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Hire Magento Developers

Date post: 19-Jun-2015
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Hire Magento Developers By: iLoveMage.com www.iLoveMage.com
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Hire Magento Developers

By: iLoveMage.com


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Full Time - 8 hrs. a day

Under this package, you get a dedicated full time developer for your project. He will work 8 hrs a day and 20 days in a month i.e. 160 hrs. in a month. This is very useful for ongoing big projects where you want someone to handle something throughout the month. Minimum length: 1 month


Page 3: Hire Magento Developers

Minimum length: 1 month As low as $20.00 per hour (normally $30.00)

In the above package, you get this in common:

Daily Report of what exactly got worked on.

Screenshot of user computer activities

Skype discussion with the developer wherever required

Email collabortion

Project Tracker access where you manage and collaborate with developers on your projects

You can choose 1-50 developers based on your requirement All billings are in one month advance


Page 4: Hire Magento Developers

For More information Click here : http://www.ilovemage.com/hire-dedicated-magento-developers/full-time-magento-dedicated-developer.html

You can add us on Skype for more discussion.

My skype Id – bizspice_monty


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