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    Pioneers in knowledge outsourcing




    Pioneers in knowledge outsourcing

    Company overview

    The bigger the challenge, bigger the opportunity to grow

    Headquartered in Trivandrum Hire My Assistance Consultant technologies is a MNC that provides various IT solutions along with our branch office in Georgia USA. The company focused in providing end to end solutions in BPO from January 2015 to our clients in USA.

    HMA delivers IT services ranging from custom made solutions, consultation and outsourcing. We build our services on understanding clients business requirements and providing dependable, tailored, cost effective solutions accordingly.

    Our strength is that we have many experienced personnels from different sectors of IT Industry and undertaken and completed various projects acknowledged by its expertise, efficiency, high quality, team work, productivity, keeps track of latest technological updates, human resource training and development .The crown jewel of all the above is quality assurance which we maintains in order to maintain leading position in service


    Pioneers in knowledge outsourcing

    Our Vision

    To become the best quality assured service provider in all our work areas

    Our Mission

    We shall endeavor to produce and deliver services to clients, in low cost, through high quality, speed and efficiency leading to satisfied clients who will fuel the growth of our company.

    Our Values


    Pioneers in knowledge outsourcing

    Our Services

    Broker Price Opinion

    We have built our business by providing the best and most reliable Broker price opinions (BPOs) in the Industry for over a year. Utilizing Proprietary information systems Designed and built in-house with Capabilities and features un matched In the industry, our BPO products outperform real estate and mortgage Banking industry standards In timeliness, quality and consistency.

    Residential Exterior BPO Residential Interior BPO BPO Plus with Data Advantage Exterior BPO Plus with Data Advantage Interior Fannie Mae Residential BPO Retrospective BPO Commercial Brokers Opinion of Value Custom BPO Reports(for individual investors)



    Pioneers in knowledge outsourcing

    Call center services

    Our focus on product knowledge and quality service adds significant value to your brand. It helps increase revenues and profits, and boosts the lifetime value (LTV) of customers. After all, youve created a brand with a good reputation and built an image of a caring, customer focused business now youre looking for an outsourced contact centre that can deliver the kind of experience with your brand that your customers expect. Thats our core competency, and we believe we do it better and more cost effectively than anyone else. With so many outsourced call centres to choose from, and each with different strengths, experts agree that the trick is to find the best match, and the way to do that is through a proven, structured selection process. If youd like some guidance on starting this process, or if youre already at the RFI or RFP stage wed be happy to discuss.

    We invite you to call us anytime to discuss any aspect of our company. Better yet, we invite you to come visit us in person at any stage in your selection process. You can meet our owners and Brand Care Specialists. Youll experience the enthusiasm, identification with our clients brands, and commitment to service that sets us apart from other outsourced contact centres.






    Pioneers in knowledge outsourcing

    Data management

    Data entry services

    Effective data management is mission critical for every organization. Any issue in terms of quality or delay in data processing hampers customer service & the profitability as well.

    Hi-Tech Outsourcing Services provides timely and accurate offshore Data Entry services & data capture solutions to variety of industries and companies. A range of advanced tools and highly experienced in-house team captures your data with the highest degree of accuracy & speed at cost-effective rates.

    Service offerings

    Offline / Remote Handwritten / Excel / Alphanumeric Clerical / Excel / QuickBooks / Tax / Accounting Bank / OCR / Invoice / Insurance Claims / Survey Forms Clinical and Medical Billing Scanned Documents / Images / PDF to Excel Product Data Entry for ecommerce Stores

    Industry we serve:

    Insurance Healthcare Retail Banking & Finance Media & Publishing Travel & Hospitality Energy & Utilities Manufacturing

  • HMA CONSULTANT TECHNOLOGIES Pioneers in knowledge outsourcing

    Data mining

    The volume and diversity of data being captured by companies today is staggering. This exponential growth in collected data increases the demand for data analysis and the need to turn this information into business processes and actionable plans to make smarter strategic decisions. Gain fresh new insights into emerging trends and behaviors that can significantly increase your revenue and reduce cost with HMA data mining technology. Solve your most pressing business problems by bringing together highly scalable hardware, a world-class parallel database, the industrys only comprehensive in-database data mining technology and over 30 years of HMA data warehousing expertise, including

    Maximizing your ROI and getting the most out of intelligence hidden in your data warehouse

    Reducing model development cycle time with faster delivery of analytic insights

    Obtaining the scalability you need to build analytical models Utilizing advanced analytic partner tools to run models directly in the

    HMA database Creating the analytic data set required for all other advanced analytic

    modeling tools



    Pioneers in knowledge outsourcing

    Data Processing Services

    Data which is not used adequately is not just junk, but also a burden on any Organization. But when structured, Digitized and effectively presented, the same data will help you in effective Decision making. At HMA, we have designed our data processing services with an aim to help you improve the usability and accessibility of your data and information. Choose HMA as your data conversion services partner and easily convert, store and utilize your data.

    Data Conversion and Processing objectives

    We can help you to successfully meet the following data conversion objectives:

    Aggregate and organize your data Digitize your data and documents Prevent data loss and store data in the most usable formats Get rid of unnecessary data Benefit from reverse engineering of data Easily access data and comprehend important information Improve the reusability of data Utilize data for research and business intelligence purposes


    Pioneers in knowledge outsourcing

    Insurance Processing

    The key to insurers' competitiveness in a volatile market is greater flexibility and agility. HMAs insurance business process solutions, including outsourcing, technology, and transformation, can create an advantage in day-to-day operations and offer a solid foundation for profitability and growth by helping clients enter new markets, meet regulatory requirements, and maintain customer loyalty through new products and superior service. Using customer lifecycle analytics, we can optimize claims efficiency and cost, predict and guide customer behavior, reduce fraud, help manage risk, and provide timely business intelligence that allows clients to seize opportunities quickly and confidently. Our services include:

    Claims Management

    HMA's claims management services help streamline operations and provide deep insights into areas like treaty verification, payments, reserves, case closure, and recoveries in emerging areas such as fraud detection and supply chain management. Metric-driven recovery applies HMA's rigorous discipline to the claims management process to reduce costs and increase effectiveness in the areas of fraud prevention and subrogation



    Pioneers in knowledge outsourcing

    WHY US?

    Data Security: We ensure complete information security & confidentiality of clients data

    Accurate: Our quality assurance team enforces data point wise multi-level quality controls and auditing, that is also governed by our top level management

    Fast: The average typing speed of our operators is around 40 words per minute which enables us to deliver required output faster.

    Automation or Manual: We have developed capability for all types of data processing tasks using automated tools & experienced data processing experts.

    Shorter Start-Up Time & Scaling: With a huge talent pool of over 50+ experts, we empower you to start any project in a day or two & scale up as you want.

    Cost Effective: Our inherent 360 degrees of data technologically advanced capability enables us to deliver most affordable rates.

    Relationship & Partnership: With the first assignment irrespective of size or tenure of the project, our emphasis is always on a long term relationship with our clients globally, which has resulted in over 80% of recurring / repeat & referral client


    Largest internet provider in Russia VPN Provider

    The list of our clients is not provided because of confidentiality


    Pioneers in knowledge outsourcing

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