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Hire php developers | hire dedicated php developers.

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Find out top reasons to hire php developers for your business critical projects. It is highly profitable, reliable & less time consuming to hire web developers.
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2. Confused? Like1.1m+ businessesAre you confused too? 3. Confused? Like1.1m+ businessesAre you confused too? Whether to hire an external developer or an in-house developer is a big question. 4. The solutionAs per the survey, 64% companies Hire an external developer. 5. The solutionAs per the survey, 64% companies Hire an external developer. WHY? 6. Reason 1. Productivity 7. Reason 1. ProductivityExternal DeveloperInternal DeveloperCan work on multiple technical skillsets (Team effort)Cant guarantee to work on multiple technical skillsets (Needs training).Cant afford to make mistakes, so always delivers a quality output.Can make mistake due to lack of guidance, so quality may not be always good.Maximum ROI due to proper time tracking & competition fear.Comparatively lesser ROI due to unmanaged tracking & casual warnings. 8. Reason 2. Flexibility 9. Reason 2. FlexibilityExternal DeveloperInternal DeveloperCan work as per your preferred schedule during day/ night.You cant force an employee to work apart from fixed work hours.Your project is their service, so they will do anything to complete it before given time.It doesnt matter if project is finished on time or not, he will get his salary anyway.Multiple employees can work for 24 hours to finish project on time at the same hourly cost.One employee cant work for 24 hours, if needed you will need to hire 2 employees which will be way too costly. 10. Reason 3. Cost-effectiveness 11. Reason 3. Cost-effectivenessExternal DeveloperInternal DeveloperPaid on hourly basis or as per the job done in the given time.Paid on monthly basis no matter what work they have done.No project, no payment.No project, still payments.If you dont have project, you can terminate the contract. If you have it, you can hire the developer again for required time.You cant just fire the employee just because you dont have a project. The employee policy wont allow you to do so. 12. Reason 4. AccessibilityMaximum availability 13. Reason 4. AccessibilityExternal DeveloperInternal DeveloperAccess from the world market to hire the developer.Can hire the developers only from local markets.Real time answers due to fear of dis- satisfaction.The developer may choose to answer later due to lack of experience. 14. Reason 5. Quality 15. Reason 5. QualityExternal DeveloperInternal DeveloperDue to varied skillsets, there wont be technical barriers during project development.One person cant possess varied technical skillsets, so project may suffer barriers.No need for trainings for other innovative advancements, the companies take care of it all.Need to arrange for trainings periodically to advance the knowledge required for innovating technologies.High quality delivered to increase clientele.Average quality due to lack of motivation & expertise. 16. Conclusion. Convinced? 17. Conclusion. Convinced? Probably not yettill you dont try it out. 18. Offices.USASouth AfricaIndiaSingaporeWhere are we located? 19. Clientele.CanadaUSAUKSouth AfricaIndiaMalaysiaSingaporeIndonesiaAustraliaHong KongWhere do we serve?New Zealand 20. Team. Get in touch with our awesome team!! 21. Contact us. Become one of our esteemed client.Address :B-2,Sanmitra Building,OppNBT Law College, College Road,Nashik, Maharashtra, India 422005USA:+16466883509Email:[email protected]:eluminoustechnologies

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