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Making a Difference
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Making a Difference

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The Hera Group - Making a Diff erence2

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About The Hera Group

The Hera Group is an independent specialist broker in the UK consisting of two

business units – Hera Indemnity and Hera Finance. It provides our clients in the

professional services sector, of all sizes and types, with a comprehensive range of

solutions to meet their Professional Indemnity Insurance, Commercial Insurance

and Business Funding requirements.

Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), Hera Indemnity

has a highly experienced team of insurance brokers who have access to all relevant

market insurers, not just one dedicated insurer. Hera Finance, has an equally

experienced team of business and fi nance managers who provide a unique insight

into business funding and fi nance.

The Hera Group Head Offi ce is located in the City of London.

The Hera Group - Making a Diff erence 3

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The Hera Group - Making a Diff erence4

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Combined StrengthTogether Hera Indemnity and Hera Finance will provide you with what we call the Hera

diff erence – insight, expertise and specialist knowledge – and deliver for you all your

professional insurance and business funding requirements. Together we have developed a

unique presence in the insurance market and business funding sector that, through innovation

and identifying new opportunities, will ensure that your requirements are met.

Hera Quality

The Hera Group take pride in the excellent personal service and support off ered to our clients.

Hera Indemnity was again ‘highly’ rated for ‘overall satisfaction with service’ for the second year

in succession, in The Law Society’s Professional Indemnity Survey among UK law fi rms 2014 and

are dedicated to delivering a culture of productivity, transparency and effi ciency.

Hera Indemnity act for a wide range of professional fi rms including Solicitors, Surveyors,

Accountants, Architects, Engineers, Insurance Brokers, IFAs and many other service companies.

A major benefi t of working with Hera Indemnity is that we are independent and have full access

to the relevant markets of participating insurers which will ensure we deliver a bespoke

Professional Indemnity Insurance cover at a competitive premium.

Similarly, clients of Hera Finance have access to cost effi cient solutions for their business

funding and, importantly, at very competitive rates. We will provide from our own book facility

or blue chip fi nance houses, personal and business fi nance requirements, for example,

professional indemnity premiums, practice acquisitions, IT upgrades, tax liability funding,

VAT funding or for working capital.

Hera Value

Our clients welcome the fact that they have a dedicated client manager working with them.

The manager will be responsible from day one of your initial enquiry onwards - an approach that

will give you total peace-of-mind during the period of your policy.

We will also provide cover for your commercial insurance requirements, for instance, offi ce

contents and liability, employment practice liability, management liability or property and

building insurance. This ‘one-stop-shop’ approach has proved to be a real bonus for clients as we

deal with all their insurance issues under one roof.

Hera Goals

The Group’s strategic goals are driven by the desire to be recognised as a leader in the fi eld of

Professional Indemnity Insurance, Commercial Insurance and Business Funding, with a diverse

and competitive range of products to meet the specifi c needs of professional companies of all

sizes, including sole practitioners. These goals are supported by a strong and experienced team

ethos to ensure we deliver on our goals solely for the benefi t of our clients.

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The Hera Group - Making a Diff erence6

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Hera Indemnity –

Hera Indemnity is a specialist indemnity insurance broker and for over ten years has enjoyed

close working relationships with all the blue-chip insurance providers and Underwriters, to

ensure we deliver for professional practices a bespoke insurance cover that meets your criteria

at a competitive premium.

We believe our clients should have the right broker team to support them. Hera Indemnity will

provide that support and a dedicated client manager will work closely with you from day one

through every stage leading up to renewal and beyond. Signifi cantly, our brokers have access to

all participating insurers, not just one dedicated insurer – a key advantage for clients!

At Hera Indemnity you will be speaking to a broker who will understand your industry, who will

get to know your company requirements and who will use our market expertise and specialist

knowledge to ensure your insurance needs are resolved diligently and eff ectively.

As a professional, or a representative of a professional fi rm who give advice to clients in the

role of a ‘Professional Expert’, you may well face a claim, or indeed be sued for providing

negligent or inaccurate advice. Your professional reputation, and importantly your fi nancial

security, is paramount and therefore it is imperative to have the right insurance in place to

cover all eventualities.

Professional Indemnity Insurance For Professional Practices

• Independent Broker

• 10 years’ experience placing Professional Indemnity Insurance

• All sizes of fi rms and all types of legal practice

• Dedicated client account managers

• Full access to participating insurers

• Deliver competitive commercial insurance quotations

• Risk management advice and support

• In-house claims handling service

• Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)

Our Key Benefits

The Hera Group - Making a Diff erence 7

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The Hera Group - Making a Diff erence8

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Our Difference

Hera Finance is an independently owned Brokerage providing a comprehensive range of cost

effi cient fi nance solutions to help professional fi rms, of all types and sizes, deliver on their long

term strategic growth plans.

Our clients confi dently refer to our work as the ‘Hera Diff erence’ and this approach has helped

many businesses during the last few years of tough economic conditions. For over ten years

Hera Finance has been working closely with professional fi rms, across the UK, to help them

obtain funding for insurance premiums, business growth and deal with short-term cash-fl ow

problems. We are committed to working in partnership with you to ensure we thoroughly

understand your business objectives and off er speedy solutions to your funding needs.

Our team of experienced business and fi nance managers off er clients a personal and highly

professional service. They will listen, learn and understand your priorities, match your

requirements to the most appropriate funder, including our own book facility, and advise you

with the best custom-made solution for your business.

Hera Finance –

With confi dence returning to the UK economy, the focus on growth among professional fi rms

is once again a priority. Interestingly, the recent Annual Global CEO Survey published by

PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC), confi rmed that confi dence is improving among business

leaders and their focus is switching from the survival mode of recent years to revival and

optimism about growth prospects. This turnaround is particularly evident in the UK and some

61% of CEOs think it will continue to improve next year.

This improved business and economic outlook, following a few challenging years, has certainly

given more confi dence to professional practices with regard to the future. However, while

general optimism about growth opportunities is high, challenges remain as to how best to

exploit them. The survey further highlighted the main opportunities to grow business over the

next 12 months and the number one choice was to improve product and service innovation,

followed by increasing share in existing markets and, fi nally, mergers and acquisitions.

Professional fi rms need to respond to these growth challenges by investing in the business

and their assets and Hera Finance is ready to work with you as a partner to meet these

challenges ‘head-on’.

Business Funding For Professional Practices

This might include, for example, Professional Indemnity Insurance premiums, IT and Offi ce

upgrades, Practice Acquisitions, Partner buy-ins /outs, Tax Liabilities, VAT Funding,

Working Capital, Practice Certifi cates or Personal Injury / Disbursement Funding – whatever

the requirement Hera Finance will off er a number of options for either short or long-term

business solutions.

The Hera Group - Making a Diff erence 9

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The Hera Group - Making a Diff erence10

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The Hera Group - Making a Diff erence 11

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Hera Indemnity Limited

Head Offi ce

68 Lombard Street



t +44 (0) 207 868 2494

e [email protected]

w www.heraindemnity.co.uk

Hera Finance Limited

Regional Offi ce

Trigg House

Warren Drive, Prestatyn

North Wales LL19 7HT

t +44 (0) 1745 798 101

e enquiries@herafi nance.co.uk

w www.heraindemnity.co.uk

Hera Indemnity Limited are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)Hera Finance Limited has interim permission from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)