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Date post:11-May-2015
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A brief overview of the new GetResponse CMS (Email Creator).
  • 1.Step 1: Select the Create Newsletter option from the Messages tab

2. Step 2: Depending on the HTML coding skills, user can eitherchoose the raw HTML source editor (right option) or the visual CMS application (left option) 3. Step 3: Begin with specifying the subject line, From eld and tracking options. Each eld can be personalized with dynamic tags (highlighted) and the social media integration can be switched on.Its also possible to use GetResponse Dynamic Content syntax in the subject line to dene varioussubject lines depending on the conditions 4. GetResponse offers over 300+ optimized email templates, broken down by different industries. Were constantly expanding the library with mobile optimized templates. 5. The HTML can be also imported from various locations (URL, ZIPle, pasted directly into the CMS) 6. Alternatively, users can build a template from scratch withpredened content blocks 7. Step 4: The Email Creator. All elements are easy to edit and can be modied as per the user needs. Additional content blocks can beadded from the menu on the right 8. Users can easily dragdrop elements such as text blocks, image blocks, textimage blocks, buttons, horizontal rulers, etc. 9. The CMS also allows to easily dragdrop the social sharing bars 10. The handy editing bar allows for easy modication of each of the elements in the template 11. Once the editing is complete, users can run additional tests (inbox preview, spam score checking, sending a test message) 12. Spam check analyzes the entire template and returns scorefeedback within seconds 13. Inbox preview is the perfect way to check the rendering of thetemplate across 25+ email clients 14. Step 5: select mailing listssegments to which the message shouldbe broadcast 15. User can also exclude certain mailing lists, segments or suppressionlists from the broadcast. The total number of recipients is refreshed in real-time 16. Final step: review the entire process and send the message now or schedule 17. Last (optional step): Activate the Time Travel feature

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