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Holiday shopping

Date post: 23-Jan-2017
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How to Get Ready for the holiday shopping season An essential guide for online retailers

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How to Get Readyfor the holiday shopping season

An essential guide for online retailers


Is your store ready?

Lets look at 5 essential things you can do to get your online store ready for the biggest retail event of the year.

Get the word out Now!Customers are researching holiday deals earlier and earlier.


According to research from the NRF, consumers begin researching holiday shopping as early as October. You need to have content ready to meet this demand. Below are a few examples of the content youll need: Plan blog posts and emails to announce your saleBuild product pages and landing pagesBuild a gift guide to highlight your best deals

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-Corey Ferreira From ShopifyEmail marketing drove over 27% of [2014s] holiday sales. Just how important is getting the word out about your sales?

Get your site readyMobile shopping is growing every year is your site optimized for mobile selling?


-Practical CommerceIn 2014, Google estimated that half of 25-34 year olds used a mobile phone to shop online. Just how big is mobile?

Test your sites responsive design how does it look across a variety of devices?Conduct test purchases employing all variables gift codes, discounted shipping, etc. Test your site to ensure it can handle large spikes in traffic

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Mobile shopping is bigger than ever. Before the holiday shopping season starts, you need to make sure your mobile buying experience is as seamless as possible.

Plan your salesMake sure youll have enough product to meet demand.


List out which products you plan to put on sale, and when. Review your fulfillment processes to ensure you can handle the holiday shopping traffic

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Whether you utilize dropshipping or own your inventory, you need to make sure youll have ample product to meet your expected demand. This is why planning your sales early is so beneficial.

Is your customer service ready?You cant afford bad customer service during the holidays.


Is your contact info readily available on your site?Do you have the resources to handle questions coming in via social media?Do you have a simple and fair returns policy?

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Great customer service can do wonders to build your brands value. The holiday shopping season provides a great opportunity to showcase your stellar service and attract more customers.

- ShopifyBe memorable this year and customers will remember to come back next year.How important is customer service?

Start advertising nowWaiting to start your marketing and ads is a bad strategy.


If you havent already, including retargeting pixels on your site to help increase the efficacy of your ads.Dont overthink your ad copy just make sure its holiday themed. Dont be afraid to spend money. Ads cost a lot, but when they work the cost is worth it.

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We already talked about marketing, but the ads you use for the holiday season need to be put into action just as quickly. Promoting your sales early gives you a leg-up over your competition.

- Entrepreneur By promoting your holiday sale early, you get first-mover advantage. This helps you prime buyers to choose you as their default shopping destination for the holidays. Do ads really make a difference?

Dont let the holiday season pass you byGetting ready now for the holiday shopping season will help increase your sales and outshine your competition. You cant afford to sleep on this opportunity.

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