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His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI - Saint Theresa .celebration of the Eucharist with His Holiness Pope

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  • 2007-2008 Issue 4 June 2008






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    Issue 4 2007 - 2008 School Year June 2008

    ONCE IN A LIFETIME By Mrs. Theresa Pinamonti, 1B

    My trip to Nationals Park in Washington, DC, on April 17 was

    wonderful! It was a blessing and an honor for me to attend the

    celebration of the Eucharist with His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI. I

    traveled in one of two busses that left at 3 a.m. from Good Shepherd

    Church in Camp Hill. One of 500 people from the Diocese of

    Harrisburg, I arrived in Washington at 5 a.m. When I walked into

    Nationals Stadium, it was 38 degrees outside and still dark. The Mass

    began at 10 a.m., so I had plenty of time to walk around and take lots

    of pictures. The seat that I had was fantastic and I could not have

    asked for better weather. When the Pope arrived in his Pope Mobile,

    the excitement and enthusiasm of the 45,000 people in attendance

    erupted! The place just vibrated as he slowly came around. The

    procession, the music and the Liturgy were beautiful! The two hour

    Mass lasted exactly two hours as planned. Thousands received

    communion in twenty minutes. It was amazing! Seeing Pope

    Benedict XVI during his first visit to the US was a once in a lifetime

    event that I will always remember.

  • 2007-2008 Issue 4 2 June 2008

    AUDIENCE LOVES STS SHOW By Mr. Doug Musselman and Jack Shelly

    On May 18th, the PTO hosted its first after-school

    hours talent show in the school cafeteria. The PTO

    provided refreshments, participant prizes and door

    prizes while families enjoyed what had been a long

    standing school-day tradition. Thank you to Mrs.

    Laura Musselman and Mr. Doug Musselman for

    coordinating the event. STS students proved that

    they are gifted, hilarious, outrageous and the ultimate

    entertainers. Given the buzz from this years show,

    the organizers expect that next years show will be

    bigger and even more impressive.

    The evenings entertainment line-up: STS Jazz Band under the direction of Mrs. Lisa Delaney: Brett Becker, Daniel Delaney, Matthew Gregoire, Colin Laubach, Colleen Laubach, Claire McCarthy, Elizabeth Mueller My Last Nickel Tiger of San Pedro Milo on the Midway Carleena Rocuskie (piano) Pink Panther Theme Third Movement Taylor Montefour (piano) In My Life (Les Miserables) Davey Jones (Pirates of the Caribbean) Traci Pressley (viola) Gavotte Matthew Gregoire (saxophone) Accidently in Love The Way You Move Katee Killmeyer, Hannah Tedesco, Alyssa Betsko, Kelsee Baker (singing/performing) Ebay (Weird Al) Ryan Musselman (piano) Eleanor Rigby Rock Around The Clock Daniel Delaney (drums) Jack Shelly, Katie Walker, Jenna Deppen (singing/ performing) Rock Lobster (B:52s) Josh Musselman, Jacob Diorio (guitar, bass, singing) Cherub Rock (Smashing Pumpkins) Let It Be (Beatles) Olivia Berrigan, Amanda Foody (singing, piano) Little Mermaid Isaac Zimmerman and Mr. Bill Delaney (sound board)

    2008 READING CLUB PARTICIPANTS News from Mrs. Pam Beauduy, Librarian, leads to

    congratulations to the following students who

    participated in this year's Senator's Reading

    Program. These students received a ticket to a

    Senator's baseball game along with several other


    Pre 3--Lindsey Lenig

    KA1--Laura Zemba, Samantha LaBarko, Christian

    Chavey, Hannah Minium, Paige Barlick, Graysen

    Pavlovich, Kayla Drabek, Nicholas Beauduy, Helaena


    KPM--Joshua Reid, Ian Dice, Connor Fry, Michael Soule,

    Amanda Smith

    1A--Carly Lenig, Anthony Eisenhower, Wilson Sheker,

    Avery Arnold, Susanna Young, Stevie Mitrzk, Michael


    1B--Mark Centurione, Connor Brennan, Leah Deppen,

    Isabel Diaz, Danny Emery, Abigail Heckard, Hannah

    Kline, Ayva Lacoco, Patrick Levin, Campbell Moss,

    Bennett Sheker, Houston Tyree, Colin Wilson

    1C--Maggie Killmeyer, Narah Miller, Ryan Stepp, Tommy

    Reilly, Kevin Stager, Ryan Stager, Tristan Gil, Jonathan

    Holjes, Joey Francis

    2A--Ian Myers, Derek Steckel, Sarah Eby, Rachel Reilly,

    Elizabeth Witten, Christopher Haser, Becca Zemaitis,

    Sandy Bolton

    2B--Carmen Andreoli, Philip Andreoli, Elizabeth Binder,

    Hannah Brenkacs, Noelle Chavey, Joel Eby, Noelle

    Konchar, Laura Mueller, Kanyon Reichard, Patrick

    Connolly, Caroline Moore, Sean OLeary, Connor Rohrer,

    Aidan Tarsavage, Freddy Klingensmith, Hannah Larkin,

    Rachel Ciccarelli

    2C--Townley Sorge, Shiloh Carnes, Jared Eby, Emily

    Esser, Sean Good, Makenzie Mettler, Madison Sitler, Alex


    3A--Kevin Borne, Ben Moore, Catherine Gregoire, Andrew

    Zemaitis, Christian Cole, Elizabeth Heckard, Nicole Stepp

    3C--Caitlyn Beauduy, Brittney Fanning, Christian Wilson,

    Alexander Borza, Ava Arnold, Matthew Zemba, Donovan

    Oakes, Erin Pfeffer

    4A--Sam Barbush, Alexander Arnold, PJ Beauduy, Karis

    Hench, Bradley Buchter

    4B--Bella Ricci, Joshua Eby, Becca Reilly

    4C--Zane Bayer, Joe Binder, Nick Fanning

    5A--Nick Centurione, Phillip Deppen

    5B--Natalie Konchar

    6A--Rachel Hepp, Kylee Harner,

    Matthew Gregoire

    6B--Elizabeth Mueller, Logan Shettle

    6C--Daniella Bosak

    REMINDERS Saints Shout! is available in full color on the STS website.

    E-mail a copy or print a color version for sharing with friends

    and relatives. www.sainttheresaschool.org

  • 2007-2008 Issue 4 3 June 2008

    AMPHIBIOUS ACTION Ms. Mary O'Connor's 1st graders had frogs,

    tadpoles, and salamanders come to visit. Ryan and

    Kevin Stager brought in the amphibians from a

    pond for the students to observe. Students

    incorporated frogs into many reading, writing, and

    fun frog math activities. This was followed up by a

    field trip to Wildwood Nature Center where students

    were able to observe animals in their natural habitat.

    HOLY COMMUNION By Rachael Barbush

    In May, 2nd graders celebrated their first

    communion at St. Theresa Parish. It was a very

    special day for the students and their families as

    they received Jesus Christ for the first time in the

    sacrament of the Eucharist. Families chose either

    the large group mass or one of the Sunday masses

    throughout May. During the large group mass, the

    first communicants sang Lord, You Come to Me,

    which is about how Jesus comes to them through

    the Eucharist. All the students did a wonderful job

    and will remember this day throughout their lives.

    Now they can receive Jesus every Sunday. We

    welcome to the Table of the Lord:

    TEA TIME In early June, 1st grade students held an afternoon

    Authors' Tea. Parents and friends came to listen

    while the children shared the stories that they wrote

    and published this year. Light refreshments followed

    the storytelling. Authors Tea is the culmination of

    Writing Workshop, the story writing done daily in 1st

    grade. This annual event should not be missed!

    CELEBRATE! The two Kindergarten classes held

    their End of the Year Celebration on

    May 22nd. Parents, family members,

    and friends were entertained by the

    children as they sang several songs, signed the

    alphabet, signed and counted, and recited a poem

    about their year in Kindergarten. Our school theme,

    Depend On God, was also the theme for the evening.

    The 1st grade parents provided a reception

    afterwards. Their teachers, Mrs. Kathy Telatovich

    and Mrs. Marisa Wegrzyniak, are proud of the

    children and wish them well as they move on.

    Morning Class: Paige Barlick, Nicholas Beauduy, Samantha

    Betsko, Julia Cable, Christian Chavey, Aryan Deorah, Alec

    Diehl, Bobby Flowers, Jocey Francis, Kyle Hannon,

    Helaena Holjes, Danny Johnston, Samantha LaBarko,

    Carter Loss, Nicole Milletics, Hannah Minium, Cecilia

    Pham, Emma Posavec, Alexa Ramos, Nicko Scherr, Danny

    Scott, Travis Weisner, and Laura Zemba

    Afternoon Class: Dylan Andrezeski, Ryan Berrigan, Alana

    Boyer, Ian Dice, Kayla Drabek, Conor Fry, Matt Hachten,

    Bryce Kirsch, Jacob Kreiser, Emma LaPenta, Emily Long,

    Matthew Musselman, Zane Neidert, Graysen Pavlovich,

    Joshua Reid, Amanda Smith, Michael Soule, and Ashlyn


    KINDERGARTEN WRAP-UP By Mrs. Kathy Telatovich

    Traveling to outer space and making discoveries

    about the planets in our solar system kept us busy

    during our unit on space. After those discoveries, it

    was time to learn about occupations and

    transportation as we prepared for Transportation

    Day. The children drove, sailed, or flew their

    vehicles, cars, boats, and planes, around the city in

    the gym. Volunteers from different occupations

    provided activities and interesting information for

    the children. It is always a fun and memorable hands

    -on learning experience.

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