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Holiday Season Shopping Cart Abandonment: The Global Web Performance Epidemic

Date post:02-Jul-2015
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The cold, hard, facts on the global web performance crisis sweeping the eCommerce world this holiday season - and the rising movement inviting all internet retailers and eCommerce software teams to fight back! A fun, light presentation on a serious topic for all online retail / eCommerce professionals and organizations - the risk of losing revenue and customers as a result of website performance issues especially during critically high traffic holiday season and cyber monday shopping surges. The content is packed with shocking industry data and statistics on shopping cart abandonment rates, online spending, the impact of web performance and revenue lost to page load time, online conversion rates, user purchasing behavior, customer retention, user experience and more!
  • 1. No shopping carts were harmedduring the making of this slideshare.

2. This year, onlinespending will reach$1.5 trillion 3. Meanwhile, $3 trillion willbe lost due to global shoppingcart abandonment 4. of all shopping carts willbe abandoned this year68percent 5. abandoned shopping cartsare due to slow loadtime1-in-5 6. That amounts to $600 Billiona year lost as a result of poorweb performance 7. The average onlineconversion rate is roughly2.3%percent 8. In 1812,Napoleon invadedRussia with422,000 troops 9. In 1812,Napoleon invadedRussia with422,000 troopsHe returned withonly 10,000troops 10. Napoleon's conversion rate wasalso roughly 2.3 percentNapoleon Invasion ofRussia 1812Average online conversion rate:2.3%percent= 2.3%percent 11. As holiday shoppers drive up the traffic,abandonment rates are rising in parallel asfrustrated users grow increasingly impatientwith poor performing sites 12. There was even an abandonedcart spotted this week at thesite where the Titanic sank 13. Speaking of whichMuch like Rose, mostonline shoppers dontleave with jack 14. 20. 24X7 GlobalPerformance Monitoring Monitor web applications, APIs and third-partyapplications. Understand what end users areexperiencing. Detect and identify problems at the codelevel.

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