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Google Mobile Marketing Playbook

Date post:11-Aug-2014
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Google Mobile Marketing Playbook
  • If you can, check out the website, www.themobileplaybook.com, from a tablet device Jason Spero with Johanna Werther
  • TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION Pg. 3 WIN MOMENTS THAT MATTER 01 How does mobile change our value proposition? Pg. 4 > Serving the mobile customer > The local mobile consumer > The price transparency challenge WIN MOMENTS THAT MATTER 02 How does mobile impact our digital destinations? Pg. 12 > Mobile-optimized websites > Branded mobile apps MAKE BETTER DECISIONS 03 Is our organization adapting to mobile? Pg. 17 > Mobile accountability and ownership GO BIGGER, FASTER 04 How should our marketing adapt to mobile? Pg. 21 > Search strategy > Mobile for brand building > Marketing channels GO BIGGER, FASTER 05 How can we connect with our tablet audience? Pg. 29 > Tablet Strategy CONCLUSION Pg. 34 ADDITIONAL RESOURCES Pg. 36 themobileplaybook.com 2
  • INTRODUCTIONMobile Changes Everything0 ver the past year at Google, Our goal is to help companies at all weve had the chance to discuss levels of mobile sophistication and the mobile revolution with experience to adopt the concrete hundreds of marketers, and mobile strategies that can help you the same theme consistently winand we dont just mean, winemerges from these conversations: in mobile. This space isnt a sandboxfor the majority of businesses we speak anymore; the mobile revolution iswith, the question is no longer sailing ahead at full steam, and yourWhy should I invest in mobile? customers are on board. Embracingweve all read statistics about the mobile can help you win thetremendous adoption of mobile and moments that matter, make bettertablet devicesbut How should I decisions, and go bigger, faster,invest in mobile? but youve got to start somewhere.We created this Mobile Playbook in At Google, we believe that yourorder to help you find answers. success in mobile will determineEvery company is different, but similar the future of your business. Letsquestions emerged from those make 2012 the year you make surehundreds of meetings. Weve distilled that future is a bright one.them down here into the five crucialmobile questions that every businessexecutive should be asking today.We also suggest strategies you canemploy to answer each of them:benchmarking the competition,understanding how your customer isusing mobile through focus groups 5 crucial mobile questionsand surveys, setting aside budget tolearn and iterate, talking to your agency that every business executive shouldpartners, and securing the internal be asking todayresources to get the work done andthe conclusions implemented. themobileplaybook.com 3
  • Win moments that matter01. How does mobilechange our valueproposition? themobileplaybook.com 4
  • Win moments that matter 01. How does mobile change our value proposition?Serving the Mobile CustomerC onsumers can now use Here are some more examples of brands smartphones and tablets that have thought deeply about what their to interact with businesses consumers want from mobile, and then proceeded to deliver it. 24/7, from anywhereat home, at work, on a bus. And companies that embrace this CHASEalways-on behaviorthe taxi serviceUber with mobile pickups, GrubHub A Chase banking app lets customers deposit checks via a snapshot and sendand SeamlessWeb for food delivery, via email, leaps in mobile functionalityand HotelTonights app for last-minute that might eventually let banks maintain fewer ATMs.bookingscan disrupt entire industries. INTUIT Users of Intuits SnapTax can file their taxes via smartphone.2 Just snap a pic of your W2, answer a few simple questions and youre done. Talk about offering real value!Extreme Booking with Hotels.comBoth Hotels.coms mobile website andthe extreme marketing they utilize to WALGREENSpromote it (their ads feature a videoof a man literally booking a room from Walgreens delivers what their mobile users want on their mobile site: thehis mobile device while skydiving) both ability to find nearby stores, prescription refills, mobile shopping and coupons.demonstrate their firm grasp of their As a result, Walgreens now completesbasic value proposition to business 25% of all prescription refills via mobile, more than two million people receivetravelers: the ability to book rooms text alerts, and customers can scan for coupons in-store. 3quickly and easily.1 themobileplaybook.com 5
  • Win moments that matter 01. How does mobile change our value proposition?ASDA Winning the moments that matter starts with understanding what yourGrocery delivery is very popular in the U.K. consumers want to do with yourSo Walmart U.K. subsidiary ASDA, knowingthat over half their online customers have business in mobile.smartphones, built a mobile site that letscustomers create and modify orders rightup to the evening before delivery. How can you zero in DELTA AIR LINES on the features that Airlines including Alaska, United and Delta matter most to your let passengers forgo those crumpled boarding passes and instead scan their mobile users? smartphones directly as they boarda feature that, by streamlining the boarding process, helps flights stay on time, and keeps tech-savvy business travelers loyal. LETS START BY DISCUSSING...STARBUCKSThe Starbucks app generates customerloyalty, and drives customer transactions,by letting more than one million coffee-drinking smartphone users locate stores,scan barcodes at the register, reload theirStarbucks Cards and share their locationsand favorite drinks via social networks. ACTION ITEM: DEFINE YOUR VALUE PROPOSITION BY DETERMINING WHAT YOUR CONSUMER WANTS TO DO WITH YOUR BUSINESS IN MOBILE. BENCHMARK AGAINST OTHERS IN YOUR INDUSTRY FOR IDEAS. themobileplaybook.com 6
  • Win moments that matter 01. How does mobile change our value proposition?The Local Mobile CustomerYour future customers are literally around the corner,and mobile can get them in your door.M obile site builder Digby reports that across all the mobile sites they have built, mobile customers use store locators 63 times for every one mobile commerce order (making these locators a valuable addition to almost any mobile-enabled website).Our own data suggests that roughly a third of all web searches have local intent. 5 themobileplaybook.com 7
  • Win moments that matter 01. How does mobile change our value proposition?HERE ARE BUSINESSES THAT ARE DOING A GOOD JOB EMBRACING LOCAL CONSUMERSby offering features and functionality tailored specifically to potential customers nearby:THE SPECIALTYSCAFE & BAKERY ZIPCARThe Specialtys Cafe & Bakery mobile site Zipcar knows proximity matters. So theirlets you skip the lunch rush by placing your app doesnt just guide customers throughorder from anywhere and picking it up the reservation process; it also locatesfrom the nearest store. Chipotle, Subway their car on the lot by honking the hornand others offer similar services. and unlocking the doors; the speediest way we can think of to connect consumer
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