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Golden Gekko - It's all about mobile apps

Date post:06-May-2015
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Golden Gekko has developed 100+ Mobile Apps with more than 10 million downloads in 12 months. Learn more about best practice, case studies and what makes a successful mobile app!
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2. About Golden gekko
"We provide the creative mobile content behind the banner, engaging consumers by delivering downloadable applications."
Founded in 2005 and profitable since 2007
Based in the UK with offices in Cambodia (development), Sweden, Spain and the U.S.
Working with media and digital agency partners across Europe and US
3. Golden Gekko Top app developer
100+ mobile applications delivered in the last 12 months
Award winning apps for Unilever/Lynx, Perfetti, Absolut Vodka, Universal Pictures and more
Preferred app development partner to 200+ media agencies
Applications optimised and tested across 2000+ devices including Java, Symbian, Windows Mobile, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, LiMo, Palm Treo, Vodafone Widget and more
GG Mobile Media Engine enables rapid, scalable and cost efficient mobile app development
4. The Golden Gekko Product portfolio currently consists of 2 core platforms that all our products & services are based upon
Product portfolio
Projects delivered by GG
Mobile Brochure Creator
Mobile Data Collection
Platform (SDK)
GG Mobile Media Engine Java Framework optimised for over 2000+ devices
GG Mobile Media Server Operations platform to host, maintain and report usage on applications, mobile web sites and SMS services
5. Print/On-pack
Point of Sale
Mobile Marketing is everywhere...
Mobile is rapidly being integrated into multi-channel marketing strategies
6. INSIGHT: Games and apps installed on the phone Have highest usage
Approx 8-10m apps are downloadedeverydaywhereof 2.3m foriPhone/iTouch

  • 1 Bn IPhone downloads in 9 months with over 30.000 apps available

8. Pangea generated $1.8 m in sales of its puzzle game Enigmo Jun to Dec 2008 9. 20+ paid apps generated over 1 m dowloads (> $1 m each) in 2008 10. Apps in #1 position generate approx 50.000 downloads a day at a fee of $0.99 11. iPhone apps in top 10 generate at least 6.000 downloads a day at a fee of $0.99 12. Apple Appstore generated 60-100m USD first 9 months (30% rev share to Apple)Other platforms (Java, Palm, Android, WM, Symbian, etc)

  • More than 4 Bn non-Iphone apps downloaded in 9 months from Carriers, Device manufacturers and independent app-stores in same markets with more than 50.000 apps available

13. 10+ new app stores (Blackberry, Nokia Ovi, Samsung, etc) launched non-iPhone apps and rapidly increasing with all carriers launching appstores 14. 90% of all devices worldwide support Java

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