehaviors am s at low-inco report “eatin vegetables” (4

    customers an Bucks users and over o

    ration, a new g customers a

    crease in red monstrations a cooking dem

    pend at the fa ghest of all P effective meth

    d access with n

    November 201 to $61.9 millio nefits were ba tributed to the

    y Food Buck aff time was re help with the new database

    s. The tours cepted and inc unts that enco

    sh Assistance stat

    Philly Food B and affordabil 3 to 2014. At

    ong custome ome markets, ng more fruit 48% vs. 33% )

    nd was more s. Over half one-fifth (21% feature in 201 at markets in

    demption of P at 7 farmers’ m monstrations. armers’ market Philly Food hod for distrib nutrition educ

    13, funding to on, a 7% decl

    ack up to $66.5 e general declin

    ks program. W equired to trac substantial gr

    e will be buil

    will welcome clude program

    ourage custom

    tistics reports.


    Bucks lity of Food

    ers at Philly

    ts and ) since

    likely of all

    %) of 14 at 7 n low-

    Philly market

    Each t. The Bucks buting cation.

    o line.1 5 ne in

    With a ck the rowth, lt and

    e new mming mers to

  • 4

    interact with the farmers. When distribution partners were surveyed, 29% indicated that the tours would be useful to their clients.

    3) Identify strategies to increase Philly Food Buck distribution in connection with SNAP sales at market. In times of decreasing SNAP benefit levels, there are less SNAP dollars in the marketplace. Although redemption of Philly Food Bucks increased over the past year, SNAP sales at market declined. In 2014, approximately 0.1% of SNAP dollars in Philly were spent at farmers’ markets. SNAP sales accounted for approximately 2.5% of all sales at The Food Trust farmers’ markets, with Philly Food Bucks adding an additional 2.5% in sales. Distribution of Philly Food Bucks through community partners is an effective tool to get new customers to market. This approach will continue in 2015 to increase awareness of farmers’ markets. We will also pursue renewed efforts to tie Philly Food Bucks distribution to use of SNAP benefits at market, which is the foundation of the program: to increase purchasing power for fresh fruits and vegetables among SNAP households. Strategies will include efforts such as improving signage and promotional brochures and editing the cooking demonstration script to highlight Philly Food Bucks as an incentive for SNAP customers, as well as redoubling training efforts with farmers to promote the program among customers.

  • Philly Foo purchasing their bene program i sites that s increase S of fruits an

    Distribu From June was distrib sites, whe distributio Bucks we offices, fo eligible po residents t

    od Bucks is a g power for S efits at a part s available to sell local fruit NAP sales at nd vegetables,

    tion, Redem

    e 2010 throug buted during t ere Philly Foo on partners (7 ere distributed ood pantries, opulations an to shop at farm

    a healthy foo SNAP custom icipating mark all SNAP reci ts and vegetab farmers’ mark , and bolster t

    mption and

    gh December the 2014 seaso od Bucks are 5% in 2014).

    d in 2014. Th houses of wo

    nd distribute mers’ markets

    od incentive p mers at farmers

    ket site, they ipients, and in bles across Ph kets, increase the sales of loc

    SNAP Sales

    2014, $534,94 on. Philly Foo

    directly conn See Figure 1

    hese partners orship and co Philly Food for fresh pro

    Launch at 7 Foo the top step ins farmers particip Food B people were di Results cooking an ingr (48%) g experie new wa particip and int respecti

    program deve s’ markets. Fo receive a $2

    n 2014, Philly F hiladelphia. Th

    the affordabil cal farmers.


    44 in Philly Fo od Bucks coup nected to SN on page 6 fo

    s—which incl mmunity-base Bucks as a

    oduce. After re

    hed in June 2 od Trust farm of every ho structions of s vending at pants tasted t Bucks to spe

    participated istributed.

    s from the co g demo expo redient or pr gained expo nce, and ov ays to prep

    pants reporte tent to purc ively).

    eloped and lau or every $5 th

    coupon for Food Bucks c hrough the pro lity of produc

    ood Bucks wa pons are main

    NAP sales (17 or a complete lude recreatio ed organizatio promotional

    eceiving this o

    2014, the serie

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