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HDX 9002 Product Briefing October 2006
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HDX 9002 Product Briefing

October 2006

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Introduction to Polycom UltimateHD™

UltimateHD Benefits and Applications

Product overview

How it fits in the Polycom video family

Key Features and Benefits

HDX Signature Benefits

HDX 9002 leadership options

Getting connected



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What are the benefits of UltimateHD?What are the benefits of UltimateHD?High definition is only a measure of image resolution

UltimateHD is an experience!

Polycom HDX improves each communication experience in

every way with UltimateHD HD Voice allows you to distinctly hear every sound you need to

hear and none that you don’t

– Eliminating conference fatigue while adding richness and clarity to each voice and audio input

HD Video provides the sharpest, clearest images in vivid, natural color and full motion

– Never miss a single expression and savor every detail

HD Content allows you to share your work in any application

– From PC screens to HD doc cams and DVD players your value will come through in perfect detail and full motion

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Why does UltimateHD matter?Why does UltimateHD matter?Organizations are facing incremental communications challenges:

Globalization, mergers/acquisitions and outsourcing/offshoring

Travel restrictions/security, cultural/language differences, workforce mobility and telecommuting

UltimateHD enhances every communication allowing customers to:

Make informed decisions…faster

Experience every critical detail…perfectly

Share their complete work…demonstrate their full value

Enhanced communications delivers the competitive edge

Reduce product development cycle and speed time to market

Increase collaborative teamwork and efficient knowledge sharing

Improve relationships across the organization and extended teams

Leverage resources and increase profitability

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Make informed decisions…fasterMake informed decisions…faster

Manufacturing / Design

• See even the smallest details in stitching, seams and fabrics

• Make confident, educated real-time decisions

• Agree to that design change right now!

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Experience every critical detail…perfectlyExperience every critical detail…perfectly

Legal Depositions and Negotiations

• Don’t miss a single, subtle expression or facial twitch

• Hear even the slightest verbal cue from client / defendant

• Know exactly when to press your point or push your issue

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Share your work; Share your work; Demonstrate your valueDemonstrate your value

Consulting, R&D

• Drawings, videos and presentations in precise High Definition

• Use an HD doc cam and DVD or share PC blueprints/drawings

• Differentiate yourself and land the big contract

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The UltimateHD Advantage in Vertical Markets

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The Promise of Telemedicine FulfilledThe Promise of Telemedicine Fulfilled

Extraordinary video quality leads to

extraordinary patient care Communicate with field experts quickly

and easily for second opinions See every detail of an x-ray, MRI, or lesion

and make patient decisions in real-time using HD doc cameras or high resolution PC images

Educate the next generation of health care providers by

sharing cutting-edge surgical techniques over distance Viewing every detail of live surgery allows remote field experts to

participate and students to learn without having to be in the room Attach multiple HD devices for assistance during a procedure

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Enhancing the Quality of EducationEnhancing the Quality of EducationHear every detail when teaching music over distance Allows specialty schools and universities to reach out to more students

and train them in musical disciplines HD Voice makes the technology transparent so that the teacher can

focus on the student and vice-versa

Experience cultures and remote locations in high definition without leaving the classroom Ancient artifacts or art in museums Undersea explorations Space shuttle launches Classrooms across the world

Exceptional video is a requirement for the hearing-impaired community See every hand motion and every expression Read lips over video

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Enabling Real-Time Decisions in GovernmentEnabling Real-Time Decisions in GovernmentCommunicate with other governments with

confidence and make decisions in real-time HD voice allows each voice to be heard and

understood, even in multi-lingual conversations Clearly see facial expressions, hand movements,

body language to help forward negotiations

Save time and resources, while increasing safety Arraign prisoners remotely and ensure that every nuance is

heard, seen and recorded Share evidence and exhibits in high definition

First responders can communicate clearly and make life

and death decisions in times of crisis HD voice and HD video makes the technology transparent,

allowing critical scenes to be viewed and decisions to be made

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HDX 9002: Positioning and Features

Page 14: HDX 9002 Briefing.ppt

Polycom HDX 9002Polycom HDX 9002Polycom’s performance integrator codec combining extreme

performance with maximum flexibility

Incorporating HD voice, HD video and HD content sharing for

the UltimateHD experience

Multiple HD video inputs and outputs with professional,

standards-based connectors

High definition video quality (720p) at data rates starting at

1Mbps, as well as excellent video quality at lower data rates

Superior audio performance using the most advanced audio

standards and technology, including Siren™22 and


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HDX Positioning within Polycom Video SystemsHDX Positioning within Polycom Video Systems

Enterprise, Healthcare, Education, Government

Desktop Small/Med Group Performance Professional

VSX 7000e

HDX 9002

VSX 7000s

VSX 8000

Conference Environments

SOHO/Small Businesses / Organizations

HDX 9001

Integrator Class

VSX 5000

HDX 9000 Series

VSX 3000

PVX V500

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Polycom HDX 9002Polycom HDX 9002 Key Benefits & Features: Key Benefits & Features:

Make real-time decisions, increase productivity Premium high definition conferencing with maximum flexibility

Save thousands in media transport costs (satellite, etc.)

Up to 4Mbps total bandwidth

Sharp, clean video shows details 720p, 30fps video quality from 1Mbps

Increased video resolution at lower data rates 4CIF/4SIF video quality at data rates as low as 256Kbps

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Polycom HDX 9002Polycom HDX 9002 Key Benefits & Features: Key Benefits & Features:

Hear every detail…voices, sounds, music Highest quality audio with Siren22™, 22kHz, including


HD technology is moving fast Powerful platform built for future expandability and upgrades

Bring the whole team together seamlessly 4-way internal MCU option with video and audio transcoding

Share CAD drawings, videos, etc. in HD 4 video inputs – all HD capable, 3 video outputs

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HDX Signature BenefitsHDX Signature Benefits

HD Video provides incredible video quality: HD from 1Mbps,

and SD from 256K – 768K

HD Voice brings amazing acoustical clarity for voices

and music Polycom Siren™22 Polycom StereoSurround™ HDX Digital Microphone Array with multiple microphones for true


HD Content allows users to share the details of any

media, object and document with the far end People+Content IP for cable-free data sharing Become part of your presentation with People On Content™

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HDX 9002 Leadership OptionsHDX 9002 Leadership Options

Polycom EagleEye – High definition camera proving 60fps at 720p, up to 99 presets and over 270 degree field of view

MPPlus –4-way internal MCU including H.264 support, cascading, audio transcoding, video transcoding

People On Content ™ – Become part of your presentation with this unique chroma key technology

Multiple network interfaces – easily add ISDN/PRI/V.35

Executive Collection – stylish cart and displays that complement any executive meeting room, classroom, or boardroom

Page 20: HDX 9002 Briefing.ppt

Polycom HDX 9002 BundlesPolycom HDX 9002 Bundles

HDX 9002 XL HDX 9002 XLP

2 HDX Microphone Arrays 2 HDX Microphone Arrays

People+Content™ People+Content™

People+Content IP™ People+Content IP™

EagleEye HD camera EagleEye HD camera

4 video inputs 4 video inputs

3 video outputs 3 video outputs

2 audio inputs/2 audio outputs 2 audio inputs/2 audio outputs

2Mbps data rate 4Mbps data rate

HD (720p) at 1Mbps+ HD (720p) at 1Mbps+

  4 way MPPlus

  People On Content ™

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HDX 9002HDX 9002

Video Outputs (3)Video Inputs (4)

Analog Audio I/O

(2 IN / 2 Out)Digital Audio (4 Mic Arrays)

RS 232


Bay for Circuit-Switched Modules



IR Receiver

Page 22: HDX 9002 Briefing.ppt

Designation VCR (SD only) ContentConnector 2-BNC DVI-I 2-BNC DVI-I 2-BNC DVI-I

Svideo VGA Svideo VGA Svideo VGAComposite DVI Composite DVI Composite DVI

HDMI HDMI HDMI Component Component Component


Monitor 1 Monitor 2


HDX 9002 Video CapabilityHDX 9002 Video Capability

Input # 1 2 3 4Connector HDCI HDCI 2-BNC DVI-I

Composite Composite CompositeSvideo Svideo Svideo

VGAComponent Component


Association audio 2 no audio


Page 23: HDX 9002 Briefing.ppt


Connector Phoenix Phoenix Phoenix Phoenix

mono mono mono mono

Mix system + far + content near + system + content + far


stereo stereoType

Audio Main Aux1


Input #Usage

Connector Phoenix Phoenix Phoenix Phoenix

w/ power mono/mic/line mono/mic/line

w/o power mono/mic/line mono/mic/line mono/line mono/line

w/o powerassociation

Audio Main VCR

unassociated with video associated with video input 3





HDX 9002 System Audio CapabilityHDX 9002 System Audio Capability

Page 24: HDX 9002 Briefing.ppt

Polycom: HD Polycom: HD WithoutWithout Compromise Compromise

* No HD systems available at this time.

Page 25: HDX 9002 Briefing.ppt

Landscape for HD DeliveryLandscape for HD Delivery

Page 26: HDX 9002 Briefing.ppt

Every Application is Better with HDXEvery Application is Better with HDXSuperior visual images with EagleEye HD camera and HDX video processing Camera outperforms LifeSize camera in every test (zoom, presets,

multiple HD inputs, standard connectors); Tandberg camera still unavailable for test

Codec has more pure power than Tandberg or LifeSize Video capabilities far exceed anything in the market

Superior sound with the clearest, cleanest audio Only Polycom has StereoSurround – and customers notice the

difference! Siren22 takes audio to the next level – outperforms any competitor in

the market in side-by-side evaluation

Only HDX offers full frame rate HD Content!

Invite customers to experience UltimateHD - You will NOT lose!

Page 27: HDX 9002 Briefing.ppt

HDX 9002 SummaryHDX 9002 Summary

Designed by integrators, for integrators providing

unmatched flexibility, power and performance

Delivers the ultimate video conferencing experience with

HDX signature benefits and leadership options UltimateHD: HD voice, HD video, HD content

Takes any video conferencing application to a new level,

and opens the door for new applications

Part of the award-winning Polycom video family of products

The best HD system in the market – far exceeds the


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Thank you!