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Golden Gekko general presentation Dec 2011

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General Presentation of Golden Gekko which is one of the leading mobile app solution providers in the world as of December 2011.
  • 1. Table of content! About Golden Gekko! Working with us! Portfolio! App development! Appstore distribution 2

2. About Golden GekkoWho we are and what we do.3 3. About UsCross platform specialists since 2005Team of 130+ people across 5 countries+400 apps in the past 12 months++ +Your business is here! AndHere And alsohere! too!here.! 4 4. About Us Psala bien.More than 100 brands and agencies have put their trust in us. 5 5. Working with us 6 6. ProcessFrom Concept to Launch1. Strategy/Concept2. UE/Design 3. Development................................................ ................................................ ................................................Agree objectives, targetOur user experience teamChose technology andgroup, strategy, platforms andcreates wireframes, userdevelop the mobile apps/siteconcepts with input from ourjourneys and designsacross the agreed platformsteam based on experience of optimised for the targetedin iterations to allow for500+ apps/sites. mobile devices testing throughout the process.4. QA/Test 5. Distribution6. Operations &................................................ ................................................ AnalyticsTest the mobile app/siteLaunch and submit the app to................................................across the target devices withthe agreed appstores (e.g.Monitor the performance ofthe agreed use cases.ITunes, Android Market,the app/site, maintain andGetjar, Amazon, etc) andupdate based on userpromote it.feedback. 7 7. Overview"Project methodologyAgility in everything we doAt Golden Gekko we work very closely with the client, eliminatingmisunderstandings and increasing communication.! We work in very short iterations, usually hours or at the most days, ensuring that we can get rapid feedback on the applications. If we are heading in the wrong direction it will not be for very long.! We identify the core product functionality as expected by the client, as early as possible, to enable early customer road testing. We develop secondary functions once the target users have experienced how the core functions work in real life.! We prefer to have a transparent dialog with our customers through the development process discussing around the actual product instead of specications solely. This allows us to deliver the right product at the right time with exceptional quality.! Development methodology based on 10+ years of research and best practice case studies of major corporations including Ericsson, ABB and Vodafone at leading software engineering universities 8 8. TouchpointsMapping the" 1customer"Magazines/TV/Fashion shows Social Networks Friends & Family 2touchpoints 8 Reminder to come back Special offers in your storeTVBillboards/Outdoor advertsMagazinesOnline (Web or Mobile) Exclusive opening hoursIdentifying the use cases New collections/productsYoutubeE-mail/SMS Cooupon/voucherInspire Keep engagingAdverts 7 3 Wear the products PostCUSTOMER OnlineBrowsing products/fashion Product/Service feedback Review/Rate productsvisit JOURNEY Store locatorFinding if/where product available Share info/photos" Shop online about products with friends Community (social media room) Cashier Outside storeIn store 64 Paying for the products Window shopping Signing up for loyalty programInteract outside of opening hours Returning productsCoffee shop nearby talking about Requesting assistance "what to buy (size, etc) 5Finding what you want"(size, color, etc)Assistance from staffFree browsingTrying on the clothes Example customer touch points for a retailer9 9. UE/DesignUE/Design ProcessAlways with the customer/user involved! Our design process is based on 10+ years of web andmobile designHigh levelDesigns & Art! We encourage the process to be as collaborative asconceptdenitionpossible. You are experts in your business and we needto learn from that expertise to deliver great results.! Step 1 is we present our proposed high level conceptbased on our understanding of your needs ! Steps 2, 3 and 4 are driven by our collaboration with you Complete Completeto nd the full solution to fulll your objectives.Wireframes designs! For the best results the end user should give feedback onthe work after each step. 10 10. UE/DesignDriven by Perfection End to end experience Identify the key use cases and optimise in iterations Simplicity Consumers want apps/sites as easy to use as on desktops. Capability Consumers want same level of functionality and content on mobile as on web. Interface Needs to be treated differently between smartphones vs tablets, OS platforms, screen sizes and input (touch screen vs keyboard) Reliability Customers expect mobile services to work everywhere all the time - QA Speed Performance makes a huge difference for usability11 11. DevelopmentMobile DevelopmentIn mobile fragmentation is forever,deal with it. ! Golden Gekko has been handling the challenges of mobilefragmentation since 2005 with our platform GG MobileApp Framework originally developed for Java! Since then the platform landscape has evolved with iOS,Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone 7, Bada, etc ! Therefore we have continued to enhance GG Mobile AppFramework in order to make our development costefcient and our applications as fast and reliable aspossible across a myriad of platforms and technologies. 12 12. DevelopmentWe level out platformcapabilities.Each plaform has its own proprietary feature set and capabilities.For exibility, speed and reliability we build native apps extendedwith our unique library containing 100+ components for levelingthese capabilities out. This means our customers can benet fromutilising all technical possibilities in a cost efcient way.13 13. QA/TestingGG QA Phases AcceptanceMaintenanceprocessPre testingEarly testing Mature testing testing testingJira smoke testJira smoke testinputJira kick-off task Jira tasksJira tasksJira taskstasktaskTest lead writes Test lead writes Test lead writes Test lead writes Test lead writestest casestest casestest casestest casestest casesQA ManagerQA Manager QA Manager QA Manager QA Manageractivity selects test leadselects test lead selects test lead selects test lead selects test leadQA Kick-off QA Kick-offQA Kick-offQA Kick-offQA Kick-offmeeting with TPO meeting with TPOmeeting with TPOmeeting with TPOmeeting with TPOTest lead writesTest lead writes Test lead writestest cases test casestest casesTest lead presentsTest lead presentsproject to QAproject to QAQA Kick-offQA Kick-offQA Kick-offQA Kick-offQA Kick-offoutput Test casesmeeting with TPOmeeting with TPOmeeting with TPOmeeting with TPOmeeting with TPOTest lead writes Test lead writes Test lead writes Test lead writes Test lead writestest casestest casestest casestest casestest casesTest lead presentsTest lead presentsproject to QAproject to QA14 14. DistributionDistributionWe distribute apps on globalapp stores.! Golden Gekko collaborates with appstores, operators and handset manufacturers including ! Apple iTunes in Europe with pre-submission feedback and marketing support ! Google Android Market with ongoing developer support and marketing support ! RIM / Blackberry with ongoing developer support and marketing support ! Vodafone, Telefonica, Orange and T-Mobile for free appstore distribution and marketing support of Android and Symbian apps ! LG, Samsung and Sony-Ericsson for embedded apps programs and appstores for Android ! Getjar, Mobango and Mobile9 for appstore distribution! We have over 4 years experience of successulappstore partnerships and distribution.15 15. OperationsOperations &MaintenanceWe provide operations & maintenance forbusiness critical platforms worldwide.! Hosting - High performance! 24/7 Monitoring and on-call staff with high availability SLAs available! Redundant solutions across multiple locations! Cloud hosting with Amazon, Google and Rackspace! Unlimited storage and capacity! Maintenance Proactive and rapid updates! Ongoing checking of performance, security, features and logs! Proactive testing and xing of new platform OS releases! Monitoring of reviews/ratings to react quickly to issues! Analytics! See details on next page 16 16. AnalyticsAnalytics! Understanding performance of the app/site (downloads, active users, time spent, etc) is key tounderstand progress against the agreed objectives and to improve the service.! Golden Gekko offers a number of different options for reporting including Google Analytics, Flurry,Bango as well as proprietary reporting tools used by the client or raw logging from the app of agreedactivities.! Direct access to the online tools for live tracking which normally includes! Downloads and usage by demography (country, operator, device, etc)! Usage by feature/function within the app! Trends in time and behaviour! and more... 17 17. PortfolioAn extract of our projects. 18 18. PortfolioNational Guard Drop Defender! the new 3DAR game by the US ArmyNational Guard! Augmented Reality is the conceptof superimposing virtual content(such as rich 3D graphics) on topof a view of the real world as seenthrough your phones camera.! Fly your helicopter through animmersive 3D environment as youtake the lead on an exciting rescuemissions.! Just download the AR marker andplay! 19 19. PortfolioVW Passat Mobile Web 20 20. PortfolioO2 PriorityMomentsPriority Moments is a clevernew mobile service just forO2 customers. ! It brings you great nearby offers andexperiences exclusive to O2, with ahandful picked from the best alreadyin the market - from some of theUKs most well-loved brands.! Launched in July 2011. 21 21. PortfolioO2 Priority Moments"Commercial22 22. PortfolioO2 Priority Moments Top Vouchers 1,3 M No. 39 in App Downloads ! Dominos Pizza Store ! O2 Retail ! Pizza Hut ! Holiday Inn ! Toni and Guy 4 star rating200 K redemptions 23 23. PortfolioBAA Heathrow"Airport Guide Everything you needfor an easy journeyto and th

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