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Got Stress? Don’t Worry. Be Happy! Or “Whenever I feel blue, I start breathing...

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  • R E L A X

  • Stand-Up - Sit-Down

  • Blue Or Green

  • Red Or Orange

  • Dog Person

  • Cat Person

  • Brussels Sprouts

  • Bacon

  • $28

  • CommunityTurn a Me Problem into a We Opportunity

  • Who here is less-stressed today than you were a year ago?

  • Stupid question! You do know what business were in, right?

  • ACHE January, 2015:Financial challengesImplementing ACAGovernmental mandates

  • Revenue-producing censusTime-sensitive deadlinesRecruitment & retentionCommunity politicsCost containmentConstantly juggling financesRelations with boardInternal politicsReimbursementsHaving to do more with lessEmployee Morale

  • If youre stressed, so are your employees!

  • American Psychological Association: 75% Job is a major source of stress 54% Say stress levels are extreme 52% Say work is more stressful than home 66% Have stress-induced chronic health issuesWHO: $300 Billion

  • Still and Ill Since 1955: A Perfect Storm Overfed Under- nourished Overstimulated Overwhelmed

  • 60% 1,000% Sugar 200% Sodium 100% Fat 75% Calories

  • One Rotary Dial Telephone One Black and White TV with 3 Channels1955

    No Computer or Internet!

  • 1955

    No One Had Ever Heard the Word:

  • The Rule of 150The number of contacts we can manage

    We have more contactsin one day than our Grandparents had in their lifetimes

  • Our Stressors Have Evolved . . .Our Ability to Respond HasntMortal StressorsStarvationExposureCombat

    Modern StressorsOverloadBurnoutRole Conflict

  • 80 to 85 percent of all primary provider healthcare visits now have a behavioral component. Often Misdiagnosed

  • I Have a Scrip for That!Medication Nation

  • 19807% 2006 50%WWW = Wellness Wont WorkWorkplace Wellness Programs

  • One Little, Itty-Bitty Problem . . .

  • Honey, Im taking Rover for a walk.Thats good Dear. You both need to get more active.. . . Were Human

  • Theres a lot of ignorance out there, and a lot of what doesnt work is being put in place by employers.

    ~ Employee Benefit News

  • W L L N S S

  • Meaningful Employee Engagement

  • The worlds top-performing organizations understand that employee engagement is the force that drives performance outcomes.~ Gallup

  • You Can Not Mandate a Change of Heart Participation & Compliance are not Engagement

  • What happens when you mandate participation in a wellness program and penalize non-compliance?You Dont Win Hearts By Insulting Minds

  • Perception is RealityIs thisbeing done For me or To me?

  • Engage your employees in a voluntary team-building initiative that will improve morale, communication, productivity and health status.

  • Meaningful Employee Engagement

    2. The Realistic Expectation of Success

  • This is worth it I can do thisFor people to change satisfying and even deeply entrenched behaviors, they must believe two things:

  • When it comes to managing our health, most of us arent primed for success.TAB





  • Ask: Who wants to do a wellness program?

    Ask: Who wants to learn how to better manage their stress?Overcome the Obstacles to Participation and SuccessStress doesnt carry the same stigma as weight loss.

  • Startlingly Simple Strategy . . .. . . Share Good News

  • Heres Great News!(We just dont realize it.) Everyone here already has everything they need to take charge of their own well-being.

  • Learned Helplessness

  • More Great News!ModestChanges Produce Major Results!

  • Cut Your Risk in Half !Type II Diabetes:Lose 5 percent of your body weightStroke & Heart Attack:A 20 point reduction in BPKidney & Bladder Cancer:Drink five glasses of water each day.

  • Bye Bye 25 Pounds!

  • Reframed Conversation that is Positive, Personal And Relevant With each other and With ourselves

  • Scrupulously Avoid All Negative Messaging:

    Diet Exercise Fat Obese Wellness

  • Some Well-Intended Messaging Actually Repels Rather Than Engages

  • Its free, readily available, it fights stress, improves communication, morale and engagement, we crave it . . .and were good at it.

    Its the only way well turn a have-to into a want-to.Whats Fun Got to do with it?

  • The average 6 year-old laughs as much as 300 times a day!15 Times


  • You just got healthier!

  • Mind / BodyRelationship

  • Beginning with your first conscious act of the day . . .Gratitude Attitude

  • You Are Awesome!

  • . . . And throughout the day, be Mindful of the choicesyou make.

  • Avoid the Compare and Despair Trap

  • Non-Verbal Messages: 5 10 120 pounds BMI = 17

  • 5 4 163 pounds BMI = 28Always be a first-rate version of yourself instead of a second-rate version of somebody else. ~ Judy Garland, 1922-1969

  • . . . Downward Comparison:

  • Secret Weapon

  • You Are Awesome!

  • So, Whats the Bottom Line?

  • =This is Now A Family Finance Issue

  • Your hospital now spends $2 Per Employee Every Day just on Direct Medical andPharmaceutical Costs

  • Can You Make a Difference?If One Employee Reduces Their BMI by One Point (7 8 pounds), You Save $202. ~ Dee Edington, U. of Michigan

  • Can Johnny come out and eat?New Yorker MagazineAn obese 11-year old child is more than twice aslikely to die before the age of 55 than a child of normal weight.

  • This is worth it.

    We can do this!

  • *****

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