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Guidance Booklet for Wards

Date post: 07-Apr-2016
Author: monina-sanchez
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Mon and Klaud's Guidance Booklet for their dear wards: Cielo, Jannico, Faye, Nicole, Mara, and Francesca. :)
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  • Message from Guardians Contents I. Grade breakdown

    II. Tips on committee performance

    III. Tips on events

    IV. Tips on guardian-ward tasks

    V. The executive committee and the ecosoc leadership council

    VI. The sigsheet

    VII. Tips on making tambay and socializing with members

    VIII. Tips on all your app projects

    IX. Tips on meetings

    X. Tips on your interviews

    XI. Other tips

    XII. Important ecosoc links

  • Grade breakdown 1. Committee Performance -15% 2. Required Events-10%

    [] Apps Orientation- February 7 [] Sem Starter- February 13 [] Eventology 101- February 14 [] Ecosoc Tournament- March 7 [] TF Movie Screening March 13 [] Seccom x Liaison ACLE March 26 [] Finance Fundraising Event pending date [] UPFront- April 8 [] Lit Night- April 17 [] Scavenger Hunt- April 25 [] SecCom Clean Up pending date [] SecCom PSD Tutorial pending date [] 5 counts worth of CDC events (crucial) [] Regular committee meetings Tuesday, 12:00 or as specified

    by the Chairperson (excused if you have class) [] Regular general meetings Wednesday, 12:00-1:00 (excused

    if you have class)

    3. GW Tasks- 9% 4. Execom ELC Evaluation- 8% 5. Sigsheet- 7% 6. Tambay Hours-7% 7. Internals Project-7% 8. Final External Project- 15% 9. Midsem Interview- 7% 10. Final Interview- 15%

    Tips on committee performance


    OUTSTANDING APP: Volunteer volunteer and volunteer!!!!!!

    More often than not, people would ask you to do things that youre

    not familiar with. Joining an organization opens up new and scary

    things to you that way, like marketing hahahah. But remember,

    dont be scared! You can always ask help and clarify what needs to

    be done! And we wont judge you for asking. In fact we would be

    more than happy to help, knowing that you want to do a good job


    Help out your Committee Head and Vice Chairpersons often! Offer

    your ideas, skills, talents, and resources when you can.

    Committee performance is also about the relationships you build in

    the committee. It really pays to be friendly and bibbo.

  • Tips on events Do your best to attend if not all then most of the Ecosoc events. Visibility

    and bibboness means a lot to people! Wag din visible lang, dapat

    nagiinteract din kayo with not just the Execom or your co-apps but with

    the members as well :D

    You are required to finish 5 CDC counts. We suggest you attend as many

    as you can but we hope that you would not attend just because it is

    required. We hope that you do them for the kids and because you

    genuinely want to.

    People usually appreciate it when apps do above and beyond what is

    expected of them e.g. helping out with ingress and egress of events,

    volunteering before asked upon, etc.

    Dont think just because you belong to one committee, you cannot get

    involved with the other committees. Like mentioned, feel free to volunteer

    in other committees projects when they need the extra manpower (they

    would usually ask for volunteers naman so you would know your cue

    hehe). Aside from the Execom bonuses you might receive, this can make

    you appreciate the activities of the other committees.

    Walang sapilitan sa Ecosoc! If you cant play a sport (because of a

    disability) then explain. But if you can, then its good if you try to play.

    People in Ecosoc like the spirit of camaraderie and sportsmanship!

    When there are events that your heads ask you to promote, try to always

    go online to share the post! Online presence matters in Ecosoc as well. :)

    Tips on guardian-ward (gw) tasks What are GW tasks? These are small bonding tasks to make the GW

    family closer and to make us eligible for a GW discount. Dont worry fun

    naman lahat toh so hindi niyo mafifeel na trabaho. :D

    Always make time for our GW tasks! Klaud and I will set dates and times

    for our tasks ahead of schedule so that you guys can get the permission

    of your parents din:)

    Be game for the tasks! To get an idea on the kind of activities we do for

    these tasks, refer to this page:


    Dont be scared to voice out your suggestions and ideas if you have any,

    okay? Mon and I wouldnt want that we would be just dictating stuff to

    you guys tas di niyo naman pala trip. Gusto namin maging fun for


  • The executive committee and the ecosoc leadership council




    TREASURER and FINANCE CC: Miguel Rey Ramos

    PRO and EXTERNAL AFFAIRS CC: Flora Anne Palabrica

    SECRETARY and SECRETARIAT CC: Raphael Jambalos

    ACADEMIC AFFAIRS CC: Irah Angelica Padilla



    LIAISON CC: Jean Adriel Arguelles

    MEMBERSHIP CC: Melissa Florence Sta. Maria


    SPORTS CC: Joseph Malcontento

    The ecosoc leadership council

    This is a team of vice-chairpersons and TF directors that serve to connect the

    Executive Committee and the members. You can find them in the sigsheet.

    The executive committee and the ecosoc leadership council


    The Execom and ELC evaluation may be mostly subjective. Its the grade

    they give apps for performance, bibboness, volunteerism, and contribution

    to anything in Ecosoc. This grade is subjective because its mostly based

    on how they, especially the Execom, see your performance and how you

    see Ecosoc.

    When an applicant is seen to be too bossy, or not too likeable (mataray,

    not respectful, hindi mabait sa apps and members) then the Execom may

    lower the grade it can give as penalty.

    When an applicant is really bibbo, sincere, genuine in serving, then the

    Execom can raise the evaluation grade.

    The Execom takes into account personal things about the apps that they

    get from your midsem and final interviews. Dont worry, they wont pry in

    your lives. Theyre just oncerned that you may be misunderstood at times!

    For example: you cant attend events because you live far away, but you

    do your best in contributing to your app batch and committee. The

    Execom can take that into account. :)



    The sigsheet is one of your most important applicant memorabilia in

    Ecosoc but sadly, youd have to surrender it to Mel at the end of the

    semester. :(

    It is important because it is where you record most your effort during the

    app process. Yes, you will be hunting members down to get their

    signatures! You will be completing requirements to get the sigs of the

    VCs, directors, and Execom. It will be hard, but it is what you might miss

    the most!

    Contrary to other orgs, your sigsheet has been printed and designed for

    you. All you need to do is complete the signatures of the members for

    points (see grade breakdown), and probably cover it with plastic to keep it

    from damage.



    Use it to get to know the members well. THAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THE


    NEVER complete it without interacting with the members

    From a mems perspective: ayaw na ayaw namin sa apps na nagpapasign

    nang di kami kilala, nang di nagtatanong nang maayos, nang

    nagrereklamo kung bat ayaw namin bigyan. You have to be respectful,

    and these tips will help you out.

    When asking for a signature, always do the following:

    o Approach the member and introduce yourself properly o Be sure you know what her/his name is, what her/his

    role/position is, and where she/he is in the sigsheet.

    o Ask if you can have her/his signature. If she/he has a requirement, make sure you know it para hindi nakakahiya.

    o Once you get the sig, thank her/him properly o Be friends with her/him! Sustain your bond/relationship hehe


    We dont have a tambayan, but Memcom might make the Lounge our

    Tambay Area. Common mistake of some apps: they think that making

    tambay means spending x number of hours to finish their tambay hour

    requirement! :( Tambay actually means spending time with the members

    and apps. You can play card games, write in your log books, chat with

    members, etc! There are LOTS of things to do. This is your time to shine

    as a great app and a potential new friend to these people. :)

    Never be afraid to talk to them! Some might look intimidating, but theyre

    actually really nice once you get to know them. Ecosoc is a home to

    different kinds of relationships. College isnt the place for status quos!

    Eww. People wont judge you for befriending a certain kind of person or


    But dont overdo your socializing to the point na youre not yourself

    anymore haha! Just be yourself!


    You will have an app head and department heads. It doesnt mean na you

    shouldnt step up to their levels! Always be bibbo and show your apps

    what youve got and how you can contribute to your project. :D Dito

    nagstart lahat ng members ngayon, and this helped us all establish good

    work ethics. Besides them being app heads isnt that of a big thing in

    Ecosoc. Weve known app heads who have been just that. Once they

    became members, medj naglax na sila with stuffs. Point is: that title is not

    a measure of your greatness in Ecosoc; consistency and love for the org


    Offer your help to your heads and other departments. If you know how to

    edit pictures, you can help the Publicity team. If you know how to bake,

    you can help the Sales/Finance team. If you think something is wrong,

    dont be afraid to point it out because it can help your team. :)

    When you need help in anything, ask the members for guidance as well.

    IF for example, hindi ka naman marunong mag marketing, dont hesitate

    ask help especially from your guardians! Hehe


    Attendance in all meetings is recorded, and it will be a big component of

    your grade (and how people will see you as an applicant).

    If you have classes during meetings (Genmeet, Commeet, App meeting),

    always tell your head that you cant attend. IF you are free naman, then

    go and always be early. :)

    Failure to meet the required number of meetings COULD be grounds for

    probation, or failure. :( So wag kayo magmiss! If you have a legit reason

    to miss the meeting, tell them immediately.

    Be prompt and punctual. Listen attentively, take down notes. Dont be

    afraid to suggest your ideas!

    TIPS ON ALL YOUR interviews

    Your interviews comprise the largest score in the app process. Make sure

    to do well in them! There will be two kinds of interviews: the mid

    semester interview and the final interview (FI).

    Midsem Interview components Ecosoc history

    Names, positions, trivia of executive committee, vice-chairpersons, and directors

    Names of the members of your committee

    Names of the members of the special committees (Scholarship Committee, Comelec,

    Constitutional Committee)

    Few insights on the app process

    Fun part!

    Final Interview components

    Written exam: basically the Ecosoc constitution

    Preamble, Mission, Vision

    Duties and responsibilities of members

    Grounds for probation, suspension, expulsion

    Responsibilities of all committees and special committees

    Few insights

    Oral exam

    Ecosoc song

    Insights on the organization

    Insights on co-applicants and application process

    Fun part

    Tip for midsem interview: all you have to do is really memorize your

    sigsheet. One way to make it easy for you is if you interact with the

    members, especially with the position holders!

    Tip for the FI: memorize the constitution early on as possible!

    Dont worry. We will give you reviewers for all exams. :)

  • Other tips

    Wala kaming tambayan now Which means that it will be harder for

    people to interact with each other (and it will be harder for you guys to

    find the members for your sigsheets hahahaha but we will help you with

    that). Members will be expecting the apps to be bibbo and to be really

    friendly to everyone in Ecosoc :)

    Your priorities are your committee performance, external project, and final

    interview since they have the highest contribution to your grade

    Love Ecosoc and be genuine!

    Theres this popular saying in Ecosoc that we want to instill in you guys as

    early as now and thats Love Ecosoc and it will love you back