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  • Guilford College United Methodist Church Non-Profit Org.

    1205 Fleming Road US POSTAGE PAID Greensboro, NC 27410 Permit #146 (336) 292-5833 Greensboro, NC Return Service Requested


    SUNDAY, DECEMBER 6, 12:00 – 2:00 PM

    Join us for an afternoon of Advent fun and service to our community! Grab a slice of pizza

    in the Rock and lots of sweet goodies and hot cider in the fellowship hall. Prepare a casserole for Partnership Village and Backpack families. Make an Advent Wreath for your home this season. Bring clippers, greenery and $5 for this activity. Lots of Advent activities and crafts to take

    home. Have fun with our Annual Cake Walk. Caroling at 2:00 pm at Brighton Gardens. If you want to make a light ball this year, Bob Tanner will be teaching us how in the 7-8

    th grade

    classroom. This workshop will begin at 12:45 pm sharp! The wire will be provided; you need to bring a strand of 100 lights, wire cutters and gloves. Volunteers are needed!

    Sunday, December 13th – Church-wide covered dish brunch at 9:30 am 10:30 am - Worship Service of Lessons and Carols by our Church Choirs,

    Handbells and Brass Instruments December 24, Christmas Eve Worship at 5:00 pm, 7:00 pm & 11:00 pm

    Sunday, December 27th One Worship Service at 11:00 am.

    Guilford College United Methodist Church

    strives to be a vibrant Christian community

    that transforms lives, strengthens believers,

    and equips disciples to live beyond ourselves

    in the light of Jesus Christ.

    Guilford College UMC

    Living Beyond Ourselves

  • CROW’S NEST Vol. XV, No. 18 www.guilfordcollegeumc.org December 2, 2015

    Tom’s Note…. Bill Henson used to tell the story about the city workers in Hamilton, Ontario who were trimming tree limbs when they discovered a nest of robins on one of the limbs. They decided they would trim around that particular limb. After the little robins flew away, the city crew came back and took down the limb where the robins had nested. When they looked into the nest, they found a raged, soiled piece of paper with some barely legible words: “We trust in the Lord our God.” Bill would ask the question: Who saved the birds? Who saves us?” I know we live in a volatile world right now. With a 24/7 news-cycle sharing everything taking place around the planet it is easy to get discouraged and depressed. The darkness of the season almost feels like the darkness that is attempting to kidnap our souls. It was into a dark time such as this that the prophet Isaiah spoke: “The people who walked in darkness will see a great light; on them the light will shine and they will rejoice before God as people who dance with joy at the harvest.” I am not advocating ignoring realities and putting our head in the sand. We should be terribly concerned about the darkness that is in our world right now, and do all we can to alleviate the suffering in our world. But as Children of God we have the hope of the UPPER STORY to cling to. It was into the darkness of Israel that Jesus came with the light and promise of God, and the world was never the same. Our hope and promise is that God will do it again. Could you use a little light these days? Solomon writes these words in Psalm 42: “Why should our hearts be sad, and yield to the world’s despair? Our God is faithful and true; his love is without boundaries; so I will put my hope in God and praise him all my days.” This Advent/Christmas season is a time to rekindle the light, the hope, and the promise of God. If you find the darkness of the world creeping into your soul – let me suggest that you raise your eyes from our LOWER STORY and follow Isaiah’s advice to look up to God’s UPPER STORY. If God can save a nest of birds, he can surely save us too. It is in that hope and promise that we rejoice. It is in God’s Light that we will find our way through the present darkness into the light of God’s eternal promise. See you in worship this Sunday, where we can share our light and joy together!

    OUR ADVENT SERIES LEADING TO CHRISTMAS November 29 – HOPE REVEALED December 20 – LOVE REVEALED We all experience times of failure like King Many say “Jesus is the reason for the David, but with God’s grace and forgiveness season.” Not true. We are the reason we can be restored and the future can be Jesus came into the world. We are the bright ones he created out of love to share an eternal relationship. This day we recall God’s love and the many ways we can

    express that love to one another. December 6 – PEACE REVEALED Solomon takes over for his father, and leads the nation with great wisdom. A time of peace is experienced like no other. Could a little godly wisdom bring peace to our time? December 24 – LOVE RECEIVED

    Make sure to join us for one of the December 13 – JOY REVEALED special services to make your

    We take a break from THE STORY until celebration complete and meaningful January. We will gather for a family brunch 5:00 – Children’s Service at 9:30 – and a great service of Music at 7:00 – Informal Family Service 10:30. Special musicians and soloists will join 11:00 – Traditional Communion Service our choir to celebrate the JOY of Christmas. You will not want to miss this great time to

    renew your heart and soul.

    http://www.sermoncentral.com/church-media-preaching-sermons/powerpoint-template-backgrounds/christmas-eve-1-605-detail.asp http://www.guilfordcollegeumc.org/

  • Caring Prayer Concerns: Reavely Williams, Diane Derrick, Polly

    Scott, Shirley Stout, Sue Frady, Pat Kittrell, Fran Cline, Edward Robinson, Barbara Hill, Jim Frady, Wes Brogan, Ike Efird, Dave & Terri Hastings, Liz & David Gamble on the mission field; families facing storms in life, the leaders of our nation and world, and those serving in the military.

    In Home and Senior Living Facilities: Don Beam, Rachel

    Brawley, Wes & Dot Brogan, Nellie Clifton, Ilene Cummings, Edna Derrick, Dot Evans, Gay Fischer, Jim Frady, Sue Gerringer, Florence Hardison, Terri Hastings, George Holmes, Sunny Horner, Jim & Pat Kittrell; Barry & Barbara Jones, Betty K. Kirkman, Betty Kirkman, Colleen McKoin, Polly Scott, Bea Seymour, Laura Tew, Tim Thames, Jean Wilson, Helen Wray

    Prayer Concerns - Extended Family: Tallmadge Durham’s

    daughter, Elaine Shelton; Nelda Grace; Bob & Marsha Cooley’s daughter, Penny Foschini; Bob Cooley’s brother, Jerry Cooley; Johnny Smith’s brother, Jerry Smith; David & Kathy Cosgrove’s daughter and son-in-law; Nancy Munday’s brother, Dwight Fraver; Bill & Daryl Watkins’ cousin, Brandon Dettaas; Becky Pearce’s mother; Jackie Firebaugh’s’s sister, Barbara Smith; Ybion Mlo’s brother, Suan Mlo; Dixie Branch’s mother, Kay Wiley; Wayne Wright’s brother, George; Mildred Mallard’s grandson, Weston; Melanie Crump’s dad, Dale Austin; Barbara Lead better; Harold & Mary Eagle’s son, Mark; Grace Murphy’s daughter-in-law, Melissa Haynes; Becky Archer’s sister, Mildred Hedrick; Ben Brothers’ son, Robert; our sister church in Kinanduba, Kenya


    Welcome New Member: A sincere welcome is

    extended to Lib Joyce who joined GCUMC on

    November 15th. Lib’s address is 4100 Well Springs

    Dr., Unit 1305, Greensboro, NC, 27410, phone #336-


    All the offering we receive this Christmas Eve will go to support missions around Greensboro and around the world. Half of what is given will go to furnish the school we are helping to build in

    Kinanduba, Kenya. Construction is well underway on the school our church has funded already; now we need a final push to get the desks, books and supplies that will make it fully functional. The other recipient is Community Housing Solutions. CHS works to make homes warmer, safer, drier and more accessible for families who couldn’t afford to have the work done otherwise. We plan to partner with CHS to build two wheelchair ramps in 2016.


    November 15: Greg, One & Galen Ellington; Bernice

    Newsome; Ruthie Devine; Jinx Woodward; Dorothy Zur; Cindy Armstrong; Jackie Hardcastle; Jackie Dougherty; Mike & Debbie Wagoner; Tim & Jackie Fennell; Maya Martin; Annika Spangard; Linda Ryan; Jessica, Jacques & Kyra Dalton; Zoey Payne; Ann Murphy; John & Barbara Blust; Christopher McLaughlin; Robert Gibson; Kathie Sheneman; Gloria Keanet; Grace Murphy; Betty Maher; Ganner Crocker; Julian McKinney; Johnny & Cookie Baynes; Adam & Courtney Daufeldt; Sara & Bette Franken; Lisa Leftwich-Kirby & Jon Kirby November 22: Larry & Barbara Mathews; Jody & Maya

    Martin; Jackie Dougherty; Cindy Armstrong; Mike & Debbie Wagoner; Meredith Lochrie; Maggie Rogers; Alan & Peggy Trent; Paul Kirkman; Lauren, Jeff, Lindsay & Zack McRae; Jackie Hardcastle; Jessica, Danielle, Jacques & Kyra Dalton; Be

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