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High charisma academy
  • 1. ContentsHigh Charisma CompanyMissionVisionValuesTraining ProgrmMBALong Term CoursesShort Term CoursesOne day Or Open Day CoursesComputer CoursesEnglish CoursesTraining FacilitiesPartner UniversityContact us

2. Who is High-Charisma??With more than 10 years of experience, we are confident that we are matchingthe global market requirements, High-Charisma is an Egyptian company locatedin Cairo, Egypt Established in 2011 the January revolution providing the Egyptianand G.C.C market with a variety of highly state-of-the-art services focuses mainlyon two major sectors Marketing & Human Resources which consider the two vitalwings for any leader within the competitive organizations in the new era.As the Egyptian revolutions targets was first of all to put a rules for the Egyptiansto live there life as they really deserve, we believe that our Economy needsanother revolution in both Service & industrial sectors, so depending on our goodunderstanding for the current situation and the challenges faces the Egyptianorganization those days we are honored to support our success partners with ourintegrated services portfolio to support them and to take them from the survivalmood toward the right focusing their energy and investment on being the pioneersof the market. 3. High-Charisma PhilosophyHigh-Charisma founded 2011 and directed by specialists onthe global business market, with a highly knowledgeable andprofessionals crew with a strong and clear vision for the future ofbusiness within the Egyptian and Gulf market.Our philosophy in dealing with our customers concentrates ontwo major aspects:First One, focused on scientism and methodology applying tostudy the markets as a one of our interested sides.Second aspect, understanding the real needs of our customersand satisfying those needs professionally to assure that we applyour strategy of customer relationship management techniques,matching with the international quality standards.High-Charisma Mission:Serving our beloved country and sharing in the growing ofits Economy by providing the Egyptian market with the latestand applicable techniques related to the human capitalize &maximize their capabilities to achieve their organizational goals,and drawing the features of the new era.High-Charisma Vision:Being globally consultation provider authorized from manyinternational and reputable companies through the globalmarket, our aim is to gain the trust and appreciation of all ourclients Employers, Job seekers by providing them the best &the most suitable State-of-the-art services. 4. High-Charisma Core-Values:Our focus here is on 7 basic & essential values:1. Confidentiality.2.Creativeness.3. Integration & Inclusiveness.4. Liberty & Decision making.5. Gradualness & Dynamic relativity.6. Continuous Improvements & Sustainability.7. Scientism & Methodology.Training Program MBA Long Term Courses Short Term Courses One day Or Open Day Courses Computer Courses English Course 5. MBA1 - MBA in Business Management and Marketing2 - MBA in Marketing and Innovation From Anglia Ruskin University UK Long Term Courses- CMA- Marketing Diploma- Sales Diploma- HR Diploma- PMP Diploma- Accountant Diploma- Project Management Diploma(Duration: 4-6 Months)- Purchasing Diploma 6. Short Term Courses(Duration: 3-5 days)- Administrative Support- Conflict Resolution- Anger Management- Creative Problem Solving- Assertiveness and Self-Confidence - Critical Thinking- Attention Management- Customer Service- Business Ethics - Emotional Intelligence- Business Etiquette- Employee Motivation- Body Language Basics- Employee Onboarding- Budgets & Financial Reports - Employee Recruitment- Business Succession Planning- Facilitation Skills- Call Center Training- Generation Gaps- Change Management - Human Resource Management- Civility in the Workplace - Interpersonal Skills- Coaching and Mentoring- Knowledge Management- Communication Strategies- Leadership and Influence- Talent Management - Meeting Management- Teamwork and Team Building- Media and Public Relations- Time Management - Lean Process And Six Sigma-Train-the-Trainer- Project Management- Workplace Diversity - Supervising Others- Workplace Violence- Supply Chain Management- Public Speaking - Personal Productivity- Safety in the Workplace - Performance Management- Sales Fundamentals- Overcoming Sales Objections - Negotiation Skills - Middle Manager 7. One Day Course OR Open Day Course- Presentation Skills- Proposal Writing- Job Search Skills- Business Writing- CV Writing Computer Course- Web Design DiplomaDuration: (One Day)- ICDl Course English course- Business English ( Basic- Intermediate Advanced)- General English- Conversation English 8. Partner University

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