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Going mobile? Don't worry, be App!

Date post:13-Jan-2015
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Stats, figures, trends and images about mobile Apps' momentum. This presentation reveals that we love Apps, we use them a lot ...and we prefer them to the web. As a result, most companies and Brands should focus their marketing efforts on mobile apps.
  • 1. businesstoValue part 1 5 reasons to consider an App-centric Marketing approach Is your target going mobile? Dont worry be App!

2. #1 Apps are really popular. Many people download them. 2 3. Deloitte research into mobile consumption reveals that in 2010 45% of smartphone owners downloaded at least one app per week source: Deloitte "Killer Apps? Appearance isn't everything", 2011 3 nice to have? 4. #2 we prefer using apps than surfing the web; as a result, mobile app users have increased significantly 4 5. 5 In 2012, average time spent on mobile apps by U.S. users (127 minutes per day) increased by 35% since 2011, while average time spent on the web (70 minutes per day) declined by 2.4% source: Flurry's Blog, "Mobile Apps: We Interrupt This Broadcast" Time on apps is growing 6. 6 In August 2012, time spent on Apps by U.S. mobile consumers was 4.6 times that of the mobile web source: Business insider, Chart of the day: Mobile App Engagement Continues To Dominate Mobile Web Mobile web? Apps are better! 7. 7 In July 2012, U.S. Mobile Apps audience increased by 85% since July 2011 and reached 101.8 mln (half the PC audience, down by 4%) source: Nielsen "The social media report 2012" 101.8 mln +85% Huge growing audience 8. #3 Apps can be really engaging and is not all about gaming or social networking 8 9. 9 50% and more is the retention rate over 90 days for Weather, Reference, Sports scores and News Apps source: Flurry's Blog, "App Engagement: The Matrix Reloaded" Information (and content?) is king! 10. #4 Some Apps can drive a high frequency of use during the week 10 11. 11 Streaming music, Communication and Social Games are used on average every day source: Flurry's Blog, "App Engagement: The Matrix Reloaded" Entertainment and social for everyday use 12. #5 Companies and Brands are expected to have their own app 12 13. 13 Consumers expect their favourite Brands to have a presence within the mobile marketplace: more than three-quarters of mobile app users expect all companies to have a mobile app! source: Deloitte "Killer Apps? Appearance isn't everything", 2011 Looking forward to getting the app! 14. Today, people download apps, use them more than web and expect companies to have their own app 14 15. 15 Tomorrow well get everything done easier through apps 16. and look for brands useful* apps for everyday life! *see Deloitte "Killer Apps? Appearance isn't everything", 2011 16 17. Did you find this presentation interesting? Get up-to-date figures, presentations, surveys and more on my Scoop.it profile or 17 18. Download MyComingApp from Google play 18 19. businesstoValue Stefano Grigoletti Thank you 2013

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