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Hacking,hackers,hackin effects,top hackers,harmfull effects of hacking

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Hacking,hackers,hackin effects,top hackers,harmfull effects of hacking
  • 1.Hacking MADE BY : DINESH ROLL NO. : CLASS:

2. What is Hacking ? 1.Hacking refers to the activities which are done to intrude some one elses personal information so as to use it for malicious, unwanted purposes. 2. Hacking is a term which refers to the activities aimed at exploiting security flaws to obtain personal information for gaining access to secured networks. 3. A typical attacker works in the following manner: Identify the target system. Gathering Information on the target system. Finding a possible loophole in the target system. Exploiting this loophole using exploit code. Removing all traces from the log files and escaping without a trace. 4. When someone hacks a computer or network system, it's typically for one of the following reasons: 1. Credit Card Information(for money) In recent years it has become increasingly possible for hackers to steal credit card information. With online shopping and online banking becoming more prevalent, the opportunity for a skilled hacker to acquire credit card information continues to grow. 5. 2. Identity Theft Hackers can potentially steal identity by simply hacking into a computer. With a stolen identity, a hacker can do almost everything. 3. Business Information In the modern world it is not at all uncommon for incredibly important business information to be stored on computers. Hackers can steal financial information, account numbers, and even client information. 4. Egotism Some hackers hack computers solely to prove that they can. These individuals may do anything from small-scale hacking all the way up to full-on identity. 6. 1. FINANCIAL LOSSES In 2011, Sony lost $170 million due to a hack of their PlayStation system. Also in 2011, CitiGroup lost $2.7 million and AT&T lost $2 million as a result of hackers. 2. LOSS OF INFORMATION Hacking often results in a loss of data due to files being deleted or changed. leak of top secret information could cause real-world security issues. Servers at the Pentagon, FBI, Interpol and NASA have all been compromised at various points. various points in the past ten years. 7. 3. $2 million Stratfor 4. $2 million AT&T 8. 1980s - Cyberspacecoined -414 arrested -Two hackergroups formed -2600published 1990s -NationalCrackdownonhackers -KevinMitnick arrested -MicrosoftsNToperating system pierced 9. Late 1990s Hackers break into and defacefederal Web sites, including the U.S. Department of Justice, U.S. Air Force, CIA, NASA and others. 2013,India : Rs 2.4 crore heist by cyber criminals who hacked into the Mumbai-based current account of the RPG Group of companies. 2011 ,Japan: Sony PlayStation Network Hack To Cost $170 Million. 10. 1.USA 2.China 3.Turkey 4.Russia 5.Taiwan 6.Brazil 7.Romania 8.India 9.Italy 10.Hungary 11. Thank you

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