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Girl Scouts Recruiting Presentation

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powerpoint presentation to be used at Girl Scout Join Nights
  • Welcome to Join Night Girl Scouts of Colorado Find your table. It is labeled by your daughters grade.
  • What is Girl Scouts? who make the world a better place. Girl Scouts Mission Building girls of
  • Girl Scouts is the nations premier leadership organization for girls.
  • Value Based Organization
  • How Does it Work? Girl Led / Learning by Doing / Cooperative Learning
  • What Do Girls Do in Girl Scouts? Journeys
  • What Do Girls Do in Girl Scouts? Badges
  • Ceremonies, Traditions, Field Trips, Community Service, Activism
  • Girls K-12
  • Pathways
  • 100 Years
  • Girl Scout Basics Girl Scout Year Oct to Oct Each Troop is Different National Registration/Insurance Girls Only Inclusive/Diverse
  • Volunteers! Girl Scouts is a volunteer led organization. Wait List 1,000s Need Leaders & Co-Leaders
  • Volunteers! Working with girls Quality Time Personal Growth Marketable Skills Role Model Community Leader Sense of contribution/accomplishment Scheduling
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