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Herscher Grocery, Inc. Proposal for community owned grocery store.

Date post:23-Dec-2015
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  • Herscher Grocery, Inc. Proposal for community owned grocery store
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  • Mission Statement The mission of the Herscher Community Grocery Store Steering Committee is to provide the Herscher community residents and visitors with a self sustaining community owned grocery store, providing the basic necessities for everyday life, be conveniently located, well maintained and will have a friendly and courteous environment. With the support of the community we are committed to have the necessary means to have the grocery store operating by September 1, 2013.
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  • Purpose of meeting Inform area community residents of the action completed by the Herscher Grocery Store Committee Announcement and selling of stock shares Location
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  • New Home for Herscher Grocery, Inc.
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  • Timeline Dec. 12, 2012 Kick off meeting Jan. 3, 2013 Presentations Carl Krause + Former successful grocery store owner Subcommittee appointment Mission Statement February & March 2013 Subcommittee reports Corporation formed and name chosen April 2013 site selection
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  • Timeline Continued May 2013 Community Forum Begin Stock/Share Sales State Bank of Herscher and Centrue Bank in Herscher June 2013 Continue Stock/Share Sales Additional Public Forum
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  • Timeline Continued July August 2013 Continue Stock/Share Sales State Bank of Herscher and Centrue Bank in Herscher July 17, 2013 Initial Stockholders meeting Elect Board of Directors Hire Manager Select Distributors Building Set Up Hire Employees September 1, 2013 OPENING of Herscher Grocery, Inc.
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  • How did we get here? Demographics survey done 2012 Population Median Household Income Consumer Spending Retail Market Traffic Counts New Homes
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  • Primary Trade Area
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  • Potential Franchise Stores Berkots Walts Nieman Corp (visited Herscher) Bellettini Foods from Wilmington Doc Drugs St. Anne Country Market Aldi IGA Dollar General
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  • Cullom Model Four years ago Cullom lost their grocery store Attempted to get other franchise stores Realized only solution was to operate own store Opened Cullom Community Market three years ago - profitable - continue serving area with full service grocery
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  • Cullom Grocery Store
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  • Sales Expectations Survey Findings DSR Marketing Systems, Inc Conducted February 14, 2013 Population Projected to grow Projected weekly sales (2012) $19,000
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  • Opening Budget Goal Building +Opening Inventory +Operating Expenses +Payroll____________ $350,000
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  • Sale of Stock Price per share- $100 Sale of stock begins TODAY! May 14, 2013 State Bank of Herscher and Centrue Bank in Herscher 1 st Stock Holder Meeting Set for July 17, 2013
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  • We Need You! This steering committee is asking you to help us bring back a grocery store to the village of Herscher! We need YOU to help Herscher to continue to grow! Contact information Dan Martin 815.426.2113 Dave Emling 815.426.6329 Ray Schneider 815.426.6647 Herscher Village Hall 815.426.2131 Bob Voss 815.425.6642
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