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Energy Management, Sustanbility, Energy Effeciency Startegic Business Deceision Making, Path breaking ideas
  • 1 | December 2011 Healthcare ExEcutivE


    Challenges:Hospitals are now

    waking up to increasing fire safety

    BGS Global: Backed by a Legacy The home of Indias leading medical minds

    A Synonym to Excellence: Dr. Naresh Trehan

    Maintaining sustainability by energy efficiency


    Vol 1 Issue 1 | February 2012 | `100

    A i d i n g s m a r t b u s i n e s s d e c i s i o n s



    article fro







  • Healthcare ExEcutivE February 2012 | 3

    Dear Friends,

    Its been a long journey of 15 years for HOSMAC. Since the time HOSMAC was

    founded, I have always believed that there was a gap for information in our in-

    dustry. Since then while,we went about setting up HOSMACs business, in small

    ways we were always making attempts to bridge this gap.

    The last few years have seen rapid growth and the information need gap

    suddenly has increased. We at HOSMAC have been feeding information to you

    in some way. Our first initiative was the HOSMAC Pulse, which received much

    appreciation from the select audience which it addressed. But with the grow-

    ing e-world, we had to get something which addressed you daily and hence we

    launched Healthcare Business alerts. These alerts have been growing steadily

    with more and more of you subscribing to the same.

    It was now time for us to get into the next level and cover a larger audience

    who could benefit from our initiatives. Hence, what you are holding now is the

    result of extensive research and thoughts put together. Due to our experience of

    working with you, we realised the areas of information that you seek. Here in the

    first issue of Healthcare Executive we have dealt with one of the most important

    aspect in healthcare Infrastructure. The magazine will have a theme for every

    issue and all topics of that issue would be around that theme. In the forth com-

    ing issues you will see more of the various themes which will focus on important

    aspects of your business.

    Our investment towards ensuring that you get the best from around the

    world has taken us a step further and we would also showcase some of the

    best practices from around the world. In this issue you will read about Lenders

    Engineers concept from Harvard Business Review. We will continue to strive to

    get such valuable content to you and share with you news and happenings from

    around the world.

    We have a long way to go in order to satisfy your hunger for knowledge. But

    the beginning has been made and I am sure that we would only grow together

    from here. Your support and inputs would be vital for us to help you in making

    smarter business decisions.

    I would be waiting to hear from you on making this better with every issue.


    [email protected]

    HealthcareexecutiveA i d i n g s m a r t b u s i n e s s d e c i s i o n s


  • Healthcare ExEcutivE February 2012 | 5

    Editor in chiefDr. Vivek Desai

    Publisher Narendra Karkera

    General Manager Ganesh Lakshmanan

    Editorial Deputy Editor Jayata Sharma-Sand

    Sr. Correspondent Arunima Rajan

    Marketing & SalesHead Sales Deepti KhannaMarketing & Subscriptions Isha Khanolkar

    Art & DesignGlowrt Design HouseCover Design - Pramod J

    Print and ProductionPrinted by Abhishek Ostwal and Published by Narendra Karkera on behalf of Hosmac India Ltd., 120 Udyog Bhavan, Sonawala road, Goregaon (E), Mumbai 400 063.

    Disclaimer: Views and opinions expressed in this magazine are not necessarily those of HOSMAC India Pvt. Ltd., its Publisher and/or Edi-tors. We, at HOSMAC India Pvt. Ltd. do our best to verify the information published but do not take any responsibility for the absolute accuracy of the information. HOSMAC India Pvt. Ltd. does not accept the responsibil-ity for any investment or decision taken by readers based on the infor-mation provided in the magazine. HOSMAC India Pvt. Ltd. does not take responsibility for returning unsolicitated material sent without due postal stamps for return postage. No part of this magazine can be reproduced without the prior written permission of the Publisher. HOSMAC India Pvt. Ltd. reserves the right to use the information published in the magazine in any manner whatsoever.

    Dear Readers,We take pride in bringing to you the first issue of Healthcare Executive.A publishing initiative by HOSMAC India Pvt. Ltd, Health Executive was conceived with the notion of aiding the reader with a ready handbook full of information that will help them take strategic business decisions.The magazine is divided into 8 sections, apart from the Cover Story. We have designed the magazine to cover each aspect of a business model of a healthcare organisation. Every issue, we will design a theme and bring to you articles related to it.For a better understanding, let me take you through the sections of Healthcare Executive: Challenges: A new story every issue on key management issues like finance, administration, HR, etc. Brick& Mortar: This topic would cover key aspects of building, construction and design Case study: A case study on various subjects of implementing best practices from across the globe Leaders speak: This would be a story authored by a leader on his experiences of running effective business U Ask: An eminent personality would answer all the queries related to management or any administrative issues put up by our readers Debate: It would be an opinion page where on a subject we would seek opinions from across the industry Global Practices: Any new technology or implementation from across the globe Focus: This would highlight on the achievements of an organisation

    Valuing the readers need of having a healthcare magazine with the likes of a Harvard Busi-ness Review, we have brought Healthcare Executive for you.This magazine will guide you by being a handbook to run your healthcare business success-fully. By understanding the need of the hour, the demand of our readers, we have brought out a magazine that will bringpathbreaking ideas out from the minds of healthcare experts, onto the pages here for our readers to take benefit from.On behalf of Team Healthcare Executive, I welcome our readers to be a part of the Healthcare Executive family!


    [email protected]

    HealthcareexecutiveA i d i n g s m a r t b u s i n e s s d e c i s i o n s

  • 6 | February 2012 Healthcare ExEcutivE


    NEwS08 The latest in the world of healthcare. This section has both national and international news of your interest. Read it to stay updated

    ChallENgES20A feature on how hospitals have waken up to the fact of fire safe-ty and are working to set things right. Along with a detailed note on how can a healthcare facility prevent fire mishaps

    BriCk & MOrTar26 An interesting insight into the importance of floor design for

    hospitals and how they play a vital role in safety. The author says its high time hospitals must take this aspect seriously

    CaSE STudy32 A feature on the sustainable healthcare design in a Middle East hospital, the Al Mafraq Hospital. Slated to complete next year, the project has ambitious plans for its future

    COvEr STOry36Hospitals are now trying to incorporate energy efficient sys-tems in their facilites for better outcomes and profitable business. The industry is now realising the fact that sustainability of a facility depends a lot on such proactive steps

    lEadErS SpEak46 A Harvard Business Review ar-ticle on Lenders Engineer to help manage construction risks.

    u aSk60Uday Kumar answers questions regarding numerous hospital engineering issues. He tries answering complex engineering queries with simple and easy to undertand responses

    dEBaTE62An opinion piece on whether healthcare experts should be in-volved in town planning to chart better healthcare facilties for citizens. Features comments of prominent people of the industry

    glOBal praCTiCES67A special report on a cancer

    FEBRUARY | 2012

    Volume 1 Issue 1

  • Healthcare ExEcutivE February 2012 | 7

    facility that specialises in treat-ment for teenagers, keeping in mind their every requirement and comfort

    pOrTraiT70Dr. Naresh Trehan gets candid about his professional journey and opens up his plans for the future of his dream project

    FOCuS72A spotlight on BGS Global Hospital, Bangalore highlighting its achivements and numerous outstanding features

    BOOk rEviEw76Bringing you an insight into two of the most loved books of recent

    times, the Biography of Steve Jobs by Walter Issacson; and Immortals of Meluha by Amish Tripathi

    JOBS78A section that would capture best jobs in the healthcare industry

    happENiNgS80A listing of various events from across India and all around the world. Have a look to get updated on the same

    CEO pagE82Vishal Bali gives a peek into his favourite pass times, his vision and ambition for his career and his liesure choices

  • 8 | February 2012 Healthcare ExEcutivE

    Teamwork Communication Solu-tions, a leading Public Relations consultancy headquartered in New Delhi, has been recently conferred with the prestigious Business and Service Excellence Award for Best PR Agency in Healthcare sector.

    The Busi-ness and Service Excel-lence Awards, instituted by Brands Academy, recognize North Indias leading service organizations and professionals, who have displayed exemplary excellence in their respective f

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