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General Studies Charity Project (GNS 1203)Session: April 2013 (D1) Group Members: 12NoNameStudent ID

1Melvin CheahJ13012187

2Ng Lee SianJ13012257

3Ryan ChanJ13012225

4Teh Shi yungJ13012400

5Chay Lyi AnnJ13012235

6Abigail LimJ13012790

7Young WenJ13012295

8Yap Wit NeeJ13012196

9Chloe Liew Ker YeeJ13012310

10Vanessa Tan J13012304

11Steve LumJ13012264

12Tan Jim SonJ13012312

Lecturer: Mr. Arokia Raj A/L XaxierTable of Contents1. Acknowledgement2. Introduction3. Individual Report3.1: Melvin Cheah3.2: Ng Lee Sian3.3: Ryan Chan3.4: Teh Shi Yung3.5: Chay Lyi Ann3.6: Abigail Lim3.7: Young Wen3.8: Yap Wit Nee3.9: Chloe Liew Ker Yee3.10: Vanessa Tan3.11: Steve Lum3.12: Tan Jim Son4. Objectives5. Obstacles and Challenges Faced6. Individual Task4.1: Melvin Cheah4.2: Ng Lee Sian4.3: Ryan Chan4.4: Teh Shi Yung4.5: Chay Lyi Ann4.6: Abigail Lim4.7: Young Wen4.8: Yap Wit Nee4.9: Chloe Liew Ker Yee4.10: Vanessa Tan4.11: Steve Lum4.12: Tan Jim Son7. Accounts8. Documentation9. Pictures Of The Project10. Conclusion

Acknowledgement Thank Mr. Arokia for giving us advice to go about this project and also for having lessons that are fun filled and meaningful. Your advice has certainly made it easier for us achieve certain goals.

Thank you to everyone in the group for providing your time and effort throughoutthe entire project. None of us can ask each other for more. Working together was certainly a fun experience especially during the carnival and the activities done in the hospital. Everyone did great and their best to make this project a great success.

We would also like to thank the officials of Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimahfor giving us permission to repaint and refurbish the mini library and as well forallowing us to draw and sing along with some of the children in the pediatric ward.Among the officials we would like to give thanks to is Puan Akmar Irdawaty Bt Zulkiflifor responding to our emails and keeping constant contact with us throughout the project.To the ward sisters thank you for providing extra information concerning the ward and providing extra cleaning materials we needed during the repainting, you guys wereparticularly helpful.

Finally a very big thank you to all who donated to the project. Without the funds youhave provided we would not have been able to provide the things requested for the hospitals. Your support has also been a morale booster for us.

Introduction The function of this report is to provide information concerning the actions takenduring the project. This is in conjunction with the requirements of General Studiesand at the request of our lecturer Mr. Arokia. In the project we have chosen to aidthe pediatric ward of Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah. We did so by changingthe ambience of the mini library by repainting and providing new furniture. Activitieswere done with the children in the ward to get to know the children and further better theoverall mood in the ward.

To achieve the goals of the project we were asked to think of methods to raise funds and then implement them. Our goals also serve as the measure of our success in the project.

Individual Report

1. Melvin CheahFirst of all, I would like to thank all the committees that helped throughout this project. The purpose of this project is to help the sick children that felt neglected or sad in the hospital. The destination of this project is Hospital Tunku Ampuan Rahimah. Our first visit to the hospital is to listento a short briefing about the dos and donts by the person in charge.After that, we are clear about the objectives and started raising funds for The Day. One of the ways of raising funds is to ask donations around the housing area in Damansara Jaya on 27/5/2013. I went there with Chloe, Vanessa and Young Wen. The responds was quite encouraging as we manage to collect some donations by some of the residence there. Besides that, our class had also organized a charity carnival on 5/6/2013. I tried to help as much as I could and turn out it wasnt a waste of energy. The carnival was a great success because we manage to sell off all of our homemade spaghetti. Furthermore, we had also held another carnival on 19/5/2013 to sell off our remaining stocks.After class on 12/6/2013, we went to Mydin to buy the items required by the hospital. We manage to get most of the items that are stated in the report. Because we couldnt find all the items in Mydin, we also went to NSK to get the remaining items.It was our first visit on 22/6/2013 at 2 p.m., we get ready our paint and the painting equipments to refurbish the play room. We painted the walls lime green because the colour is looks really bright and cheerful. We work together really well and finished our job earlier than we expected. After that, we cleaned the room and move in the new furniture when the paint had already dried. The furniture looks really good as the colour blend well with the colours of the wall.Its the big day for us 29/6/2013. The event starts at 11 a.m.. We were put into a small room with a few kids. It was awkward at first because the children were too shy. Without any delay, we gave them a paper and a set of colour pencils for the drawing and colouring contest. The kids were too shy to draw but the problem was solved when Vanessa suggested all of us to draw with them. After that, we had chosen a few winners and the prizes was presented. I really enjoy spending time with the children because it was really fun to be with my group mates and the kids.In conclusion, it was a great success and I am proud of my group mates for organizing such an amazing event ourselves. We gained a lot of experience throughout this project and also manage to strengthen our bond among our group. Ive also learned about teamwork as we overcome all the difficulties by working together throughout this whole project.

2. Ng Lee SianFirst of all, I would like to thank all the committees for helping in this project. The purpose of this project is to raise fund to support and help the sick children in Hospital. It is focuses on the pediatric ward of Hospital Tengku Ampuan Ramah that located in Klang. In order to reach our group target that is RM5000, the whole class had work together to organize a carnival which is called Kids Hope. We set up our personal booth for 3 different days together with the others two groups which in the 15 of May, 22 of May and 5 of June.

13 of May, I went to NSK with some of the committees to do a grocery shopping. I went there together with Chloe, Vanessa, Witnee, Youngwen, Steve and Melvin. Its my very first time go to NSK surprisingly the things selling there are cheaper compare to other supermarket. After a few hours, we finally got all the stuff we need.

15 of May, Its the day we set up our very first booth. This carnival was organized by class E1. Our class join them together along with C1. In the morning, we face some problem as there are not enough tables for us. So we go around to ask extra tables from inti stuff and finally we managed to get some to set up our booth. This event was start at 12pm to 5pm. Each of us did our own job, Im in charge of the drinks and the money.

22 of May, its Kids hope carnival organized by our class and joining together with C1. The whole D1 was wearing red, I think reds really attract the attention from other people. This event started from 12pm to 5pm. Before that, I started decorate the booth and walked around the college to give out the delivery flyers together with Sin Yee, Brenda and Andrew. More and more customer coming and we are really satisfied. Suddenly, its raining like cats and dogs. We had to stop all the business. After it stop raining, we actually lose all the customers, less people coming. This force us to stop all the business before 5.

5 of June, this is our last time setting up a booth. As usual, we do all our jobs and enjoy this moment.

Through all these events, we faced some problems but we solved it together. We gained a lo of experience in organizing an event and also learn how to co-operate with each other. In a nutshell, thanks to all the committees and everyone involves.

Through this project, I have learnt that teamwork is very important to accomplish a task. We will likely have to use teamwork to collaborate with other members on this project. In a team, we can do things better as it brings in the strengths of many people. Everytime, we spilt the jobs into small, separate pieces then each of us will finish it as fast as we can.

I also learnt that we have to enjoy while working. While working on selling food, giving out flyers, cleaning together with other people, it is really fun. Although it is tired, it is very enjoyable. The moment when all the hard work really paid off, I just felt so happy. I think this is a really good experience.

Besides that, I learnt that helping is a simple action yet it brings so much happiness and joy to many people. Helping the kids in the hospital make me happy, playing with the kids we share the joy. Seeing the kids suffer from the illness, It makes me to feel appreciate of what I have.

Lastly, Im grateful that I have the opportunity to help the sick children. And I feel precious because the help itself is valuable. This is really an unforgettable experience for me. Throughout the project, Ive learnt so mush of things.

3. Ryan Chan Xiu CheunFirst of all, I would like to thank all of my friends and very helpful group members for doing their best to make this GNS/COMM project a success. The theme for our group is Helping The Sick Children Project. We decided to help out the pediatrics section in Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah, a hospital in Klang. But

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