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Văn Hóa Xã Hội Mỹ
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2. HOLLYWOOD1 Overview and history2 Studio systems in Hollywood3Walk of fame 3. OverviewGeography 4. Population 2000: 77,818residents 2010: 184,829 Income:$33,694 => low About $48,000in2011The ethnic breakdown2000HispanicNon-HispanicWhitesAsianBlacks 5. Government No municipalgovernment Police service Health Post office 6. Schools and Libraries 7. History 1880s:Kansas ->LosAngles Feb 1, 1887:Wilcox filed amap of propertyHenderson WilcoxDaeida Wilcox 8. History 1910: In oldCalifornia DirectorD.W.Griffith 1911: the firststudio 9. History 1913:Paramount Fox Warner Bros 1940s: thehome of motionpicture industry 10. Studio systems in Hollywood1. The Walt Disney2. 20th Century Fox3. Pixar Animation Studios4. Columbia Pictures5. Warner Bros6. Dreamworks7. Paramount 11. 1. The Walt Disney- Found in 1939 by Waltand Roy Disney- creating dreams oflasting beauty& significance.- only major Hollywoodstudio released 4 filmscrossed the $1-billion-mark 12. Top films: Marvel's TheAvengers Iron Man Alice inWonderland snow white & 7dwarfs hannah montana 13. 2. 20th Century Fox- Founded: May 31, 1935,merger of Fox Films &20th Century Pictures- Founders: Schenck &Zanuck.- Products:Motion picturesTelevision films- Owner(s):Independent (1935 - 1985)News Corporation (1985 - 2013)21st Century Fox (2013 - Present) 14. Revenge of the Nerds X-men 15. 3. Pixar began in 1979 as theGraphics Group The W alt DisneyCompany in 200627 Academy Awards. 7 Golden Globe Awards. 11 Grammy Awards July 2013over $8.3 billion worldwide home of the art of computer animation . stories characters : adults & children can droplaughed or rough 16. Pixarsfilms Finding Nemo Toys story Theincredable Up Cars Wall-E 17. 4, Columbia Pictures founded in1918 first feature film:August 1922 18. 4, Columbia Pictures Pirates Adaptaton Batman Jerry Finalfantastic 19. 5. Dreamworks On October 12, 1994 $ 11 billion global:Madagascar and TheCrood In Oscar , nominated 9times for the award BestAnimated Feature voice dubbing: JackBlack , Angelina Jolie ,Ben Stiller , Will Ferrell ,Brad Pitt 20. 5. Dreamworks How to train ur dragon Sherk 123 Kung Fu Panda Monsters and alien 21. 6. ParamountFounded1912~FamousPlayers Film Com1914~Paramount Pictures a film and televisionproduction/distributionstudioone of the largest (topgrossing) film studiosPrices: Oscar Award forbest film, Peabody Award,Oscar Award for sound 22. 6. Paramount ferris bueller's dayoff the godfather Transporter Saving private ryan Thor Titanic 23. 7. Warner Bros- 1905: founding date.- 100 Oscar awards- the creation of films to overthrowthe dominance of silent film- Producing films like Henry Fordproduced cars on the conveyor belt.- Quick, cheap and many- Any Stars demanding extortionhigh remuneration shall berevised script to their charactersdie soon. 24. 7. Warner Bros Gone withthe wind Tom andjerry Flintstones 25. ` In list ofhighest-grossingfilms 26. nskn 27. December 5, 2013,the Walk comprises2,514 stars 28. Classic film camera representing motion pictures( 47%)Television receiver - broadcast television(24%)Phonograph record - audio recording or music(17%)Radio microphone broadcast radio(10%)Comedy/ tragedy masks theatre/ liveperformance(2%) 29. American actress and producerof television and theatre.February 9, 1960 30. Gene Autry 31. Strongheart Lassie 32. Celluloid Heroes - The KinksYou can see all the stars as you walk down Hollywood BlvdSome that you recognize, some that you hardly even heard of;People who worked and suffered and struggled for fameSome who succeeded, and some who suffered in vain 33. Reference http://vi.wikipedia.org/wiki/%C4%90%E1%BA%A1i_l%E1%BB%99_Danh_v%E1%BB%8Dng_Hollywood http://www.seeing-stars.com/Immortalized/CelluloidHeroes_ShortSample.mp3 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_stars_on_the_Hollywood_Walk_of_Fame

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