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Holiday Tips from OSR!

Date post:06-Apr-2016
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The holidays are busy - feel your best with tips from your physical therapy team at OSR!
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    Sometimes when we get busy,

    its easiest just to cancel other

    appointments, including

    physical therapy. At OSR, our

    therapists want to continue

    working with you throughout

    the holiday season to not only

    help you stay healthy, but to

    help you not lose any progress

    youve already made.

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    Planning, shopping, decorating, cooking the holidays are busy! It is even more important to take good care of yourself when youre busy and stressed so that you do

    not become susceptible to injury and illness.

    At OSR Physical Therapy, we can help you get the most out of your holidays and face the New Year feeling your best!

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    Lifting heavy boxes lled with

    decorations, over-reaching to hang

    Christmas lights, and standing on

    tiptoes to put the star on the tree

    can all cause injuries. Be sure to lift

    with your legs when picking up

    heavy boxes, move the ladder closer

    to the house so you dont have to

    reach as far, and get a sturdy

    stepstool when putting decorations

    up high.

    STAY SAFEwhile decorating

    DONT NEGLECTyour workout

    Maintaining your workout schedule

    through the holidays has several

    benets. An obvious benet is that

    you will continue to burn calories on

    a regular basis even as you consume

    a few more in holiday treats, but

    another is that you will enjoy the

    stress-relieving benets that come

    along with regular exercise. Lastly,

    many people go from not working

    out at all to overdoing it because of a

    New Years Resolution, and youll

    already be well ahead of the game.

    Most importantly, be sure to take time to relax and really enjoy your holiday activities. Talk to your OSR Physical Therapist for more tips on how to stay as healthy as possible this holiday season!

    SHOP SMARTIf youre heading out to shop, dont wear high heels or unsupportive shoes, but choose shoes that are supportive and comfortable. Instead of carrying heavy bags from store to store, plan trips out to the car to drop bags o to avoid back and shoulder pain. While shopping online, make sure you get up, stretch, and walk around a bit at least twice an hour. Watch your posture, and make sure your feet are at on the oor, your monitor is at eye level, and your chair is supportive.

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