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Hey! Will somebody tell that man to quit holding his breath? He’s turning Blue! And those...

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Gothic Literature

Hey! Will somebody tell that man to quit holding his breath? Hes turning Blue!And those teeth! What? Hey! Hes biting me! Hes Biting me!1DefinitionGothic literature plunges its characters into mystery, torment, and fear in order to pose disturbing questions to our familiar and comfortable ideas of humanity, society, and the cosmosMan! That fella on that table sure does have some big old feet! I bet he would be good at ski jumping!

Beginnings:From gothic architecture of the middle agesGothic cathedrals:Irregularly placed towersHigh stained-glass windowsInspire awe and fear in worshippersThat sure is long walk up that hill! And that kind of looks like the place where those flying monkeys come from. Hey! Wait a minute! Monkeys cant fly! Can they?

GargoylesCarvings of small deformed creatures at the corners of gothic cathedralsSuppose to ward off evil spiritsDemonic lookMascot of gothic literaturePssstWhy do you suppose that creature over there aint got no eyes? Kind of creeps me out. Oh, Wait a minute! Here he comes! Hey! What are you doing? Quit! Oh! Stop it! Hey! My eyes! Oh my eyes! Man! These gnats are awful!

Characteristics:Helpless victimNo control over the victimizeri.e. damsel in distressCould be either a man or a womanNow look. I know you guys are not dumb or anything. But if a green man with a flat head comes up to you at a lake and wants to throw flowers into the water with you, you had better run!

Characteristics:Evil VictimizerImmense or supernatural powersAlways associated with some sort of evilLadiesif you ever come a fellow with eyes the color of blood and teeth like spikes, hang on to him! He is sure to keep all the creepers away! Dont you think?

Characteristics:Setting sense of hopelessness and fearPhysicalLarge house or estateFrontier wildernessPsychologicalIn your mindDreamsOmensForeshadowing Looks like somebody needs to cut their grass! Somebody call the Homeowners Association! Lets go up and confront that nice old lady who sits in the window up there. Mrs. Bates? Mrs. Bates? Are you up there? Mrs. Bates?

Characteristics:Mysterious AtmosphereOppressive, fearful, full of doomi.e. a cryptSupernatural eventsUnknown terrorWords that indicate fear and mysteryNow look Gil, Im not telling you again to cut those fingernails! Youre going to put someones eyes out with those things! Im not kidding! Hey! Stop it! Ouch! Hey! My eyes! My eyes!

Characteristics:Victim entranced by VictimizerFascinated by their powerHey! Dont look now; but that feller aint got no head! Holy moly! That feller on that horse aint got head either! Whats going on here? Wait a minute! I thought it was two heads are better than none! Not, no heads are better than two!

ThemesRational vs. irrationalGuilt and shameHigh emotionsAngerSurpriseTerrorGriefObsessive loveGreed All Im going to say is dont ever trust a man who is wearing a black turtle-necked sweater. Especially if he has fire on the left side of his body! And those eyebrows! Just you look at those eyebrows! Look like demon wings to me! Hey! What are looking at? Stop it! Cut it out! Stop! Hey! Dont! Oh1 My eyes! My eyes!

Connection to RomanticismThresholds of the unknownShadowy region the fantasticThe demonicThe insanePotential of evil in the individualPeer into the darkness at the supernaturalLet me give you some advice. If you ever, and I mean ever see these two lovely ladies, youd better turn around and run like theres no tomorrow! And, I aint playing! Never trust anyone whose tube socks are not even!

American GothicGothic tradition established in europeAmerican Gothic Writers:Nathanial Hawthorne The Scarlet AWashington Irving Sleepy HollowHerman Melville Moby DickEdgar Allan Poe THE MASTER!Bald-headed men with needle-like finger nails are just naturally creepy; dont you think? He sure does have a nice jacket, though. I wonder if he would be willing to sell it? Lets ask! Shall we?

The Individual Versus Society

When one person fights against against the system of societal norms.

Georgia Common Core Unit #2 Theme

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