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Hallandale beach personal injury lawyers

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  2. 2. Stay put at the site of the accident1 IMPORTANT THINGS Ensure that all drivers and passengers are okay 2 Call the proper authorities3 TO REMEMBER AFTER YOUVE BEEN IN AN ACCIDENT 4 5 Beware of early settlement offers Hiring your own attorney is a good option
  3. 3. STAY PUT AT THE SITE OF THE ACCIDENT Unless you have been advised to leave the site of the accident by the proper authorities, it is always best that you stay put at the accident site. If the accident involved injuries or if someone has been killed, criminal charges could be brought against you for leaving the accident site.
  4. 4. ENSURE THAT ALL DRIVERS AND PASSENGERS ARE OKAY Immediately after an accident has taken place, it is important that you ensure that everyone involved is okay. Make sure you call for medical assistance, if required, and assess for any property damage.
  5. 5. CALL THE PROPER AUTHORITIES After evaluating the condition of everyone involved and assessing the damage caused, you may need to call the police if serious physical injury has occurred or someone has died.
  6. 6. When accidents take place, it is not uncommon for insurance companies to approach those involved with early settlement offers. In such cases, it is important that you go through all the fine print and ensure that you dont settle unless convinced of the offer. Make sure you consult an experienced Hallandale Beach personal injury attorney before signing any settlement documents. Beware of early settlement offers
  7. 7. HIRING YOUR OWN ATTORNEY IS A GOOD OPTION After having met with an accident, having a competent Hallandale Beach personal injury lawyer can prove to be priceless. Good attorneys help you analyze your situation and offer you good advice regarding the future course of action.
  8. 8. For any further information or to discuss your case please contact us at 954-248-3342 or 954-961-2082 and get free consultation. You can also email us at [email protected] " www.schiffrinpa.com " CONTACT MARK SCHIFFRIN P. A. LAW FIRM

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