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Glenview Amateur Baseball Getting Serious About College Baseball Recruiting.

Date post:15-Dec-2015
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Glenview Amateur Baseball Getting Serious About College Baseball Recruiting Slide 2 Where to begin? 286 NCAA D-1 Schools (11.7 scholarships) 227 NCAA D-2 Schools (9 scholarships) 352 NCAA D-3 Schools (Need-Based & Academic Merit-Based Financial Aid) 211 NAIA Schools 396 Junior College Schools 1472 Total Schools Slide 3 Do you have what it takes? 5.6% of high school senior baseball players will go on to play men's baseball at a NCAA member institution. 10.5% of NCAA senior baseball players will be drafted by a Major League Baseball team. 0.5 % of high school senior baseball players will be drafted by an MLB team. Slide 4 Glenview Amateur Baseball Alums Corey Moylan 07 U of Vermont/ Butler U T J McManus 07 Ohio State U/ Parkland CC/ Eastern Illinois U Chris Bielanski 08 Webster U Trevor Stevens 08 Northwestern U Scott Houdek 09 Heartland CC Torin Kilpatrick 09 U of Illinois (club) Michael Schroeder 09 Knox College Walker Stadler 09 Indiana U Mitchell Lochen 09 Carthage College Sean Kincaid 10 Illinois Wesleyan Pat Guinane 10 Butler U Cody Stevens 10 Northwestern U Slide 5 Glenview Amateur Baseball To help Glenviews elite baseball players realize their potential Glenview Amateur Baseball offers opportunities to Play competitive baseball, Develop successful attitudes and playing skills, & Serve as ambassadors for Glenview to boys ages 14-19 who are passionate about the great game of baseball. Slide 6 Helping You Realize the Dream Educate players & families Be a resource of information Assist players & parents with the college recruitment process Provide a high-quality baseball experience and opportunities to improve your recruitment prospects Slide 7 Education Provide educational speakers and information Hire college-experienced coaches and, where possible, assistants at all levels Answer questions GAB web site 1:1 meetings between players and coaches Slide 8 Information General information about the college recruiting process How to help with your specific situations (i.e. NCAA Clearinghouse registration) Contact information for college coaches Lists of college/high school prospect camps Showcase information Website Information Slide 9 Assist Players & Families Help set/confirm expectations Help you prepare a player profile Contact college coaches on your behalf [GAB maintains 561 email addresses for college baseball coaches] GAB makes introductions of players to college coaches and provides references Slide 10 1: Coaches Look for You Coach Showcases Fee-Based Web Sites Professional Search Organizations Slide 11 2: You Look for Coaches Build a list of prospects Research Get recommendations Identify where there is a relationship Introduce yourself email Send player profile Visit campus Attend school-sponsored camps Slide 12 What Can You Do? Be Proactive! Take charge of YOUR recruitment Build a strategy thats right for YOU Keep your player profile current Know the schools program: ROSTER, coachs resume, history, accomplishments, record Talk to players, students, alums Visit campus Slide 13 Web Sites www.amateurbaseballreport.com www.hsbaseballweb.com www.njcaa.org www.collegebaseballinsider.com www.collegebaseballcamps.com www.d1baseball.com www.d3baseball.com Slide 14 Review: NCAA Rules & Regs www.ncaa.org Academics Compliance Eligibility Clearinghouse Social Network Sites Slide 15 Five Things You Can Do Now 1. Meet with your high school coach 2. Get evaluated 3. Post your academic/athletic resume online 4. Create a highlights/skills video 5. Contact twenty-five coaches; build relationships Slide 16 Good Luck Glenview Amateur Baseball

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