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Golf Sportsvan Accesories

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Accessories for VW Golf Sportsvan
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Accessories for the Golf Sportsvan
  • Accessories for the Golf Sportsvan







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    Every single Volkswagen Genuine Accessories product is developed in parallel with the vehicle itself and manufactured out of high-quali-ty materials using state-of-the-art production processes. The perfectly fi tting products are only included in the Volkswagen Genuine Accessories range after they have passed the strict safety tests which exceed the legally required standards. So that you stay safe and satisfi ed. And your Volkswagen stays a Volkswagen.

    The vehicles shown in this catalogue are occasionally pictured with additional accessories or special fi ttings. These, along with any decorative

    elements depicted, are not included in the scope of delivery of the product described.

    Product characteristic pictograms.



    Products from Volkswagen Accessories have many unique characteristics. These pictograms provide

    especially interesting information.

    Alloy wheel fi nishingProduct


    Desired colour

    choice possibleLoad capacity


    Suitable for

    diff erent models


    City Crash TestEco-friendly




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    So there is no question that we make every effort to ensure that your Sportsvan looks

    good. With sporty accessories which are not only pleasing on the eye, but whose

    tastefully dynamic touches will also prove a delight for all of your other senses.

    Perfectly fitting and familiarly outstanding Volkswagen Genuine quality - This not

    only makes perfect sense and a strong impression, but is also a true pleasure.

    NOTEFigure right shows:Protective strip for the tailgate page 06,Tail silencer trim page 06,Loading sill guard, stainless steel look page 07,Rotary alloy wheel page 12

    We perceive more than 70% of all sensory information with our eyes.


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    Volkswagen Genuine Protective strip for the tailgate

    The attractive rear lid protection strip in high-gloss chrome look is not only an attractive eye-catcher;

    it effectively protects the tailgate edges at the same time. It is easily mounted by simply gluing it onto

    the bottom edge of the tailgate.

    Art. no. 510 071 360

    Volkswagen Genuine Tail silencer trim

    The tail silencer trim brings an additional shot of powerful good looks to the Golf Sportsvan.

    The inclined design, combined with the top-quality appearance turns it into a true highlight.

    Available in black chrome or polished stainless steel.

    Art. no. 5C5 071 911 C For twin tailpipes, polished stainless steel (figure 02)

    Art. no. 5G0 071 911 041 For twin tailpipes, black chrome (figure 03)

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    Volkswagen Genuine Loading sill protection in stainless steel look

    The loading sill protection in stainless steel look not only protects the paintwork during loading and

    unloading, but is also an eye-catching feature. It is easily and quickly adhered to the loading sill on

    the rear bumper.

    Art. no. 510 061 195

    Volkswagen Genuine Pedal cap set

    These sporty and easily fitted, brushed stainless steel pedal caps will astound you with their

    top-quality design while the non-slip coating ensures a good grip.

    Art. no. 5G1 064 200 For manual gearboxes (Not illustrated)

    Art. no. 5G1 064 205 For DSG (double clutch gearbox)

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    That was a long, long time ago. This is why we constantly reinvent it for you. Utilising

    current findings and state-of-the-art materials. The results always have three things

    in common: they are round, fit your Volkswagen optimally and combine uniqueness

    with standardised quality. Benefit from the evolution of the wheel in the form of our

    alloy rims and complete wheels.

    NOTEFigure left shows:Rotary alloy wheel page 12

    Humans invented the wheel roughly 5500 years ago.


  • Knowing what counts.Our manufacturer expertise.

    Extreme endurance athlete. Choice premium tires.

    Our complete wheels deliver everything that Volkswagen Accessories stands for:

    high quality, maximum safety and fresh design. Theres hardly a component

    that bears as much responsibility as the wheel. Both for road safety and the overall

    vehicle look. Once more our complete wheel selection delivers a range you can

    depend on 100 percent. In every sense.

    Complete wheels by Volkswagen Accessories are optimally tailored to suit each

    individual Volkswagen model. Our developers draw on their longstanding

    experience to create the perfect wheel-tire-vehicle combination and hence ensure

    that every single one satisfi es the high standards Volkswagen places in quality

    and safety. We focus fi rst on technical adaptability in addition to axle loads we

    also make sure the engine type and brake specs are ideally matched.

    Over the course of its average lifetime a wheel will travel once round

    the world, maintaining fi rm contact between the vehicle and the road.

    Its design must suit a breathtaking array of road surface conditions

    while simultaneously delivering a high standard of reliability so

    for us, everything starts with fi rst-class tire quality. Based on our

    cooperation with leading manufacturers of premium tires, our complete

    wheels always remain in perfect with the road meter for meter.


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    Perfect interplay. Mounting complete wheels.

    State-of-the-art production facilities ensure fully automatic mounting the rim

    and the tire are merged to form a high-quality unit. Precise manufacture under

    temperature-controlled conditions keeps the high quality of our complete wheels

    constant off ering you other tangible benefi ts, also:

    optimum radial and axial runout measurement for each wheel

    residual out-of-balance control, tailored to the specifi c vehicle

    expert warehousing of complete wheels until shipping

    Strength tests check the wheels when overloaded, when suff ering impacts

    and when cornering.

    The material and surface are tested for tensile strength, strain properties,

    scratch and corrosion resistance.

    Vehicle tests examine the complete wheels under harsh conditions on the test track.

    The endurance testing using a bi-axial wheel test bay simulates the

    high possible loads.

    Simply scan the QR code and immediately

    discover Volkswagen Accessories entire

    world alloy wheels and complete wheels!


    Only the best prevail. Volkswagen Genuine alloy wheel rims.


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    Volkswagen Genuine Rotary

    alloy wheel

    18 inch, anthracite

    Art. no. 5G0 071 498 16Z

    Volkswagen Genuine Blade

    alloy wheel

    17 inch, black, gloss machined

    Art. no. 5G0 071 497 FZZ

    Also available as a complete

    summer wheel.

    Volkswagen Genuine Topas

    alloy wheel

    18 inch, sterling silver

    Art. no. 5K0 071 498 88Z

    Volkswagen Genuine Motorsport

    alloy wheel

    18 inch, black

    Art. no. 5K0 071 498 A AX1

    Also available as complete

    summer wheel.

    Volkswagen Genuine Preston

    alloy wheel

    18 inch, black, gloss machined

    Art. no. 5C5 071 498 AX1



    04 05


    The attractive alloy wheels for the summer deliver a convincing

    combination of timeless design and high quality.

  • 06 07 / 08 09

    An especially resistant coating guarantees that all alloy wheels are suitable for use in

    winter. Please see the attached price list for technical details. The conditions and information

    contained in the German TV report must be carefully observed. Please see the report for

    the relevant alloy wheel for further usable tyre sizes

    Volkswagen Genuine Wheel trim

    The wheel trim with Volkswagen emblem protects the steel wheel against

    dirt and enhances the vehicles appearance. 1 set = 4 pieces.

    Art. no. 5G0 071 456 YTI 16 inch (Figure 07)

    Art. no 5G0 071 455 YTI 15 inch (Figure 08)

    Volkswagen Genuine Valve caps

    Customisation down to the smallest detail: the four valve caps are embossed with the

    Volkswagen logo and provide the valves with optimal protection against dust, dirt and

    moisture. 1 set = 4 pieces.

    Art. no 000 071 215 A Suitable for aluminium valves

    Art. no. 000 071 215 Suitable for rubber/metal valves

    Please note our wide range of complete summer and winter wheels. You can obtain

    the corresponding catalogues from your Volkswagen Partner or on the Internet at


    Volkswagen Genuine Aspen

    alloy wheel

    16 inch, brilliant silver

    Art. no. 5G0 071 496 8Z8

    15 inch, brilliant silver

    (Not illustrated)

    Art. no. 5G0 071 495 8Z8

    Also available as a complete winter wheel.

    06 07



    Our wheels for the winter are especially easy to clean and

    outstandingly suited for use with snow chains.

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    We concentrate on the one language understood all around the world: optimum

    quality. This begins with complete compatibility, encompasses sophisticated

    functionality and is far from done with state-of-the-art technology. This is essentially

    the native language of every single Volkswagen Accessories product. So that

    nothing gets in the way of first-class communication.

    NOTEFigure left shows: LinkKit page 16

    Roughly 6500 different languages are spoken globally.


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    01 02 03 04


    02 04

    03 05

    Plug & Play Sound System

    A rich sound for your vehicle with the sound

    system from Volkswagen Accessories. The system

    consists of an amplifier with an integrated digital

    sound processor and a total output of 300 W

    sine/480 W music along with a powerful

    subwoofer. In addition to musical enjoyment of

    the highest level, the system sports an impressive

    range of vehicle and driver-specific sound setups

    which optimally match the vehicles configuration

    and can be programmed at the dealership. The

    system utilises the vehicles existing speakers and

    can be installed in the spare wheel well.

    Art. no. 000 051 419

    DAB+ retrofit kit

    DAB+ reception for all car radios! With the

    DAB+ retrofit, any RDS radio can receive DAB+

    (digital radio plus). Adding DAB+ reception to

    the existing car radio provides access to a wide

    selection of digital radio stations. Connection to

    the car radio is wireless via an FM transmitter.

    Operation is simple, user-friendly and intuitive

    and works via the supplied remote control which

    harmoniously integrates into the vehicles interior.

    Additional external audio sources, such as MP3

    players and iPods, can be connected via the

    devices AUX IN jack.

    Art. no. 000 063 212

    Volkswagen Genuine LinkKit

    The LinkKit is mounted on the central console

    on the passenger side and serves as a holder

    for broad range of different mobile telephones.

    The folding mechanism for the universal

    mobile phone aerial coupling pocket holds the

    device securely and the mobile phone can be

    conveniently removed by pressing the release

    button. The aerial connection on the pocket

    can be connected to a window aerial or

    external aerial. This significantly improves

    the reception quality and reduces power


    Art. no. 000 051 706 A

    Volkswagen Genuine Voice operation

    On the Composition Media radio the telephone

    and radio functions along with the Discover

    Media navigation function can be controlled

    using voice commands. See the attached price

    list for an overview of all available versions.


  • 070605


    Phonekit bluetooth hands-free systemThe PhoneKit enables hands-free telephone calls while driving. By omitting rarely used additional functions, you are able to concen-trate on the most important thing: driving. The illuminated 3-button remote control, which is the only visible part of the hands-free system, can be easily installed in the vehicle and is extremely simple to operate. See the attached price list for an overview

    of the available adapter cables.

    Art. no. 000 051 433 L

    USB charging cable for the coupling box

    This spiral-shaped charging cable is designed for the Comfort mobile

    telephone integration product in the armrest. When needed, it can easily

    be pulled out of the armrest and connected to the mobile telephone in order

    to recharge the battery. This provides the mobile telephone with an inductive

    connection to the vehicles external aerial while simultaneously charging the

    battery and supplying electricity.

    A Art. no. 5G0 051 763 B USB to Apple Doc connector

    B Art. no. 5G0 051 763 C USB to Micro-USB straight

    C Art. no. 5G0 051 763 D USB to Micro-USB angled

    Art. no. 5G0 051 763 E USB to Apple Lightning connector

    (Not illustrated)

    Volkswagen Genuine Adapter cable for Volkswagen Genuine MEDIA-IN

    You always have the right connection: You can simply listen to your favourite

    music from various portable audio devices by using the adapter cables for the

    ex-works fitted MEDIA-IN socket. Both the playback and your personal playlist

    can be comfortably controlled using the radio or radio-navigation system fitted

    in the vehicle. Listening pleasure included it caters to every wish.

    A Art. no. 000 051 446 D Adapter cable for 3.5 mm jack

    B Art. no. 000 051 446 A Adapter cable for mini-USB

    C Art. no. 000 051 446 B Adapter cable for USB

    D Art. no. 000 051 446 L Adapter cable for iPod

    A A B


    B C D

    iPod/iPhone is a registered trademark of Apple Computer International

    Please talk to your Volkswagen Partner for information about using

    the adapter cable for your vehicle.

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    Admittedly: we do not offer more than one million parts for your Sportsvan. However,

    the transport solutions from Volkswagen Accessories ensure that the most important

    parts fit perfectly and safely. Systematically piece together your own ideal and unique

    transport solution. Perfectly fitting and with optimum quality.

    NOTEFigure right shows:Supporting rods page 22, Roof box page 24Blade alloy wheel page 12

    The world record-breaking jigsaw puzzle consists of a total of 1,034,378 pieces


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    Quality is when things simply fit.

  • 20 | 21

    More intelligent transport options, for instance. Or more tested safety features. Or simply

    more of the trusted quality of Volkswagen Genuine Accessories. A trust which is not simply

    given to the genuine parts but which has to be earned again and again, day after day.

    Through materials which simply combine better, product designs which simply look better

    and functions which simply open up additional opportunities. In other words: with the clear

    desire to make good things better every day. More beautiful, more functional and safer.

    Genuine quality is always worthwhile: An absolutely perfect fit

    Intensively tested safety

    Easy fitting and removal

    Sophisticated system solutions

    High design standards

    Harder, stricter, further, more - the Volkswagen test procedures go beyond the legally

    prescribed standards. In terms of materials, in the laboratory and finally on the test track.

    Only 100% quality products are given the Volkswagen Genuine name. No compromises.

    Laboratory testing: Corrosion test in saltwater spray systems, UV resistance, environmental

    compatibility and many additional laboratory tests examine all the relevant material

    properties. The climate chamber subjects the products to extreme temperatures ranging from

    30 Celsius to +90 Celsius. The components function must be guaranteed and unimpaired

    at all times.

    Endurance: Whether short distances, high-speed or route profiles of varying difficulty

    durability under continuous load conditions is tested. The special road endurance test is

    carried out with a distance of 20,000 km using the maximum permissible load and a

    variety of different testing profiles.

    Test track: Test drives with maximum acceleration both forwards and to the sides, for

    instance by weaving around obstacles, emergency braking or over cobblestones subject

    the accessories to extremely hard tests over and over again.

    For all those who want more: even more.

    Uncompromising satisfaction.

    Volkswagen Accessories.Because genuine quality is always worthwhile.


  • max.70 kg

    max.25 kg

    22 | 23

    01 02 03

    Volkswagen Genuine Supporting rods

    The perfectly fitting, completely pre-assembled supporting rods

    are not only City Crash1-tested but have also passed the even

    stricter standards of the Volkswagen City Crash test. They serve

    as the basic system for all attachments and are robust yet light

    and, above all, can be quickly attached to the roof rail.

    The anti-theft locking equipment protects you against any nasty

    surprises. The scope of delivery includes an easily fitted Aero

    profile which minimises irritating wind noise when driving.

    Art. no. 510 071 151

    Volkswagen Genuine Kayak holder

    No bouncing, no slipping: developed specially for kayaks up to

    25 kg in weight, the holder adapts itself perfectly to the shape of

    the kayak. Four moveable rubber supports secure the kayak during

    transport. Strong tension belts ensure that the kayak is safely


    Art. no. 1K0 071 127 A

    Volkswagens in-house crash tests are carried out at speeds higher than those required by DIN 75302, ISO/PAS 11154 and the City Crash test Because

    Volkswagen believes that its own City Crash Plus at 30 km/h and a 20% overload on the roof is more realistic than the standards set by DIN and ISO.

    The City Crash test simulates a rear-end collision in the inner city at a moderate speed of approximately 17 km/h. Although carried out by Stiftung

    Warentest and the ADAC, it is not a legal requirement.

    City Crash test. Because safer is better.

    Surfboard holder

    Ensures that the surfboard arrives safely at its destination:

    The rubber-coated surfboard carrier and a special rubber

    protector for the metal clamps on the tensioning straps provide

    extra protection during transport. Suitable for one surfboard

    with a two-piece mast.

    Art. no. 000 071 120 HA

    01 02 03


    1 City Crash-tested in accordance with ISO/PAS 11154

  • max.17 kg

    04 05 06

    Volkswagen Genuine Bicycle holder

    The aerodynamic bicycle holder, which is made of UV-resistant

    plastic, is mounted on the supporting rods using chromed

    steel holders. The bicycle automatically slides upright into the

    self-adjusting wheel receiver, leaving both hands free for fastening.

    The perfectly fitting, completely pre-assembled supporting rods are

    not only City Crash1 tested but have also passed the even stricter

    standards of the Volkswagen City Crash Plus test. The maximum

    load-bearing capacity is 17 kg.

    Art. no. 6Q0 071 128 A

    Volkswagen Genuine Komfort ski and snowboard holder

    The ski and snowboard holder with its aerodynamic aluminium

    design can be easily installed on the supporting rods and is

    lockable. Thanks to the practical pull-out function, the ski carrier

    system can be easily loaded and unloaded. The extra-large

    opening buttons mean that it remains easy to use, even when

    wearing thick ski gloves. Also available without pull-out

    function. See the attached price list for an overview of all

    available versions.

    Volkswagen Genuine Ski bag

    (Figure shows the ski bag with storage bag)

    The practical ski bag serves to protect and transport up to four

    pairs of skis, including ski poles, in the roof box or in the interior,

    using a belt clipped into the belt buckle. The ski bag can be stowed

    in the optional space-saving storage bag.

    Art. no. 00V 061 202 Ski bag

    Art. no. 00V 061 201 Storage bag

    NOTEThe practical pull-out function makes the ski

    and snowboard holder very easy to load and





    1 City Crash-tested in accordance with ISO/PAS 11154

  • max.50 kg

    max.75 kg

    24 | 25

    01 02

    Roof box, matt black

    The roof box with a volume of approx. 340 litres has an optimised aerodynamic design that largely

    eliminates unpleasant driving noises. The roof box has been adapted to the modern design line of

    the new Volkswagen models. It opens from one side and is equipped with a 2-lock system. Thanks

    to the Comfort sliding fitting system the box can be securely fitted on the roof bars with just a few

    quick motions.

    Art. no. 000 071 200

    NOTEThe innovative DuoLift system

    enables the roof box to be

    opened from both sides

    without any problems.

    Volkswagen Genuine Roof box

    The aerodynamic roof box impresses with its minimal driving noise and simple and quick installation

    using a quick-action clamping mechanism. The box is fixed to the carrier through pumping movements

    of the quick-action clamping mechanism. Further highlights: comfortable and easy opening from

    both sides thanks to the innovative DuoLift system and the pneumatic springs integrated at the front

    and rear as well as optimal anti-theft protection through a 3-point central locking system. The roof

    box manufactured using DUROKAM thermoplastic is UV-resistant, light, dimensionally stable,

    impact-resistant and durable. Max. load-bearing capacity: 75 kg. Colour: Titanium Metallic. See the

    attached price list for an overview of all available versions.




  • max.50 kg


    Urban Loader roof box

    The new and innovative Urban Loader roof box with an expandable loading volume provides additional cargo space and is perfectly suited for transporting

    shopping, bags, suitcases, pushchairs and sporting equipment along with many other everyday necessities. The loading volume of the roof box can be quickly

    and easily increased from 300 litres to 500 litres when needed. The zip fastener enables it to be opened, loaded and unloaded on both sides. The intelligent

    jointed steel frame with two springs enables easy opening and closing. Max. load-bearing capacity: 50 kg. Colour: Silver.

    Art. no. 000 071 200 B JKA




  • max.60 kg

    max.60 kg

    26 | 27

    01 02

    Volkswagen Genuine Compact II bicycle carrier, foldable

    The small, light and compact bicycle carrier weighs only 14 kg and is made in Germany. It is capable

    of carrying two bicycles or e-bikes with a total weight of up to 60 kg. When mounted on the towing

    hitch, the bicycle carrier can be conveniently folded downward using the new foot switch to allow

    access to the rear hatch. When fully folded up, it can be stored in the luggage compartment in no

    time at all. A bicycle carrier for three bicycles is also available upon request. A practical storage bag

    is included in the scope of delivery. Folded dimensions: 24 x 58 x 62 cm (for two bicycles).

    Art. no. 3C0 071 105 B Compact II bicycle carrier, for 2 bicycles

    Art. no. 3C0 071 105 C Compact III, for three bicycles (not illustrated)

    Volkswagen Genuine Micro II bicycle carrier for the spare wheel well

    The folding bicycle carrier, developed exclusively for Volkswagen and made in Germany, can be

    attached to the towing hitch in a matter of moments using the quick-release fastener. When folded up,

    it can be stowed perfectly in the spare wheel well. It can carry two bicycles or e-bikes weighing up to

    60 kg and allows the rear hatch to be opened without any problems even while carrying bikes using

    the practical folding mechanism. An integrated carry handle is mounted underneath the folding number

    plate bracket with Volkswagen lettering. While the anti-theft protection makes life difficult for thieves,

    the smallest, lightest and most compact carrier in its class makes life easy for its owners: Weighing 13 kg

    including a storage bag. Dimensions: 23 x 58 x 64 cm when folded up.

    Art. no. 5G0 071 105

    01 01


  • 03 / 04

    Volkswagen Genuine Towing hitch with electrical installation kit

    Whether you want to tow a boat, a caravan or need additional storage space if you want to transport a trailer, you need a towing hitch.

    This is available as a fixed or a removable version. The 13-pin electrical installation kit is included in the scope of delivery and guarantees

    the electrical supply and thus safe trailer usage. Instructions for use can be found in the attached price list.

    Art. no. 517 092 103 Fixed, including electrical installation kit (Figure 03)

    Art. no. 517 092 150 Removable, including electrical installation kit (Figure 04)

    NOTEThe carrier can be folded up with one step on the foot switch,

    making the luggage compartment accessible.

    01 / 02 01 / 02



  • 28 | 29

    The engineers and developers at Volkswagen Accessories do exactly the same

    thing. With their combined intellect and technical support we simulate your

    possible moves in the game of life. In doing so, we find solutions to problems so

    that they never occur. And while you remain mobile without any problems, we

    are already looking for the next solution. A real benefit.

    NOTEFigure left shows:Child safety seat page 30, Seat cover page 31,Espresso machine page 36,iPod Golf neck cushion page 48

    A chess grandmasterthinks 20 moves ahead.


  • 30 | 31

    01 02 03

    Volkswagen Genuine G0 plus ISOFIX

    High protection and comfort for new-born babies and babies up

    to 13 kg or 15 months old: The ISOFIX fastening system ensures that

    the child seat with its base frame is securely fastened to the vehicle

    body. Without ISOFIX it can also be used with any 3-point belt. The

    child is securely held in the seat by a height-adjustable, 5-point full

    belt safety harness. Further features include an adjustable handle,

    an easily removable, washable fabric covering, a height-adjustable

    seat insert and a sun shade.

    Art. no. 5G0 019 907 With ISOFIX

    Art. no. 5G0 019 900 Without ISOFIX

    Volkswagen Genuine G1 ISOFIX DUO plus top tether

    Safety and seating comfort for children weighing between 9 and

    18 kg (from eight months to about four years old). The belt harness

    height can be adjusted. Furthermore, the sitting position can be

    adjusted in multiple ways. In addition to the tried and trusted

    locking system using an ISOFIX connection, the seat is secured to

    the provided fasteners in the luggage compartment by means of

    the top tether connection in suitably fitted vehicles thus provi-

    ding additional hold

    Art. no. 5G0 019 909 A

    Volkswagen Genuine G2-3 ISOFIT

    Children aged between 3 and 12 years (15 to 36 kg) travel safely and

    comfortably thanks to the height-adjustable sleep supports and the

    possibility of individually adjusting the height and inclination of the

    seat to the needs of the child. The seat is attached using the vehicles

    ISOFIX anchorage points. The child itself is buckled in using the

    3-point seatbelt in the childs seat.

    Art. no. 5G0 019 906

    Music boxes, teething rings, picture books or story books, all ages have their own milestones whether small or large. Every stage of development also has its

    own challenges. That is why we have developed child safety seats for each age group. Each one offers a convincing combination of high sitting comfort, easy

    handling and also exceeds the requirements of the ECE-R44/04 standard. All covers can be easily removed and can be washed at 30C. And the most important

    point: Your child is well protected when travelling.

    Big safety. For your little ones.

    01 02 03

    9 to 18 kg 15 to 36 kgup to 13 kgup to 15 month 8 months to 4 years 3 to 12 years


  • 04 05

    Volkswagen Genuine Seat cover

    The optimum protection for sensitive seats: the easy-to-clean, anti-slip seat cover prevents dirt or wear, for example from

    child seats. Practical net pockets offer additional stowage space. Also usable with ISOFIX seats.

    Art. no. 000 019 819

    Volkswagen Genuine Additional interior rear view mirror

    For better visibility and keeping a watchful eye on children travelling in the rear:

    The additional interior rear view mirror is fixed to the windscreen or the dash

    panel using a suction cup mounting and can be individually adjusted to take in

    the interior, the traffic or for parking, thanks to its flexible joint.

    Art. no. 000 072 549 A



  • 32 | 33

    01 02 03

    Volkswagen Genuine Luggage compartment liner

    Precise protection in a light and flexible form: the anti-slip liner

    is designed to perfectly fit the shape of the luggage compartment

    and to reliably protect it from dirt and moisture. When not in use

    it can be rolled up and easily stowed away to save space. For Golf

    Sportsvan with variable load surface.

    Art. no. 510 061 160

    Volkswagen Genuine Luggage compartment tray

    A perfect fit: Washable and acid-resistant, the robust and durable

    luggage compartment tray with Golf lettering easily keeps your

    luggage compartment clean. With circumferential edging, approxi-

    mately 2,8 cm high, lowered to 1,2 cm at the front. Only for the Golf

    Sportsvan with variable load surface.

    Art. no. 510 061 161

    Volkswagen Genuine Luggage compartment loadliner

    The luggage compartment loadliner with Golf lettering and wide ribs

    is extremely hard-wearing, acid-resistant and suitable for anything

    which tends to make a mess during transport, such as dirty shoes or

    plants. The loadliner protects the luggage compartment against dirt

    and is easy to clean due to its smooth plastic surface. The two stretch

    bands on the left and right rim of the loadliner and transport eyes

    fitted on the rear wall are particularly useful for optimally trans-

    porting additional objects.

    Art. no. 510 061 162





  • 04 05 06

    Volkswagen Genuine Luggage compartment plug-in module

    The Volkswagen Genuine luggage compartment plug-in module

    enables you to flexibly divide up your vehicles luggage compart-

    ment and secure cargo against slipping. The luggage compartment

    plug-in module can be freely positioned along the outer edges of

    the loading surface and the plug-in modules telescopic rod keeps

    it firmly in place. For the Golf Sportsvan with variable load surface.

    Art. no. 000 061 166 A

    Volkswagen Genuine Luggage net

    So that everything stays where it belongs: the tear-resistant

    luggage net is ideal for all of those small and medium-sized

    things you prefer to have stored safely in place. The luggage

    net is attached to the standard lashing eyes in the luggage


    Art. no. 5N0 065 111

    Volkswagen Genuine Partition grille

    The partition grille separates the passenger compartment from the

    luggage compartment between the rear seat backrests and the roof

    lining. The robust, black, powder-coated steel grille is easily and

    comfortably attached behind the rear seat. Assembly is simple and

    requires no drilling of holes. The luggage compartment cover can

    also be used with the partition grille.

    Art. no. 510 017 221




  • 34 | 35

    0201 03

    Volkswagen Genuine All-weather floor mats

    Keeps the footwell clean all year round: The perfectly fitting,

    durable rubber floor mat set with Golf embossing on the front

    mats does not simply keep out dirt and moisture but is also

    considerably lighter and odour-reduced in comparison to

    conventional rubber mats and is 100% recyclable. The front mats

    are attached to the vehicle floor using the integrated fastening

    system to prevent slipping. Colour: Black. See the attached price

    list for an overview of all available versions.

    Volkswagen Genuine Premium textile floor mats

    The textile floor mats, which are perfectly shaped to fit the

    footwells, are made from hard-wearing, thick woven velour.

    The front mats have Golf lettering. The front mats are fixed

    in place to prevent slipping using the points provided in the

    floor area. The anti-slip rear coating ensures the optimal

    positioning of the rear mats. Colour: Black. For the front

    and rear. 1 set = 4 pieces.

    Art. no. 517 061 270 WGK

    Volkswagen Genuine Optimat textile floor mats

    The Optimat textile floor mats combine the features of rubber

    floor mats with the elegance of textile floor mats. The U-shaped

    edge of these tailor-made textile floor mats safely retains dirt and

    moisture. The integrated fixing system and the anti-slip coating on

    the rear side prevent the mats from slipping. With Golf lettering

    on the front mats. For the front and rear. 1 set = 4 pieces.

    Art. no. 517 061 445 WGK





  • 04 05 06

    Volkswagen Genuine Transparent loading sill protection film

    The practical and perfectly fitting loading sill protection is made

    of transparent film and prevents damage when loading and

    unloading. For gluing onto the loading sill on the rear bumper.

    Also available in stainless steel look, see page 07.

    Art. no. 510 061 197

    Volkswagen Genuine Sill protector film, Black / Silver

    A detail which is both attractive and functional to protect the heavily

    used door sills in the front and rear entrance areas against scratches

    and damage. 1 set = 4 pieces.

    Art. no. 510 071 310 BXF

    Volkswagen Genuine Mud flaps

    Protect your own vehicle and the one behind from flying dirt,

    dangerous stone impacts and spray water with these extremely

    durable mud flaps.

    Art. no. 5G0 075 111 For front

    Art. no. 510 075 101 For rear




  • 36 | 37

    0201 03

    Volkswagen Edition espresso machine including espresso pods

    Ideal for espresso fans: you no longer have to find a service area to enjoy your

    coffee break. The mobile espresso car set means you always have your own small

    coffee bar on board. Simply stop for a break, connect the machine to the 12V

    socket inside your vehicle and enjoy a freshly brewed espresso. The set includes

    two break-proof espresso cups, a serviette and 25 espresso pods along with an

    elegant and practical storage case for the set.

    Art. no. 000 069 641

    NOTEThe set can be easily and safely stored using the storage

    case included in the scope of delivery.

    Volkswagen Genuine Clothes hanger 1

    Sometimes things just have to be crease-free: the stylish

    clothes hanger can be quickly and simply attached to the

    headrest bars on the front seats. You can hang up your shirts,

    jackets and other suitable articles of clothing, keeping them

    free of creases during transport.

    Art. no. 00V 061 127

    Volkswagen Genuine Snakey headrest hook

    Practical organiser in a twin pack: two-piece set for

    mounting to the front seat headrest bars. Simply hook

    on the things to be transported and off you go.

    Art. no. 000 061 126 A 041 Colour: Black (2 pieces)

    Art. no. 000 061 126 UHS Colour: Cornsilk Beige (2 pieces) (not illustrated)

    1 Only usable if a passenger is not seated in the rear seat behind it.




  • 04 05 06

    Volkswagen Genuine Waste container

    The waste container is a truly clean and simple idea. It can be

    simply placed in the cup holder and easily removed again when

    not required. This conveniently keeps the vehicle clean on long


    Art. no. 000 061 142

    Volkswagen Genuine Cool and thermos box

    Snacks at the right temperature for every occasion. The energy

    efficiency class A++ box is connected via 12V/230V, in the vehicle or

    at home. Two-litre bottles can be transported upright in the box which

    has a capacity of approx. 25 litres. It is delivered with battery discharge

    protection and a replacement insulation cover.

    Art. no. 000 065 400 F

    Volkswagen Genuine Clean Solution waste bag

    No waste, no worries: the waste bag can be attached flexibly to

    the headrest bars on the front seats. If a bag is taken out, a new

    one is automatically pulled into place. Included in the scope of

    delivery: two rolls, each with 50 bags.

    Art. no. 000 061 107

    02 03 04

    05 06

  • 38 | 39

    01 02 03 04

    Volkswagen Genuine Sunblind

    There are simply occasions when it is better for

    the sun to remain outside. For example, when your

    rear-seat passengers include children or pets. The

    Volkswagen Genuine sunblind can be used as

    optimal sun protection, as well as for thermal

    insulation without impairing traffic safety. It can

    be used when the windows are closed as well as

    when they are open. A set for the rear window

    and rear side windows.

    Art. no. 6R4 064 365

    DETAILSThe special structure of the sunblind provides optimum protection

    against sunlight and offers thermal insulation.

    Volkswagen Genuine Door wind deflector

    The optimal form of ventilation of the vehicle interior

    contributes to your driving comfort by improving

    the atmosphere inside the vehicle. Enjoy the circulating

    fresh air, even when it is raining or snowing, or avoid

    the unpleasant build-up of heat on hot days by

    opening the windows slightly. The low-maintenance

    and carwash-resistant wind deflectors are manufac-

    tured from high-quality recyclable acrylic glass.

    Colour: Smoke Grey. For the front. 1 set = 2 pieces.

    Art. no. 510 072 193 A

    Volkswagen Genuine

    Automatic cruise control system (ACC)

    Maintain your speed simply at the press of a button,

    and switch it on again after braking and/or changing

    gear by using the reset function. A maximum speed

    can be fixed using the additional Speed Limiter

    function which will not be exceeded, even at full

    throttle. Especially practical on long journeys or when

    travelling with a trailer. See the attached price list for

    an overview of all available versions.

    Volkswagen Genuine

    LED license plate light

    A real eye-catcher: the customised

    lighting at the rear provides even

    greater visibility for your license

    plate. Thanks to LED technology this

    striking lighting is both long-lasting

    and uses little energy.

    Art. no. 5G0 052 110




  • 05 06 07 08

    Volkswagen Genuine Auxiliary heater

    No more tiresome ice-scraping or freezing in

    the early morning: The auxiliary heater retrofit

    kit is fully integrated into the vehicle. All of the

    vehicles display and control functions can be

    used and the operation is already described in

    the Golf Sportsvans handbook. See the

    attached price list for an overview of all

    available versions.

    Volkswagen Genuine Fatigue detection

    A steering wheel held rigidly. Excessive steering

    movements. These are the first signs of sustained

    driver fatigue. If multiple indications occur soon

    after each other, the fatigue recognition system

    recommends taking a break thus helping

    drivers to make the right decision at the right


    Art. no. 5G0 054 801

    Volkswagen Genuine

    Park distance control system, rear

    The Park Distance Control system is automatically

    activated when the vehicle is put into reverse: four

    sensors and an acoustic warning signal help the

    driver when reversing into a parking space.

    Art. no. 5G0 054 630

    Volkswagen Genuine Rear view camera

    The Volkswagen Genuine rear view camera

    provides a realistic impression of what is behind

    the vehicle on the radio/navigation unit display,

    making reverse parking easier. Guide lines

    navigate you safely into the parking space and

    the high-resolution display means even small

    obstacles such as kerb edges are clearly visible.

    Art. no. 5G9 054 634

    03 05 07

    04 06 08

  • 40 | 41

    01 02 03 04 05

    Volkswagen Genuine

    Care and cleaning aids

    The care and cleaning aids have been

    developed to work perfectly together

    in and on the vehicle. Every product is

    ISO-certified and has also been tested

    and approved by Volkswagens central

    laboratory. For long-term, effective

    vehicle care which protects both the

    material and the environment. Please

    see the attached price list for more

    detailed information about the

    individual products along with the

    seasonal care and cleaning sets.

    Volkswagen Genuine Warning vest

    The fluorescent safety vest with

    Volkswagen lettering and reflective

    strips is approved as per DIN EN 471.

    Carrying a warning vest will be a

    statutory requirement for all vehicles

    excluding motorcycles and motor-

    homes as of 01.07.2014 in Germany

    and is already mandatory for all

    vehicle occupants in some countries.

    A storage bag is included in the scope

    of delivery. Colour: Orange.

    Art. no. 000 093 056 C 2LD

    Fuel canister

    A long journey and no service stations

    along the way? The 5 litre fuel canister

    you are always on the safe side and

    can bridge the distance to the next

    service station. The canister comes

    with two filling tubes, one for diesel

    and one for the petrol.

    Art. no. 000 093 060

    Volkswagen Genuine Breakdown

    assistance safety package

    The Volkswagen Genuine breakdown

    assistance safety package consists of

    a sensible selection of products which

    may be needed in an emergency. The

    products in each set are all delivered

    in a durable bag with two anti-slip

    fastener strips on the underside. See

    the attached price list for an overview

    of all available sets.

    Volkswagen Genuine Tyre bag set

    Protect your wheels. With the four

    robust, high-quality polyester tyre bags

    and wheel bolt bag. For tyres and

    complete wheels with dimensions of up

    to 18 inches, a 245 mm tyre width and

    a 2100 mm tyre circumference.

    Art. no. 000 073 900

    02 03

    04 0501


  • 06 07 08 09 10

    Volkswagen Genuine Tow rope

    Always on the safe side: the TV and

    DIN-tested tow rope can be used for

    vehicles with a gross weight of up to

    2,500 kg.

    Art. no. 000 093 014

    Volkswagen Genuine First-aid kit

    The DIN standard fi rst aid kit is an

    essential companion in case of

    accidents. Meets the legal requirements

    of 35h StVZO (German road traffi c

    regulations) and DIN 13 164.

    Art. no. 6R0 093 108

    Volkswagen Genuine

    Warning triangle

    The intelligently designed warning

    triangle has ECE test certifi cation,

    requires minimal storage space and

    can be set up quickly and safely

    thanks to its swivelling metal foot.

    Art. no. 000 093 057

    Volkswagen Genuine

    Wheel bolt locking set

    Secure your alloy wheels even more

    eff ectively against jealous thieves with

    the anti-theft wheel bolt locking set.

    Colour: Black. 1 set = 4 pieces.

    Art. no. 000 071 597

    Volkswagen Genuine Snox snow chain

    (powered by pewag)

    The innovative Snox system controls

    the snow chain tension completely

    automatically and adapts to the vehicles

    current speed smooth running is

    ensured. When the vehicle stops, the

    locks release automatically and the

    snow chain can be removed in any

    wheel position. A practical carry bag

    is included in the scope of delivery.

    Now with the new Quick-Release

    function for easier removal of the chain.

    Art. no. 000 091 387 AB

    NOTEOpens with a click: Quick-Release

    function for easier removal.

    06 07

    08 09


  • 42 | 43

    Wouldnt it be nice to look good while doing so? With the Lifestyle Collection

    from Volkswagen Accessories theres no need to worry about that. Simply

    show the world how stylishly sporty and quality conscious you are. Whether

    you are circumnavigating the Earth, going out for a drive in your Sportsvan

    or somewhere in between.

    NOTEFigure left shows: Golf multi-functional travel bag page 49,Volkswagen Genuine Bicycle helmet, Volkswagen Genuine Mountainbike

    On average people circumnavigate the earth four times in the course of their life.


    The complete Lifestyle Collection can be found at


  • 44 | 45


    FUNCTIONThe mood changes - and the look too:

    The reversible body warmer with a

    multi-coloured side and a medium blue

    side matches every mood.

    Ladies Golf reversible body warmer

    Wonderfully uncomplicated: The reversible body warmer with a warm padded lining made using recycled PET bottles and coffee grounds

    and features a complete front zipper which also runs through the hood along with two zip pockets on each side. Material: 100% polyester.

    Filling materials: 65% recycled polyester, 35% recycled coffee polyester. Colours: Multi-coloured/Medium Blue Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL.

    Art. no. 5G0 084 040 D 54W



  • 02 03

    FUNCTIONThe inside of the jacket has a cable outlet

    for headphones

    Ladies Golf outdoor jacket

    The greatest comfort combined with sporty design. Water-resistant outdoor jacket with removable lining

    and ventilation rivets under the arms and on the rear of the shoulders. Material: 100% cotton, waxed.

    Lining: 45% wool / 30% polyester / 25% viscose (body); 100% polyester (sleeves). Colours: Anthracite;

    Lining: Light Brown Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL.

    Art. no. 5G0 084 019 D 573

    Ladies Golf rain jacket with hip pocket

    Handles any weather: The waterproof rain jacket can be packed in the side pocket and worn as

    a hip or shoulder bag using the strap. Ventilation rivets under the arms. Material: 100% nylon.

    Lining: 100% polyester. Colour: Medium Blue. 2,000 mm water column, breathable 2,000 g/m/24 h.

    Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL.

    Art. no. 5G0 084 010 D 274

    02 03

  • 46 | 47


    Mens Golf reversible body warmer

    The reversible body warmer is made using recycled PET bottles and coffee grounds and features a complete front zip which

    also runs through the hood along with two zip pockets on each side. Material: 100% polyester. Filling materials: 65% recycling

    polyester, 35% recycling coffee polyester. Colours: Multi-colour / Dark Blue. Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL.

    Art. no. 5G0 084 030 AE 439

    FUNCTIONStreetwear for everyday: The reversible

    body warmer creates a cool and fashionable

    combination with every outfit.



  • 02

    Mens Golf rain jacket with hip pocket

    A convincing concept by any weather: The waterproof rain jacket can be packed in the side pocket and worn as a hip or

    shoulder bag using the strap. Material: 100% nylon. Lining: 100% polyester. Colour: Mud. 2,000 mm water column, breathable

    2,000 g/m/24 h. Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL.

    Art. no. 5G0 084 000 AE 439

    NOTEThe Golf multi-functional messenger bag

    can be found on page 49.


  • 48 | 49

    0201 03

    Golf thermos cup

    A cylinder which keeps hot or cold beverages at a constant

    temperature over a long period of time thanks to its opening

    and closing mechanism. Material: Stainless steel, brushed.

    Colour: Matt Silver. Filling capacity: 0.45 l.

    Art. no. 5G0 069 604

    Golf iPod neck cushion

    With two 4 Watt speakers, compatible with every music source

    such as iPods, MP3 players or CD players with a 3.5 mm head-

    phone jack. Materials: 85% nylon, 15 % elastane. Colour:

    Anthracite. Size: 30 x 30 x 14 cm.

    Art. no. 5G0 084 510 573

    Golf multi-functional travel bag

    2 in 1: Two separate bags each with a zipper which can

    be combined into one. Carry straps in safety belt look. Foam

    padding provides the bag with stability. Material: 100%

    polyester. Colours: Grey/Mud. Size: 64 x 23 x 35.5 cm.

    Art. no. 5G0 087 300 AMP




    FUNCTIONRelaxing music: Two 4 W

    speakers are integrated

    into the neck cushion.

    FUNCTIONOne bag, many options:

    The zip transforms the

    travelbag in an instant

    into two differently-sized

    individual bags.


  • 04 05 06

    Golf multi-functional messenger bag

    Too good to be left hanging: Shoulder bag/backpack with

    a 2-colour design, an integrated laptop slot and assorted slot

    pockets, carry strap in safety belt look. Versatile wearing

    variations. Material: 100% polyester. Colours: Grey/Mud.

    Size: 31 x 10 x 43.5 cm.

    Art. no. 5G0 087 319 AMP

    Golf Neolog watch

    One watch, three faces. At the press of a button you can adjust

    the display of the NEOLOG OS watch to match your personal

    preference: As a digital, grouped quantity or dice display. Water

    resistant to 5 atmospheres. Materials: Catch: Stainless steel, Strap:

    Silicone, anti-static. Colours: Strap: Anthracite, Watch face:

    Black. Watch face width: 3.6 cm.

    Art. no. 000 050 830 B 71N

    Ladies Golf leather bracelet, Beige / Anthracite

    The braided leather wristlet wraps around the wrist twice and

    its beige tone can be combined with numerous other colours.

    Material: Leather. Length: 59 cm. Colours: Beige / Anthracite.

    Art. no. 5G0 050 850 AVF



    FUNCTIONTimes change at the press of a button! The watch can be set

    to a digital, grouped quantity or a dice display.

    FUNCTIONVersatile: The backpack transforms

    into a practical messenger bag in only

    a matter of moments.

  • 50 | 51

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