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Global attractiveness of singapore

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Singapore: Star form the east Singapore was ranked 3th as destination city by more than 107 million people of the global workforce in 2011. To compare, Singapore was ranked 6th in 2009. By far Singapore is the most popular Asian city to work (Shanghai ranked 11th). Results show that the labor force from the West is less than average interested to work in Singapore. A reasonable explanation is preference of the city’s New York and London. In the West is less focus on Singapore.
  • Geographic perspective of Singapore
  • Global ranking destination city SingaporeSingapore was ranked 3th as destination city by morethan 107 million people of the global workforce in 2011.To compare, Singapore was ranked 6th in 2009.By far Singapore is the most popular Asian cityto work (Shanghai ranked 11th).London and New York are number 1 and 2, butSingapore is closing in. In 2011, the gap with New Yorkwas only 40 million people. It is reasonable to expectthat Singapore will become more popular thanNew York within the next few years. Source: Global Talent Mobility Survey 2011
  • Ranking global attractiveness SingaporeSingapore is ranked 7th most popular countryto work and live in 2011. This represents morethan 645 million people of the global workforce.Since 2009 (11th), a great increase in popularityis apparent.When looking at Asia, Singapore is most preferredfollowed by Malaysia (14th) and China (17th). Source: Global Talent Mobility Survey 2011
  • Global labor competition for SingaporeLaborComparing on the volume of thepotential labor market, London andNew York are the biggest competitorsof Singapore as they are mostpopular in the world.RegionLooking at regional competition,other large Asian cities as Bangkok,Kuala Lumpur, and Seoul receivea high ranking.IndustrySydney and Dubai are most likelyto be considered next to Singaporebecause of their financial and ICTindustries. Also, the geographiclocation of Sydney makes it a directcompetitor. Source: Global Talent Mobility Survey 2011
  • Not attractive for the westThe majority of the potential workforce for the city Singapore lives in India (34%) and China (30%),followed bij Indonesia (22%). Indonesian people rate Singapore 4 times more popular than theglobal average.Results show that the laborforce from the West is less thanaverage interested to workin Singapore. A reasonableexplanation is preferenceof the citys New Yorkand London.In the West is less focuson Singapore. Source: Global Talent Mobility Survey 2011
  • Singapore has a powerfull economy. From 2007 untill 2012, the average growth rate ofthe Gross Domestic Product was 6%. Furthermore The only Asian country with a triple A rating (Standard & Poors) One of the least corrupt countries in the world Depends heavily on export, particulary in IT, pharmaceuticals, and financial services Attracted major investments in pharmaceutical and medical technology production Ambition to become Southeast Asias financial and high-tech hubSingapore is the place to be for starting an international career in the East, partly due to thepresence of large multinationals. The majority of the potential workforce is located in Asia.The challenge for the coming years is to target the labor force in the West. Source: World fact book CIA, 2012
  • The Global Talent Barometer Global online research Partner: The Network 2011, 3 th version Research already conducted in 2006 - 2009, parts comparable Global labor mobility In 66 countries With data on more than 100 cities With data on more than 125 companies With 162.495 interviewees In 26 languages Clients: Philips, Logica, ADP, Alexander Mann, Tom Tom, Maersk, Friesland Campina, ASML, USG, Manpower and more
  • Characteristics potentials for Singapore Source: Global Talent Mobility Survey 2011
  • Top-10 relocation informationPotentials for Singapore want to obtain 20%more information from their potential foreignemployer than the global average. Especiallyinformation about standard of living andaccommodation are important.Although they are interested in workingabroad, it appears that there is uncertaintyabout such a decision. Potentials are youngand the new environment one is confrontedwith when choosing a foreign employer isunknown and unfamiliar. Companies shouldtherefore provide a large amount ofinformation for potential employees. Source: Global Talent Mobility Survey 2011
  • Mobility drivers to SingaporeCountry Value Drivers (CVD)The most important drivers forSingapores potential workforce are: The opportunity to broaden experience Better career opportunitiesCompared to the global average, thoseinterested in Singapore are more eagerto start an international career.A bad economic situation in the owncountry and already having familyabroad both have little influence asdrivers for the potential workforce.Also, they are ranked lower than theglobal average did. Source: Global Talent Mobility Survey 2011
  • Employers of interestFocusing on the top 3 employer brands,these are in the field of ICT and in line withthe current occupational area of the globalpotential for Singapore.Banking is also a common area. The firstfinancial organization, HSBC, is found onthe 12th place of preferred employers. Inorder to attract the global workforce, Singaporeshould highlight the ICT and Banking industries.Interesting is the company ranked 7th.Although the amount of people with aPharmaceutical background is small comparedto the global average, Pfizer is 2 times morepopular for the potential labor force. Source: Global Talent Mobility Survey 2011
  • Working abroadSingapore has a strong internationalappeal to potentials. The majority is willingto stay abroad for a longer period. 34percent indicated 3 to 5 years, 39 percenteven more than 5 years.When asked what kind of contractSingapores workforce is willing to acceptwith an employer abroad, three-quartersprefers a fixed contract. Source: Global Talent Mobility Survey 2011
  • The global workforce and Singapore Singapore is very popular, both as a country and as a city to work. Ranked 3th as destination city, it is closing in on New York and London. Singapore is mainly interesting for the Asian workforce. The challenge is to connect the West. In order to do so, Singapore should become more visibile on the Western labor market and actively engage potentials. Those that prefer Singapore want to work abroad for a longer period. Because of this new and unknown experience, they want to have access to a large amount of relocation information (e.g., accommodation). More than average, ICT is the most common current occupational area and Google, Microsoft and IBM are ranked as top employers. Furthermore, Financial/Banking/Insurance is often mentioned as an industry and occupational area. Because the ICT and Banking industries are large in Singapore, this should be emphasized when targeting the global labor force. While Singapore wants to grow in pharmaceutical and medical technology production, the majority of potentials have a Banking or ICT background. In order to attract the necessary people, Singapore should approach specific target groups.
  • Make and have your own detailled globalrecruitment analysesWanting to know more about Global Talent Barometer and GlobalRecruitment Intelligence, please connect/contact with Geert-JanWaasdorp, Intelligence Grouphttp://www.intelligence-group/nl/enhttp://www.globaltalentbarometer.com Geert-Jan Waasdorp Global Recruitment Intelligence Consultant Founder of Intelligence Group [email protected] http://nl.linkedin.com/in/waasdorp @waasdorpigi More information about the data, look at: http://www.intelligence-group.nl/media/files/Downloads/Global%20Recruitment%20Intelligence%20IG.pdf
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