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Hack Humanity - Hack The Workplace - Heroification & Gamification

Date post: 26-Jan-2015
Author: stuart-calimport
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Hack Humanity - Hack The Workplace - Heroification & Gamification - Heroification Process including Heroification Canvas
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Heroification Gamification
  • 1. Heroification + Gamification

2. Today 3. 13% of workers are engaged 4. Today 5. ~100,000 people died of ageing 6. Today 7. ~2,000+ people committed suicide 8. Today 9. 400 million animals were slaughtered 10. Today 11. Raise your expectations of tomorrow 12. Today 13. Dream bigger for ourselves and others 14. When surveyed about extended lifespans 15. Many people want extended life as long as they are healthy and happy! 16. People want to Feel Alive Be Alive 17. If feeling alive and being alive are your customer needsHow far can we take this? 18. Take your personal and brand promise to the next level 19. What does it take to really fulfill the personal and brand promise to serve others needs to Be Alive + Feel Alive? 20. What would the world look like now? 21. Everyone living and playing full out every day? Paradise-like culture and spaces? Infinite healthspans? 22. How can we fulfill on these promises? 23. Not by being who we were yesterday 24. Not by doing what we did yesterday 25. Not by having what we had yesterday 26. Dont be part of the problem 27. Ideate, create and propagate the solution! 28. Transform yourself and your venture 29. Lets play for Life and Aliveness as Heroes for Humanity! 30. Heroification 31. Heroism = Courage Excellence Serving others Departing from ordinary on a quest Mental and physical strength 32. The Heroification Process 33. Heroification of Self 34. Exercise 35. Heroification Canvas Ordinary SelfThreshold of Heroification Ultimate expression of yourself What would you look like now? Ultimate fulfillment of personal promise How would you live now? Specific vision of futureHeroified SelfMinimal Viable Expressions of Heroified Self 36. Heroification of Venture 37. Exercise 38. Heroification Canvas Ordinary VentureThreshold of HeroificationUltimate expression of your idea What would your life and the world look Ultimate fulfillment of brand promise like now? How would we live now? Specific vision of futureHeroified VentureMinimal Viable Expression of Heroified Venture 39. Gamification 40. You will never end up at at your destination if you arent going at the right speed 41. How fast can you iterate and grow to fulfill your personal and brand promises? 42. Examples 43. Potential Ordinary Venture Finding ideas which make you happy and correlate to health which might be used to predict and prevent depression or obesity Heroified Minimal Viable Expression Finding ideas that can extend healthspan and correlate to longevity predictors to attain infinite healthspan 44. Infinite HealthspansPeter ThielBill MarisJason SilvaAubrey de Grey 45. Interplanetary civilisationElon MuskPeter Diamandis 46. You mustnt be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling Inception