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High-Impact Online Marketing

Date post:07-Dec-2014
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Where do you start in regards to online marketing? Carefully examine "interruption" vs. "inbound" marketing. Learn to tell your story via content marketing. And be sure to dig into the incredible potential SEO can offer. Presented at the Grand Geneva golf resort in Lake Geneva, WI on May 30th, 2013.
  • 1. High-ImpactOnline Marketing StrategiesPresented by Nate DameCEO & Founder, SEOperks

2. Online Marketing?More fun available at http://mashable.com/2012/07/02/best-cat-memes-ever/ andhttp://blog.visual.ly/how-to-go-viral-every-time/. 3. Online is Changing 4. Every Consumer = Private Detective 5. Time to Shine! 6. Early Online MarketingFlyer > WebsitePaid Search > WebsiteSocial Media > Website 7. Online Marketing Today 8. Tons of Optionshttp://moz.com/blog/goodbye-seomoz-hello-moz 9. Agenda1. Establish your presence2. Evaluate marketing opportunities3. Tell your story4. Search engine optimization (SEO) 10. Foundations:Establish Your Presence 11. Establish Your PresenceWhen users search for YOUR BUSINESS, makesure they find YOUR BUSINESS. 12. Where to Be1. Google+ Local2. Facebook Page3. LinkedIn4. Yelp5. Yahoo6. Bing Local7. TwitterRestaurants:Zagat, Urbanspoon, Tripadvisor 13. How to Claim1. Search and Edit /Claim first!(Only create new listing only ifyour business is not alreadylisted.)2. Fill in every detail youcan. Focus on providinghelpful details for yourcustomers.3. Add photos! (when able) 14. Basic Website ConsiderationsWhat questions do clients have?What benefits do we offer? (not features)What action do I want visitors to take? Clean, modern, simple design Prominent contact options 15. Simple 16. Logical Calls to Action 17. Unique, Helpful User Experience 18. Evaluate MarketingOpportunities 19. Where do you want to put your $$?Interruption Marketing Tactics: Avg. Cost of Acquisition:Paid Search (PPC) $95.00Contextual Ads $115.00Banner & Display Ads $150.00TV, Radio & Print Media $180.00Brand Advertising $UnknownInbound Marketing Tactics: Avg. Cost of Acquisition:Organic Search (SEO) $15.00Community / Forum Participation $20.00Social Media Marketing $35.00Blogs & RSS $60.00Video Content $70.00Source: SEOmoz 20. Online Interruption MarketingInvestmentAvg. Traffic 21. Online Inbound MarketingInvestmentAvg. Traffic 22. Inbound Marketing For the Win! 23. Tell Your StoryContent Marketing 24. What is content marketing?Content marketing is a marketing technique ofcreating and distributing relevant and valuablecontent to attract, acquire, and engage aclearly defined and understood target audience with the objective of driving profitablecustomer action.http://contentmarketinginstitute.com/what-is-content-marketing/ 25. Opportunities Abound 1 million live viewers on Youtube Biggest live web streaming event in history 26. Opportunities Abound Millions ofviews within 24hours Video led to $7million infunding 27. Marketo:The Power of Marketing Automation 28. Rackspace:The Cloud is Awesome 29. Why is content marketing sopowerful? One blog post can: Engage your existing audience Attract new followers Get shared free marketing! Attract links (huge for SEO) Attract long-tail SEO traffic Generate word-of-mouth Generate leads Nurture leads Help make sales 30. Content Marketing One-Page Strategy 31. Search Engine Optimization(SEO) 32. Why SEO?I want to learn more about acompany/product/service, so Im going to goonline and ____________ it. 33. Search Ranking FactorsLink Building:42%Closely Tied toLink Building:14%Site Optimization & Other: 44%Link Building: 56% 34. Search Ranking FactorsLink Building:42%Closely Tied toLink Building:14%On Site Optimization & Other: 44%Link Building: 56% 35. SEO Crash Course1. Clean site users love2. Remove technical barriers3. Tell your story 36. In Review1. Establish your presence2. Evaluate marketing opportunities3. Tell your story (Content Marketing One-PageStrategy)4. Learn SEO (free webinars available) 37. Questions, Feedback and Complaints!Nate Dame @seonateCEO & Founder, [email protected]: (312) 870-0056 38. Thank You Sponsors!Get $50 in free credits at www.grasshopper.com/seoperksNate Dame @seonateCEO & Founder, [email protected] m: (312) 870-0056

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