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  • GOOGLEThe electronic Earth Holding all of us
  • INTRODUCTION Google is a web search engine that brings whatever information you need in world wide web in the form of web pages. Google Search is the most-used search engine on the World Wide Web. The main purpose of Google Search is to hunt for text in Web pages, as opposed to other data. Google Search was originally developed by Larry Page and Sergey Brine in 1997
  • GOOGLEThe Vision To make search engines so powerful they would understand "everything in the world".The Mission To organize the worlds information and make it universally accessible and useful.The Focus Google continues to focus on innovation and on the user experience.
  • Googles Philosophyo Focus on the user, and all else will follow.o Its best to do one thing really well.o Fast is better than slow.o Democracy on the web works.o The world is a wonderful R&D Lab.o You can make money without doing evil.o Theres always more information out there.o The need for information crosses all borders.o Great just isnt good enough.
  • Internet World Stats
  • Geographic Analysis
  • Nielsens Tops of 2011
  • GOOGLE TOOLS (PRODUCTS) Web Standalone Communication & Search Applications publishing Maps Ad Words Editor 3D Warehouse Ride Finder Gmail Notifier Blogger Analytics Hello Pack Calendar, Docs& Directory Photo Screensaver SpreadsheetsGoogle Mini Picasa Dodge ball SMS Secure Access FeedBurnerSearch Mash GTalk Gmail, Orkut SketchUp YouTubeAdvertising Desktop Reader AdSense Extension Mobile Products AdWords Blogger Web Blogger Mobile Audio Ads Comments CalendarClick-to-Call Browser Sync Gmail Grants Dashboard Widgets News TV Ads Send to Phone iGoogle Toolbar Reader Maps Mobile
  • Desktop products Earth -Virtual globe that uses satellite imagery, aerial photography and GIS over a 3D globe. Gmail/Google Notifier (Alerts the user of new messages in their Gmail account. Kingsoft / Google Dictionary Picasa (Photo organization and editing application, providing photo library options and simple effects. Picasa Web Albums Uploader An application to help uploading images to the "Picasa Web Albums" service It consists of both an iPhoto plug-in and a stand-alone application. SketchUp Simple 3D sketching program with unique dragging interface and direct integration with Google Earth. GOOGLE Talk
  • Desktop extensions Blogger Web Comments (Firefox only) Displays related comments from other Blogger users. Dashboard Widgets for Mac. Gears (Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari) A browser plug-in that enables development of off-line browser applications. Pinyin IME (Internet Explorer extension) (Google China) Send to Phone . Toolbar (Firefox and Internet Explorer) Web browser toolbar with features such as a Google Search box, phishing protection, pop-up blocker as well as the ability for website owners to create buttons.
  • Mobile products Google Mobilizer Makes any web page mobile- friendly. Mobile search Google Notebook View and add notes to your Google Notebook Mobile Updater (BlackBerry only) Sync for BlackBerry Synchronizes a BlackBerry calendar with multiple Google calendars using a Google Account. Android Platform (projects based on the Android platform including external libraries, applications, hosted services)
  • Commercial Products(Web products) AdSense Advertisement program for Website owners. Adverts generate revenue. AdWords Googles flagship advertising product, and main source of revenue.AdWords offers pay-per-click. AdWords Website OptimizerIntegrated AdWords tool for testing different website content, in order togain to the most successful advertising campaigns. Click-to-Call Calling system so users can call advertisers for free at Googles expense from search results pages. DoubleClick Internet ad serving provider. Grants -Scheme for non-profit organizations to benefit from free Cost- Per-Click advertising on the AdWords network.
  • Communication & Publishing 3D Warehouse Google 3D Warehouse is an online service that hosts 3D models ofexisting objects, locations .etc. Blogger Calendar Document, spreadsheet and presentation application, with documentcollaboration and publishing capabilities. FeedBurner - News feed management services Friend Connect Gadgets Orkut Groups Web and e-mail discussion service and Usenet archive. Reader SMS Channels (Google India Only) Questions and Answers (Google Russia Only) YouTube
  • Development Android Open Source mobile phone platform . App Engine A tool that allows developers to write and run web applications. Code site contains Open Source code and lists of their APIservices. Mashup Editor - Web Mashup creation with publishing facilities, as well as syntax highlighting and debugging. OpenSocial A set of common APIs for building social applications websites. Subscribed Links Web ToolkitAn open source Java software development framework that allows web developers to create Ajax applications in Java.
  • Mapping Maps Mapping service that indexes streets and displayssatellite and street-level imagery, providing driving directionsand local business search. Mars Imagery of Mars using the Google Maps interface. Elevation, visible imagery and infrared imagery can be shown. MoonNASA imagery of the moon through the Google Maps interface. Google SkyAn Internet tool for viewing the stars and galaxies, you cannow access this tool through a browser version of "GoogleSky". Ride FinderTaxi, limousine and shuttle search service, using real timeposition of vehicles in 14 US cities. Google Transit Public transport trip planning through the Google Maps interface.
  • SEARCH Web Search Alerts E-mail notification service Base Google submission database, Book Search Catalogs Search engine for over 6,600 print catalogs Checkout Directory (Google China) Experimental Search Finance Searchable US business news, opinion, and financial data.
  • Accessible Search Image Search Language Tools Life Search (Google China) Search engine tailored towards everyday needs, such as train times, recipes and housing. News Archive Search Patent Search Search engine to search through millions of patents Product Search (Previously Froogle) Price engine that searches online stores, including auctions, for products. Scholar Search engine for the full text of scholarly literature Sets List of items generated when the user enters Suggest Auto-completion in search results
  • Statistics Analytics Traffic statistics generator for defined websites, with strong AdWords integration. Webmasters can optimize their ad campaigns, based on the statistics that are given. Gapminder Data trend viewing platform to make nations statistics accessible on the internet in an animated, interactive graph form. Trends Graph plotting application for Web Search statistics Zeitgeist Collection of lists of the most frequent search queries. There are weekly, monthly and yearly lists, as well as topic and country specific lists.
  • Hardware products Google Search Appliance Hardware device that can be hooked to corporate intranets for indexing/searching of company files. Google Mini Reduced capacity and less expensive version of the Google Search Appliance. Other products: GOOG-411 Googles directory assistance service, which can be used free of charge from any telephone in the US and Canada.
  • HOW GOOGLE WORKS Googles success is mainly due to a patented algorithm called PageRank that helps rank web pages that match a given search string. The exact percentage of the total of web pages that Google indexes are not known. All the other competitors use keyword- based methods of ranking search results
  • core features in Google Instant:Dynamic Results - Google dynamically displaysrelevant search results as you type so you can quicklyinteract and click through to the web content need.Predictions - One of the key technologies in GoogleInstant is that it predict the rest of the query (in lightgray text) before finish typingScroll to search - Scroll through predictions and seeresults instantly for each as you arrow down.
  • PigeonRank Overview The heart of Googles sea
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