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  2. 2. 2 Guanxi Global Copyright 2016. All Rights reserved GUANXI GLOBAL UK Ltd. 07494598 5 Percy Street, London, W1T 1DG, UK
  3. 3. Guanxi Global 3 Scanned by CamScanner Thank you for providing us with the opportunity to introduce Guanxi Global to you. Our intention with this corporate brochure is to provide you with an overview of our business to enable you to have a better understanding of who we are and what we do. There are three main aspects of our business which we feel are most important and cause for our success and we hope to convey this to you. These three main factors are that our business is primarily about people and service and that the heart of our business is our passion for bridging cultures of powerful entrepreneurs and investors from the West to the East. Our mission is to offer you, a service of the highest possible standard, tailored to your exact needs, delivered by highly competent professionals with expertise and integrity. We are proud of being your partner of choice to help you grow and expand your businesses and investment ventures on a global scale and if we havent had the pleasure of servicing you yet, we look forward to hearing from you shortly. We provide Market Expansion Services with a focus on China and we help companies grow their business in new and existing markets by bringing people together. Welcome Kathya Santos President and CEO Guanxi Global UK Ltd
  4. 4. 4 Guanxi Global Mark Snowdon Executive Director: Compliance and Marketing Guanxi Global UK Ltd. Isabella Hall UK Operations Director Guanxi Global UK Ltd. Our extensive range of expertise, global network and knowledge are at your service. We look after our customers by connecting them with key individuals, corporations and government bodies worldwide, to help our clients build businesses and preserve their wealth Meet Our Leaders
  5. 5. Guanxi Global 5 Wong Lee Khuan China Relations Officer Guanxi Global UK Ltd. Rafael Esposito International Representative Spain and USA Guanxi Global UK Ltd. Our strength and success lies in our ability to bridge the Western entrepreneurial culture with that of the East through mutual respect and understanding. Projects and investment opportunities are easy to come by; but exceptional opportunities that are unique and financially viable are those that we cherry-pick for our discerning clientele.
  6. 6. 6 Guanxi Global The core of Guanxi Global is its ability to bring entrepreneurs and investors alike from all corners of the world together. Wespecialise in bridging cultures through mutual respect and understanding. Our expertise is to grow businesses and expand their wealth on a global scale and our passion lies in developing long-term, successful relationships between the Western entrepreneurial culture and Asias entrepreneurs and investors, specifically, China. As the leading provider of Market Expansion Services with our focus on China, Guanxi Global is devoted to helping companies, institutions, individual entrepreneurs and investors to grow their businesses in new and existing markets. We are successful because we deliver the services and secure key contacts and form these vital connections for our clients to assist them in achieving theirgoals. Over the last decade, China and other countries in Asia have been expanding their businesses and investment interests into the West at a phenomenal rate. As our main focus is to facilitate the union from both worlds, and our customers needs vary dramatically, we are continuously adapting our strongly diversified and scalable service range, to our customers requirements to enable them to successfully integrate into the realm from the West to the East and viceversa. Bridging cultures and markets and adding value for our clients is how we nurture our customers wealth and their success. Our array of services is highly diversified to suit the needs of our discerning clientele GUANXI GLOBAL
  7. 7. Guanxi Global 7 and as such services may vary from identifying the right partner for your business to sourcing out the ideal investment opportunity to finding a buyer or a seller and all of the supporting services in between, to ensure your experience is as smooth and hassle free as can be accomplished within this high powered and complicated entrepreneurial sphere. Whats more, we also organise and host Private Expos, whereby providing our clients the opportunity to meet face to face, showcase their projects, businesses and ventures to a wealth of financially capable and interested investors on a worldwide scale. These expos are hosted in major economic hubs across the globe. Its simple; we create successful unions for building strong financially stable futures. Our main areas of expertise are: Sports, Real Estate, Finance and Technology
  8. 8. 8 Guanxi Global
  9. 9. Guanxi Global 9 1. We provide access to a global network Our unique global sourcing network and unfathomable industry expertise enable us to provide exceptional projects, products and investment opportunities to our customers. Our experts in their field, be it sports, real estate, technology or finance have got the experience and knowledge combined with our powerful contact base to enable them to identify unique opportunities and also, we can help identify and bring forth the ideal partner(s) for your business or venture, whose skill set, experience and knowledge combined with your own, create strong successful unions. 2. We enable businesses to expand without jumping in blindly At Guanxi Global we believe in limiting the risk factors associated with any business transaction or business development through the use of knowledge, expertise and sound research and market analysis. We take the information gathered from our research, combine it with our expertise, and turn it into strategic advice for our clients. 3. We fuel new opportunities your way Guanxi Global is endowed of a very powerful marketing and sales team. To this extent, we have the skill-set, in- house, to offer a fully comprehensive portfolio of marketing, branding, public relations and other services all relevant channels to market and to drive your business forward. 4.We look after our clients assets as if they were our own By using our expertise and knowledge, we bring forth opportunities that represent sound investments and we also provide consultancy services to help our investors invest wisely to help build and preserve their wealth. We provide our clients, on a commissioned basis, investment management and consultancy, seeking the best returns on their principal. A Comprehensive Portfolio of Services at Your Disposition
  10. 10. 10 Guanxi Global Trust, Transparency, Reliability, Expertise Guanxi Global is a peoples affaire. We believe that the fundamental value that lies behind every successful business is its people and the relationships they build and maintain. We offer a wide range of expertise, delivered by professionals of high calibre in a friendly and approachable manner. The team you meet from the start are the same individuals who will work with you and for you throughout your relationship with Guanxi Global. It is our goal and our aspiration to provide you with the personalised service you require, tailored to meet your exact needs and we hope you will develop a close working relationship with our team for the long run. Whilst we put into practice day after day these traditional values for conducting business; we are also very contemporary in our approach. We make use of todays technology to communicate, promote and drive our clients businesses forward to ensure that our services provided and our approach is in line with todays future and yourneeds. At Guanxi Global, we preserve the old fashion way of conducting business and adapt to the fast changing ways of our modern times. We believe this synergy between the old and the new is what paves the way to a powerful, successful and sustainable future for us and more importantly for you, our client. Our success depends entirely on yours. Thats how much you mean to us. Our Relationship with You
  11. 11. Guanxi Global 11 Our vision is to be recognised worldwide, as the leading Market Expansion Services provider bridging entrepreneurial cultures from the East to the West. To achieve this end, we steer a strategy which focuses on bringing Western vendors and entrepreneurs into contact with powerful Chinese investors with a thirst to invest or relocate their businesses into the West. We believe that there is a synergy between the West and the East, particularly China, because they complement each other in so far as their shared interests and needs. Together they have the strength to drive the world economyforward. The West has got invaluable assets to offer its fast growing counterpart in China. China has been developing a very boisterous economy over the last decade and as a result, has been producing millionaires on an immeasurable scale. In spite of its recent economic downturn, China is still producing significantly powerful millionaires who have got a bullish interest in expanding their wealth to the West. The cornerstone of our business is our ability to bridge Western interests with those of the East by supplying quality services, based on integrity, transparency, experience and best practices and standards throughout our entire organization. This efficiency and synergy across all sectors of our business, allows us to fulfil the diverse requirements of the clients and businesses we serve worldwide. We can achieve our goals and our vision with you onboard with us. Our Vision
  12. 12. 12 Guanxi Global Chinas Investments Into The West 2015
  13. 13. Guanxi Global 13 Chinas foreign investment is coming soon to a country near you! And its going to change the entire world. China investments abroad are massive, amounting to $870 billion at the end of 2015, (data released by the Heritage Foundation) The latest wave of investments has also come to Britain and its property and real estate sector. When China invests in one country, it quickly becomes the biggest creditor, sometimes to the extent of altering the economic and diplomatic scenario. In 2015 alone, China pledged investments of $20 billion in African infrastructure alone. China is a big lender to both Venezuela and Argentina, the two most troubled countries of theregion. The United Arab Emirates rising real estate sector is also becoming a new target, amounting to $5.5Billion. Indonesia has received $8 billion for its mineral resources, about the same in transportation deals, and $13 billion in the energy sector. In Europe Chinese investment equated $35.13 Billion In USA Chinese investment, equated $22.49 Billion In Britain Chinese investment $4.31 Billion In Germany Chinese investment equated $230 Million In France Chinese investment $2.71 Billion In Spain Chinese investment $850 Million In Italy Chinese investment $ 9.46 Billion In Ireland Chinese investment equated $2.64 Billion In the Netherlands Chinese investment equated $3.47 Billion In Russia Chinese investment equated $3.98 Billion In Canada Chinese investment $1.59 Billion
  14. 14. 14 Guanxi Global Investments Made By Chinese Investors Chinese investment group to buy 37-hectare Bordeaux estate One of Chinas largest hotel investment firms, has acquired 37-hectare Chateau de Birot in Bordeaux France. Financial details cannot be disclosed, but local government figures show that the price of vineyard land in this area in 2013 was between 7,000 and 30,000 euros per hectare. Chinese investors acquired OmniVision for $1.9billion Chinese investment firm acquired US based OmniVisin Technologies as part as a consortium for $1.9billion. Founded in 1995, OmniVision is a developer of advanced digital imaging solutions. For fiscal 2014, OmniVision reported revenues of $1.4 billion.
  15. 15. Guanxi Global 15 Chinas most powerful real estate group acquired stake in Swiss sports firm for $1.2 billion Chinas most powerful real estate group has acquired stake in the Swiss sports marketing firm Infront Sports & Media for $1.2 billion. Infront focuses on distributing media rights for broadcasting sports events including the soccer World Cup and several Olympic winter sports. The acquisition will see Chinas largest property developer which also controls the countrys largest cinema chain, take a 68.2 percent stake in Infront. (Infront generated about 800 million euros in revenue last year). UK energy firm Cotopaxi acquired by Chinese firm for $27 million A Chinese business firm has acquired UK consultancy company Cotopaxi for $27 million. Cotopaxi, a specialist in energy optimization, helps businesses save costs by becoming greener and more efficient in their use of energy. Three Chinese investment firms invested $35 million in Silicon Valley firm Scanadu Three Chinese investment firms, have invested $35 million in Silicon Valley firm Scanadu. Scanadu is a firm that makes a handheld device that measures five vital signs in about 30 seconds. Chinas Fosun to buy German bank H&A for $231Million Fosun International Ltd will buy German private bank Hauck & Aufhuser Privatbankiers for up to 210 million euros ($231 million), the first Chinese takeover of a German bank. Fosun confirms this acquisition will give them better access to future business opportunities in Europe.
  16. 16. 16 Guanxi Global
  17. 17. Guanxi Global 17 Guanxi Global World Class Private Expos Guanxi Global organises world class private expos in the major economic hubs around theglobe. These expos are by invite only and are not open to the public. They provide a great opportunity for businessmen, public and private organisations and corporations to showcase their projects, and meet face to face with vetted investors who all have the interest and are in a financial position to afford these high profile investment opportunities. It is also a wonderful opportunity for us at Guanxi Global to meet and greet our customers (you) and enjoy a lovely lunch together in prestigious venues across the worlds most dynamic cities.
  18. 18. 18 Guanxi Global THE POWER OF CONNECTIONS Guanxi Global enables Chinas business elite to develop great businesses on an international scale.The concept is founded upon several core values: TRUST Our success, shared with our partners and colleagues, is attained by our willingness for transparency in our journey and the relationships we forge and the trust we create. VALUE Essentially we are in the people business. We believe that prosperity is achieved by people working together, in harmony, towards a common goal with mutual honour and respect. DIVERSIFICATION Our partners and investors come from diversified backgrounds. Therefore, we collectively contribute to a wealth of knowledge and expertise in a wide array of disciplines. ETHICS Business ethics are moral principles that guide the way a business behaves. Our foundations are based upon respect, trust, transparency, commitment, integrity and belief. INNOVATION Our innovative approach is based upon human interaction and common objectives between nations and cultures. We embrace change and thrive upon pioneering new Business ventures. WORLDWIDE Our ethos is to unite the east with the west, through the collaboration of global market leaders to build and develop successful ventures worldwide.
  19. 19. Guanxi Global 19 HEADQUARTERS Guanxi Global UK Ltd 5 Percy Street London W1T 1DG UK +44 203 808 1137 [email protected] guanxiglobal.cn guanxiglobal.co.uk
  20. 20. Guanxi Global 20 Bridging the east with the west

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