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  • 1. NOVEMBER 2013

2. Mission Target Markets Market Channels Founder: Elisha Kalfa Seasoned sales & purchasing manager - medical & dental supply industry Deliver effective loyalty reward programs HENRYs, High Net Worth Individuals Medical & dental supply companies, financial advisors H.E.C REWARDS Company at Glance 5/7/2014 H.E.C Rewards 1 3. Shortfalls of existing rewards programs LOW perceived value for end-customer FULL cost to company Limited relevance Mass market products Not attractive enough to change customer behavior REWARDS PROGRAMS The Good, The Bad & The Ugly 5/7/2014 H.E.C Rewards 2 4. REWARDS PROGRAMS Lower customer acquisition costs Cost of acquiring a new customer is 5-10 times more than retaining an existing one Existing customers spend two- thirds more than new customers Rewards programs are widely deployed among HNWIs and medical and dental professionals 5/7/2014 H.E.C Rewards 3 5. H.E.C REWARDS - Far superior to existing gift cards or consumer rewards programs Royalty based reward package High value goods Focus on luxury gift sets A surprise luxury gift, keeps customers coming back for more A one stop shop for all your rewards Initial target markets Qualifying medical and dental professionals HNWI ($250K+ under management with investment advisory firms) 5/7/2014 H.E.C Rewards 4 6. H.E.C REWARDS Cultivate a brand habit among high earners Reach target customers with limited Ad spend Extend reach into HNWI and HENRY network Build brand awareness Large volume orders 5/7/2014 H.E.C Rewards 5 7. H.E.C REWARDS Comparison to existing programs HEC Rewards $1500 reward package High value & element of surprise Medical Professional $15,000 purchase of medical supplies $150 gift card Low value & limited relevance Existing Rewards Program 5/7/2014 H.E.C Rewards 6 8. LARGE NORTH AMERICAN MARKET Dentists: 220,000 (including the specialists) Average income of a dentist: $200K+ Physicians: 950,000 Average Salary for physicians: $200K+ Financial Services: High Value Client retention & New business Target individuals taking out $1M+ life insurance policies Significant expansion opportunities internationally & by targeting other professionals and high net worth clientele 5/7/2014 H.E.C Rewards 7 9. SAMPLE REWARD PACKAGES Four tiers Reward Package 1: Cologne, aftershave, box of chocolates ($1,500 purchases) Reward Package 2: Cologne, aftershave, sunglasses, gum, toothpaste ($3,000 purchases) Reward Package 3: Perfume, sunglasses, box of chocolates, cosmetic set, shampoo, deodorant ($6,000 purchases) Reward Package 4: bottle of cologne, hand bag, luxury pen, box of chocolate($12,000 purchases) 5/7/2014 H.E.C Rewards 8 10. GIFT BAGS 5/7/2014 H.E.C Rewards 9 11. N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 3

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