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Google Analytics: The Very Basics - M2Con Digital Marketing Conference

Date post:11-May-2015
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You are invited to learn the very basics about Google Analytics (GA) from Brian McGrath. The goal is to have you leave with a working knowledge of what GA is, and be able to speak at a base level regarding this stats program. This Presentation Covers: - Things to know without ever having logged into an account - Main stats to look at within GA - Intermediate Tools that can help you do a lot in GA - Questions & Answers *Fair warning: This will be very basic. If you frequently visit Google Analytics, you most likely know all the information contained in this presentation.
  • 1.By The Time The Bell Rings

2. What Goes Into GoogleAnalytics? 3. One Stop Shop 4. GA Can Be Shared 5. You Need The Key 6. GA Is Not Natural 7. GA Does Not 8. GA Almost Has It All 9. Lets Head To A Real Account 10. http://www.google.com/analytics 11. Log In 12. Questions?Lets Talk 13. ThanksBrian [email protected]

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