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Heavy Liquid Separation - ALS

Date post: 02-Feb-2022
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Heavy Liquid Separation Capability Statement RIGHT SOLUTIONS | RIGHT PARTNER
right solutions | right partner
2 | ALS Metallurgy - Heavy Liquid Seperation
Introduction ALS Metallurgy is part of the ALS Group, a diversified and global analytical laboratory and testing services company. ALS Metallurgy is the global leader in metallurgical testing and consulting services for mineral process flowsheet development and optimisation.
Extensive bench scale laboratory, large scale pilot plant facilities and expert metallurgists, provide mineral processing, hydrometallurgical, mineralogical and in–plant services to the global resources community.
Our metallurgical solutions are internationally recognised by the mining, engineering and financial sectors for all major commodities:
•• Precious metals – gold, silver, platinum group metals •• Base metals – copper, cobalt, lead, zinc, molybdenum,
manganese •• Iron ore – hematite, magnetite, goethite, itabirite •• Nickel – laterite & sulphide ores •• Uranium & thorium •• Rare earth minerals & other exotics •• Mineral sands •• Industrial minerals •• Tungsten & tin.
ALS Metallurgy has an enviable reputation for delivering the highest quality extractive metallurgical testing service with accurate and timely data, expert support and a culture of safety and innovation.
Quality ALS understands the value of data quality and integrity to exploration and mining companies. Our processes are designed to ensure clients receive the best quality assay data to assist informed decision making. The ALS quality program consists of a series of checks and balances with monitoring at senior management levels.
Health, Safety and Environment ALS Metallurgy staff are highly trained in the use of hazardous heavy liquids. We have a rigorous OH&S programme for heavy liquid use in order to educate, monitor and protect our employees. Being an employee of ALS is about putting safety first. Globally, ALS is committed to a safe work culture.
Safety ManageMent As part of this global approach, ALS has developed an industry leading standard for managing health, safety and environmental issues.
Protection of the environMent ALS has Extensive procedures and policies to ensure Protection of the Environment. Specific procedures and policies address the following issues:
•• Waste Management, Monitoring and Maintenance; •• Disaster Management plans for spills; •• Management of Solid waste, with recycling where possible.
Our dedicated HLS testing team works across a range of commodities and mineral complexities. We will work closely with you to design tailored programs that meet your project requirements in terms of sample availability, data output and budget constraints.
Why use Heavy Liquid Separation? Heavy liquid separation (HLS) tests provide key data for exploration programmes and process design projects. Most commonly, data derived from HLS tests is used for:
•• Characterising the density parameters of ore samples; •• Predicting the performance of ores through gravity circuits; •• Pre–concentrating low grade high density minerals prior to
further physical or analytical testing.
At ALS Metallurgy, our dedicated HLS testing team works closely with you and your consultants to design tailored testwork programmes to meet your project requirements.
We are able to provide testwork data on samples across a range of commodities including:
•• Iron Ores •• Mineral Sands •• Base Metals •• Precious Metals including Gold and PGMs •• Uranium •• Industrial Minerals.
HLS for Iron Ore characterization Data derived from HLS tests on iron ores is chiefly used for ore characteristion and process design. Typically, samples are screened into a range of size fractions prior to testing, for example:
•• –6.3 + 2mm •• –2 + 0.5mm •• –0.5mm + 0.045mm
Each size fraction is then separated into a range of density intervals, for example: 2.6, 2.8, 3.0, 3.2, 3.4, 3.6, 3.8, & 4.05.
For the other commodities, similar procedures are used with the size and density ranges dependent on the project requirements.
Choose from a wide range of densities Using heavy liquids including Tetrabromoethane (also known as TBE), Diiodomethane (aka MI, Methylene Iodide) and Clerici’s Solution (aka Thallium Malonate Formate, TMF), our HLS laboratory can separate samples into a wide range of specific gravity (SG) intervals from 1.00 all the way through to 4.05. We are able to separate samples at a single density, resulting in a pair of sink–float products, or into a range of density intervals with a minimum density increment as small as 0.1. If necessary, we can modify the tests to produce density fractions up to a density of about 4.35. Speak to our experts!
On coarser–grained fractions (greater than 0.5mm), we generally perform static separations. On size fractions less than 0.5mm static or centrifugal separations are performed, dependent on the mass to be separated, minimum particle size, and the number of density fractions to be produced, and whether or not the samples have had fines removed (deslimed). Centrifugal separations are very effective on finer particles and can be used on with reasonable success on samples that have not been deslimed.
how Much SaMPle Should i SubMit? This is a commonly asked question and our experts will be able to assist you in determining this before you submit the samples! Factors affecting this include:
•• The particle size distribution of the sample •• The range of particle size increments required •• The number of sequential density increments
at which the separations will be performed •• Subsequent analyses that are to be performed
on the density fractions
what next? Once the density fractions have been produced, our in–house analytical, mineralogical and metallurgical teams can provide you with further information about the samples. Speak to us about our comprehensive range of services.
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