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  2. 2. Overview & Portfolioamman Marketing Associates is an integrated marketing communica-Htions consultancy dedicated to serving the needs of select clients indiverse industries. Established by Al Hamman in 1999 in Austin, Texas, andnow based in Johnson City, Tennessee, HammanMarketing Associates brings strategic and tactical experi-ence gained through over 20 years in sales management, ad agency clientservice, and corporate marketing direction.In his various roles, Al has served clients in furniture, agribusiness, comput-er, gift, banking, and medical. A significant portion of time is dedicated toworking with clients in the food industry, both domestic and foreign, helpingcompanies launch new products and extend the reach of their existing brands.Integrated marketing communications activitiesas the name suggestsinvolves numerous disciplines including advertising, public relations, packagedesign, trade show promotion, direct mail, corporate communications andcreating sales support literature. The pages that follow offer examples of workcreated for clients.For more complete portfolios, you are invited to visit the company websiteat www.HammanMarketing.com. If you have questions or need additionalinformation, please contact me at (423) 467-9864 or by email [email protected] best regards,Al HammanHamman Marketing Associates
  3. 3. Advertising dvertising is often the cornerstone of product branding strategy, but it is A only one tool in an effective integrated marketing communications process. In addition to copywriting and layout & design services, we negotiate rates with publications that can result in tremendous savings, stretching your budget and increasing your impact. The ad above was created to introduce Mannington Ceramic Tiles CrystalGlaze product, and to raise awareness of how damaging common household items can be to tile.
  4. 4. PublicRelations ublic relations activities are gaining importance as part of product andP corporate branding strategy. Not to be confused as free ads, effectivepress releases can provide powerful support to other branding activities.Our approach is to view PR as a long-term activity, with newsworthy itemsdistributed through proper channels on a consistent basis.Above is an example of a positive result achieved for a food client withToday Show Food Editor and Supermarket Guru Phil Lempert.
  5. 5. SalesLiteraturene of the most fundamental and important elements in any integratedOmarketing communications program is collateral material. Whether in theform or brochures, flat sheets or catalogs, its an opportunity to speak directly toyour target audience and extol the virtues or your product and company.Above is an example of sales literature created for a medical instrument man-ufacturer and used in sales calls, with direct mail, and at trade shows.
  6. 6. DirectMail o, direct mail is not dead. It is a powerful and cost-effective way toN keep your name and brands in front of potential buyers. When man-aged well, its too good an opportunity to pass up.The postcards above were printed all at once to reduce printing costs, andthen mailed periodically to remind members of the advertising specialtiesindustry about a company that was loaded with bright ideas.
  7. 7. Package Design Kingsport, Tennessee.LLC, Project design, Hillhouse Graphic Design, ackage design is the last opportunity most companies have to interactP and influence shoppers, and also to reinforce the purchase decision andset up a repeat sale.The packages above were designed for Agora International of Tunis, Tunisiaas part of Hamman Marketing Associates US Market Entry Program.
  8. 8. Corporate Identification Kingsport,LLC, Project concept and design, Hillhouse Graphic Design,orporate ID can cover many areas from signage to capabilitiesCbrochures. As with every part of a truly integrated marketing communi-cations program, consistent messaging and understanding your audience andits needs is vital to effective messaging.A presentation folder can create a powerful package to present the mes-sage, mission, and identity of a company, as demonstrated in the V.Alexanderand WorldBridge Logistics piece, shown here.
  9. 9. CorporateCitizenshiporporations are realizing the importance of informing stakeholders ofCcorporate involvement in community activities. This CorporateCitizenship Report highlights Eastman Chemical Companys worldwideinvolvement in Health and Safety, Education, Environment and Philanthropy.Design, Hillhouse Graphic Design, LLC; photography, David Wood
  10. 10. TradeShowPromotion etting the most from a trade show appearance goes far beyond invest-G ing in a booth and showing up. Too many exhibitors do just that, withno plan for pre- and post-show promotional activities, onsite PR, advertising,and even a clear lead management and follow up system.Above is an example of an effective pre-show mailer that went out to pre-registered Food Marketing Institute attendees and press outlets, which helpedget product placements on CBS This Morning and Good Morning America.
  11. 11. Brand Identity The first step in creating a brand identity is often the development of aTlogo or logotype. This seemingly simple step often relays the characterand mission of the company, its products and service.The logos shown above range from the straightforward but distinctiveBristol Trainstation Foundation, to the more abstract Columbia ComputerForensics.All logo designs by Hillhouse Graphic Design,Kingsport, Tennessee LLC,
  12. 12. SpecializedPackaging Kingsport, Tennessee. Illustration, Vince Cannino, Winston-Salem, North Carolina.LLC, Project design, Hillhouse Graphic Design, ometimes product packaging goes beyond function and becomes anS integral component in the buying experience. These collectible tins cre-ated to present & protect delicate Moravian cookies, engage consumers withwhimsical art and provide a lasting memory of the product (and brand!) onceheld inside.
  13. 13. Catalog Kingsport, Tennessee LLC, Project concept and design, Hillhouse Graphic Design,catalog should be more than a list of products. It should also serve asAa branding tool that lets readers see inside the corporate entity, makethem part of the community, and entice them to make purchase decisions.The catalog above, featuring gifts from Old Salem Museums and Gardens inWinston-Salem, North Carolinadoes just that.
  14. 14. SpecialtyAdvertising Kingsport,LLC, Project concept and design, Hillhouse Graphic Design, S pecialty advertising can project a message that sticks around.As a preopening mailer, MeadowView Marriott in Kingsport sent aboxed Viewmaster with photos of the Conference Resort and ConventionCenter to meeting planners throughout the Southeast. Kingsport, Tennessee,handed out playing card Kings with information of interest to developers at anEconomic Development conference. They followed with the full deck of cus-tom printed cards, which included several information inserts.
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