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Healing With the MastersTM Presents:

The DAILY WORK TELESEMINAR Volume III Gregg Braden March 23, 2009


The Daily Work Teleseminar March 23, 2009: Gregg Braden

Healing With The Masters The Daily Work Teleseminar Series Gregg Braden


New York Times bestselling author Gregg Braden is internationally renowned as a pioneer in bridging science and spirituality. Following a very successful career as a computer geologist for Phillips Petroleum during the 1970s energy crisis he became a senior computer systems designer for Martin Marietta Defense Systems during the last year of the cold war. In 1991 he was appointed the first technical operations manager for Cisco Systems where he led the development of the global support team that assures the reliability of todays internet. So for more than 20 years Gregg has searched high mountain village, remote monasteries and forgotten texts to uncover their timeless secrets. Today his work has led such paradigm-shattering books as The Isaiah Effect, The God Code, The Divine Matrix and The Spontaneous Healing of Belief which was released last year. Its about shattering the paradigm of false limits. Greggs work is now published in 17 languages in 27 countries and shows us beyond any reasonable doubt that the key to our future lies in the wisdom of our past. He continues that with his new book In Fractal Time: The Secret of 2012 and A New World Age. Very exciting title. Very interesting to many. And Gregg told me yesterday that it looks like hes going to be on the New York Times bestseller list by next week which is very exciting because it also shows I think the global interest in this topic. So Gregg merges the modern discovery of natures patterns, fractals with the ancient view of cyclic universe, the result of the powerful model of time, fractal time and a realistic window into what we can expect from our lives and for the world as we approach 2012, the end of the current world age and beyond. We have the opportunity to choose our future. Can we create a new epoch of peace, cooperation and healing is definitely the question that well be exploring tonight. So Gregg, thank you once again for joining us on Healing WithThe Masters. We are delighted to have you back again. Last years call was the last of the sessions and it was probably one of the most powerful. Its like we created a little moment of coherence on that call I think.


Jennifer, first I am absolutely thrilled to be on this program tonight. I just want to thank you for inviting me back. I was on last fall and it seems like its only been a few months. But weve got a whole new book and a lot of new material to cover. So I want to thank you first just for being such a gracious host because our time is going to go quickly and I may not get to do it at the end. And then I want to thank you for your dedication in all the work that it takes to put this kind of a2 Copyright 2008, all rights reserved Jennifer McLean Healing Release, www.healingrelease.com

The Daily Work Teleseminar March 23, 2009: Gregg Braden

program together, your vision that had to happen before that. And I want to thank every single person thats on this call tonight. I want to let you know how much I love you and I love all that youve done in your world and your lives to bring us to the point where we are on this planet today. And these calls are so important because this is where change begins. It takes five to eight years for new ideas to trickle down through our textbooks into the classrooms and become accepted broadly in academia. And the kinds of change were talking about right now is happening so quickly, five to eight years later its all over. So we have this rare, precious, beautiful opportunity of a little over an hour together tonight to cut right to the bottom of a lot of myths, a lot of misunderstandings about our time in history, great cycles of time, and the opportunities that are available to every one of us to literally cast a vote of consciousness in terms of where were going and how this time in history, this rare pivotal moment that were all feeling right now in our lives, how this turns out. Because every one of the ancient traditions says were writing the ending of this chapter in our history while were being given the challenges and nobody knows how its going to come out. Were choosing it. So Jennifer I want to thank you and say those things as we go into our program tonight. Jennifer: Wow. Thank you so much. Youre so gracious as always. And I do want to mention that you mentioned to me yesterday that one of the audios of your book seem to be selling equally if not better than the book itself. And I would like to point out to everyone so that theyre kind of holding this consciousness a little bit, I believe that Gregg has a very healing energy in his aura and in how he presents things. And in particular that comes out in his voice. So I was just kind of getting the audience to kind of open their hearts a little bit and open their ears to allow the energy of Greggs voice and vision to enter you. So kind of just enter a bit of a meditative state. Take a nice deep breath everyone and open yourself to this information because its really wonderful and profound. So lets get started, shall we? Absolutely. Im going to follow your lead. And we can go anywhere you choose to go for this next hour. Well, lets go with 2012. What is 2012 all about/ Wow. This is fascinating for me. I was actually working as a senior computer software designer during the last years of the Cold War in Denver Colorado where its snowing right this minute in the mid 1980s when someone asked me that question Jennifer. They asked me what I thought about 2012. And Ive got to be absolutely honest I had no clue what 2012 is. It was a year I thought. And I said whats the big deal about 2012. And they said its a special mystical year. And I thought why not a really cool even round number like 2000 or 2020 maybe. Why 2012. And of course back in the 80s 2012 seemed like a lifetime into the future.3 Copyright 2008, all rights reserved Jennifer McLean Healing Release, www.healingrelease.com


Jennifer: Gregg:

The Daily Work Teleseminar March 23, 2009: Gregg Braden

And I began a journey to understand what that date meant to me. And I quickly understood and discovered that the only way that date was going to make any sense was if I began to understand huge cycles of time and how earths relationship to other heavenly bodies changes within those cycles of time and how those changes bring profound changes to the physical reality of planet earth and the people that are living during those periods of time. Its a journey that continues. It has been 22 years in the making. The book Fractal Time: The Secret of 2012 and The New World Age, what I knew as of the time that this book was being written in 2007 and 2008. And it all centers around our relationship to these powerful bodies of energy in the heavens and how we go through these cyclic changes in our lives. So what came very quickly, the bottom line for me is that I discovered that earth does go through cyclic changes. And each time the cycles occurred, Jennifer, the conditions for each new cycle are very similar, not identical, but theyre similar to the conditions that have already happened in the past. And what that told me was that whatever is going to happen on this 2012 date, the mystical end date of the last cycle of the Mayan calendar, whatever is going to happen on that date or in that zone of time, maybe not on that specific day, to some degree has already happened in the past. And if we know how to read the cycles of time, if we know how to look in the past we can give ourselves some really concrete ideas, factual ideas based in factual discoveries of what we can expect. Because for many people, and as I travel the world Im finding this, and Im sure a lot of our listeners are finding the same thing. I think to a large extent were speaking to the choir tonight. Im going to call all of us on this call the choir because we talk about this stuff all the time. But what Im finding is as I travel the world there are a lot of people that dont talk about this stuff all the time. And the first insight that theyre having into the mystery of 2012 is coming through the very frightening documentaries that are being carried on the cable channels. And if they miss those there is a Hollywood full length motion picture complete with very frightening special effects thats going to be released toward the end of 2009 simply titled 2012. And all of these very frightening images are portraying, literally portraying the end of the world as we know it now. And there are survival groups throughout the world in North America, in Europe, in Australia, that have already gone into bunkers and taken provisions because they believe we are so close to what they have perceived and interpreted as the end of the world. So in the 80s when I would ask people, I would say what does this date mean to you, for every person I asked I got different ideas. Some people told me its the end of the world and other people literally said its the beginning of a thousand years of peace and they couldnt wait for it to get here. I knew it probably was going to be both so my man brain wanted to know which is it? How could I make sense of what was happening? And that has led me on a journey to what we will4 Copyright 2008, all rights reserved Jennifer McLean Healing Release, www.healingrelease.com

The Daily Work Teleseminar March 23, 2009: Gregg Braden

be discussing tonight. So I would like to begin. Could I share just three discoveries that modern science has made in the last few years that link us into the ancient wisdom and the traditions of this date. Are you okay if we talk about that first? Jen

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