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  • Graduate Studies Office (GSO) Registrar ’s Office (RO)

    Sarah Hildebrandt, Director, Graduate Academic Services

    Ray Darling, University Registrar

  • Graduate Student Lifecycle • Recruitment

    • Admissions

    • Financial Aid & Awards

    • Student Records

    • Academic regulations (Academic Calendar)

    • Graduate Professional Skills

    • Thesis (including Three-Minute Thesis competition)

    • Graduation and Convocation

    • Postdocs (Postdoctoral Office)

  • Key statistics


    Applications/Offers/New Students (annual, headcount) 9,400/3,300/2,300

    Academic Programs 190+

    Enrolment (headcount, graduate) 5,200

    Percentage of international students (graduate) 34%

    Graduate Tuition and Grant Income $98 million

    Graduate Awards $99.6 million

    Degrees Awarded (annual) 1700

    Thesis (annual collection) 990

    Graduate Studies Office administrative staff 25+


  • Admissions

    • High percentage of international students – complex transcript and credential assessment, sponsorships agreements

    • Admissions systems

    • Early offers important

  • Records

    • Student academic records in Quest

    • Document management (OnBase)

    • Thesis submissions and graduation/convocation

  • Scholarships & Awards

    • Internal and external awards (e.g. NSERC, SSHRC, CIHR, OGS)

    • Eligibility, adjudication processes

    • Awards payments

    • Development of new awards (e.g. donor-funded)

    • Bursaries (financial need)

    • Awards database and other resources

  • Communications & Postdoctoral Affairs

    • Marketing (Discover Graduate Studies)

    • GSO website, Twitter, Facebook, enews

    • Graduate Professional Skills (GRADventure, Three Minute Thesis)

    • Postdoctoral Fellows

    • Graduate Studies Academic Calendar and program change processes

  • Registrar’s Office Overarching Goal

    • “We make academic dreams come true”

    • Three principles:

    • Academic & Financial Integrity

    • Client-Centred Approach

    • Employee Satisfaction

  • Scope of Operations

    • Marketing & Undergraduate Recruitment

    • Undergraduate Admissions

    • Undergraduate Records

    • Student Awards & Financial Aid

    • Convocation

    • 130+ Staff members

    • 12-14 Co-op Students

    • 50-60 Student Ambassadors

  • Registrar

    Associate Registrar, Admissions

    Associate Registrar, Records & Systems

    Assistant Registrar Assistant Registrar Assistant Registrar Director, Student

    Awards & Financial Aid

    Director, Marketing & Undergraduate


    Administrative Officer

  • Registrar

    (Ray Darling)

    Associate Registrar, Admissions

    (Andre Jardin)

    Administrative Officer

    (Debbie Knepper)

    Director, Student Awards & Financial Aid

    (Maureen Jones)

    Director, Marketing & Undergraduate


    (Tina Roberts)

    Associate Registrar, Records & System

    (Mary Lynn Benninger)

  • Associate Registrar,


    Assistant Registrar,


    Admissions Officers (12)

    Manager of Systems

    Manager of Admissions

    Admissions Coordinators &


    Coordinator of BASE

  • Associate Registrar, Records

    Assistant Registrar, Operations

    Assistant Registrar, Policy and

    Communications Customer Service

    Manager of Systems

    Manager of Course Scheduling, Exams and Convocation

  • Any quest ions?

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