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Godspell Musical Score

Date post: 23-Oct-2015
Author: scott-david-mccarthy
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Written by Stephen Schwartz
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九舟アロs,(tiF r!(本 “′〔 。" 7・ ′rc cOttPcr′ `どC。ァ`rl,4ギ :0` r ヽ rr'7で ,41 Music and New Lyrics by STEPHEN SCHWARTZ Conceived and Directed by」 OHN‐ MIcHAEL TEBELAK I rics tO“ My Side'` byJAY Hハ ふ4BURCER Music to“ BンMy SideⅢ by PECGY CORDON EXCLUSiVE DiSTRiBUTORS FOR UK AND EIRE MUSIC SALES L邸 劇口ED 78 NEWMAN STREET LONDON WlP 3LA こNGLAND Zとセ針苫と堤瑠ヰsR。 Copyright G)1971,1 972 by The Herald Square Music COmpany and New Ca Uにed by perfnittion.tnternational copyright secured. Madein U.S.A.AH rights reserved Applica宙 。ns for performance of this work,whether iegittmate,stock amateur,。 r Forei9n,shou!d be addressed to: THEATRE MAXIMuS 1650 Broadway New York NY loo19
  • s,(tiF r!("7rc cOttPcrC` rl,4:0r rr'7,41

    Music and New Lyrics by STEPHEN SCHWARTZ

    Conceived and Directed byOHNMIcHAEL TEBELAKI Lrics tOB My Side'byJAY H4BURCER

    Music toBMy Side by PECGY CORDON

    EXCLUSiVE DiSTRiBUTORS FOR UK AND EIREMUSIC SALES LED78 NEWMAN STREETLONDON WlP 3LANGLAND ZsRCopyright G)1971,1 972 by The Herald Square Music COmpany and New Cadenza wuSiC Corporation

    Ued by perfnittion.tnternational copyright secured.Madein U.S.A.AH rights reserved

    Applicans for performance of this work,whether iegittmate,stockamateur,r Forei9n,shou!d be addressed to:

    THEATRE MAXIMuS1650 Broadway

    New York NY loo19

  • Presenfed by]Edgar Lansbtry/Stuart Duncan/JOslPh Beruh

    Fttst PerfOrmance May 17,1971at The Clerry Lane Theatre,New York,N:Y.

    Ltthting by Lowell,.AchzigerCOStumes by Susah Tzu

    Musical Drector_stephen Reitthardt

    P r o d u c t i O n S t a g e M a n a g e r _ N i n a F a s o

    A s s o c i a t e P r O d u c e r _ c h a r i e s H a i d

    CASTrrzrPaFcar O

    Lamar AfOrdHerb BrahaPeggy CordonDad HaskellJoanne Jonas

    Robin LamontSonla ManzanOCmer MccorHickJeffrey MylettStcPhen Nathan

    INSTRUMENTAT10NBAND: Piano,Electric organ(Stephen Reinhardt)

    Acousticstring Cuitar,Electric Cuitar(JeSSe cutler)

    ON STACE: Electric Bass cuitar(Richard LaBonte)Drums and PercsioA(Ricky Shutter)Recorder(ALL COOD GIFrS'')Two TambOuriies(BLESS THE LORD")Two or Thrce Aco4StiC Cuitars(``BY MY SIDE'VibraeslaP(``LIGHT OF THE WORLD'')Various Toy lnstruments


    ACT ONETower Of BabblePrepare Ye The Way Of The LordSave the peoPleDay by Day . . . . . . . Learn Your LessOns Well. .Bless the LordAll For The BestAll Cood Cifts. .L i g h t O f c h e W O r i d

    ACT TWOL e a r n Y o u r L l s s O n s w e l lTurn Back,O ManAlas For YOuBy My Side ..We Beseech TheeDay by Day(RPrise). . : .On the Wil10s........Finale










  • Photographby:MARTHA SWOPE

  • F/ors'cODSPf''





    SOCRATE nlam a s .

    Brightiyg But if anyone says this is not rny teaching, he is

    speaking an untruth. S?CRATES:T


    Wherefore, 0,men of Ath

    P ~ ~

    mm by me Herdd eM m

    denza Music CcFPOr m byttr R Ali RiJlts Rerved

  • ButwHcv er you


    end of my days,

    my ap proach to the maze,nev " er reform 'til the

    many tiines.

    Am B7/E

    ~ ~

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    oftenfoundin one thlng sma11,conversely,He ls often missedin many.

    /E B'/E


    al nighty made our rul_e rs

  • al mighty turned our peOple

    7 | C L l i b/C

    8ss _ _ _

    peo ple a stray,they feel be , hold enare


    ss_________ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ o _ _ _ _ _ _

  • ,2p0, ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    may be luet theCerman way,b God,gtves one pauge.

    cllne of Rone and he tble_

    Man agoo lev-1table__

    0 . n e o m v e l r .

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